SiteRep – 06/09/2016

Situation Reports (SitReps)I want to cover two things in this SitRep

1) my personal situation,

2) my outlook on where we are headed.

My Personal Situation –

I am a little burned out. OK, maybe more than just a little burned out. I stayed home today from work because I just needed the break. And…yup, there is a “and” there for me to share with you.

Last month when I was at training I didn’t do any work on the website for a full week. It was a very welcomed break! Yes, articles continued to appear, but that is because I try to have a month’s worth of articles already to go, and they are automatically posted each day. That ensures that new material is getting posted each day for you.

A couple of months ago I started a series called “Something to think about…” It consists of a picture, sometimes a meme, along with an occasional “thought” from me. There were two purposes to the series of posts; 1) try to prompt website visitors to think about subjects in a different way, or reinforce my particular view, 2) give me a little bit of a break on writing.

It takes me sometimes as much as 8 – 10 hours to write an article. I usually break those down into two or more ManStressedOut-001actual posts. Occasionally I get lucky and an article will take me no more than an hour to write. But, that is a lot of time spent on the website…especially when you consider I have a full-time job, a marriage, I sell the radios, and I have responsibilities at church ( emergency preparedness for 13 congregations and I teach a Sunday School class of 13 & 14 year olds). I found I was and am burning out.

I could tell the quality of my articles was suffering. And I was writing more “reviews” of equipment, mostly radio, because it takes less time and less creative thinking. You can get most of the review stuff almost anywhere. My specialized knowledge (and my incredible wit and humor) is irreplaceable. And that has been missing lately. Reason? I was getting tired and burned out.

So, why am I whining about it to you?

I want to explain what is happening and why. I don’t consider this website just another emergency preparedness website or some commercial venture. This website is all about me off-loading my knowledge, skills, and abilities to you. And the sole motivation behind that…so your family can survive what is coming. And folks…it is coming, coming like a freight train.

Back to my time in Tucson while I was training. Before I left home my wife and I had our normal conversation (briefing). The question was how do I get back if something happens. Other than an EMP it is fairly easy. I drive back. And for me it is pretty easy to do so because:

  1. I keep my fuel tank full. That gives me enough fuel to make it back home.
  2. I drive a federal government emergency vehicle. That gets me into and through a lot of places that most people would have problems with.
  3. I have a federal government ID that has a special coding on it for emergency response. With that ID I am supposed to be able to clear any roadblock or other problem that might be put into place, including martial law.

But then my wife asked me…What about an EMP?

EMP Nuclear Strike is a concern, threat, risk for preppers during grid-down.That really made me stop and think; 1) desert southwest, 2) coming into the summer, 3) over 300 miles to walk home, 4) then all the other normal threats and risks. On the way to Tucson I was really paying attention to where the water holes (i.e. cattle watering tanks) were, as well as bottlenecks that could prove to be dangerous and/or fatal.

As I was driving there I realized how tough it might be. Then the “writer” inside of me thought how great of a story it would be. For the next four days that thought nagged on me…I needed to get back into some creative writing again. I enjoyed writing both volumes of “My Journal” so much I can hardly tell you. I wanted to write more stuff like that. It really gets into my head and makes me feel like I am really producing something of value.

I had so many people write to me and tell me how much they enjoyed those two books. But, most folks also My Journal book series special offerfollowed that up by telling me how much they learned as well. I had weaved in a lot of preparedness and survival information into the stories. People loved it and told me that they learned a lot. That is my mission…to get preparedness information into people’s hands. And writing those two novels did it.

I want to do it again!  I have to it again…for me. And I’ve started.

So here is what I am asking of you…

  1. I am going to post slightly fewer straight-up preparedness articles.
  2. I will keep “Something to think about…” posts coming.
  3. I will do more “FAQ” posts.
  4. I will still be doing reviews of equipment that I feel needs to be put out there.

That will reduce some of the amount of time I am writing for the website. I can then send more time writing my “Escape From” book(s). Yup, I said “books” as a potential meaning more than one. The first will be “Escaping From – Tucson” and will cover my journey from Tucson to home after an EMP strike occurs. The potential second book will be “Escape From – Home” and cover my wife and I leaving our home in New Mexico and the journey to our retirement home (and bugout location) in Arizona. I will only write the second book if the first one appears to be appropriate.

But, now here is the cool thing…(at least I hope you think so)…

Back in 2009 when I started writing the “My Journal” series I was posting the daily rough draft entries on a website. Remember, the My Journal books are written in “diary” form, as if someone was writing entries in their diary as events were occurring. The “Escape from” books will be the same format. And I will post entries on just like I did on another website back in 2009 and 2010. I think you will enjoy them. You will be able to ask questions about each entry and we can talk about what is happening. I will try my best to answer questions about the preparedness aspect of the posts. You can feel free to provide commentary and suggestions for each entry as well. I will also have a “contents” page that I will list each entry to make it easy to read it as a story.

My Current Events Outlook –

We are in a disaster and it is getting worse…and will get much worse by the end of the year.


The latest jobs report is a disaster. There is record “non-workforce participation rate” numbers. And it would be far, far worse it they weren’t counting all the pathetic minimum-wage jobs, which are the majority of all jobs created. Yes, while there are jobs being created, the vast majority of them are minimum-wage jobs.

The average net earnings of people continues to go down, and it has been going down for decades. Meaning that the middle-class continues to shrink. But, the decline has accelerated under Obama

Every state in the country is reporting large job-loss numbers due to the Obama minimum wage increase and the Obama overtime rule change. Both decisions were wage and job killers…and perfect examples of Liberal / Progressive principles.

Obamacare premiums are skyrocketing in most states. There are a few states where the premiums have gone down, but they are a small handful. That vast majority of states are seeing significant increase in premiums.

Housing starts, construction, manufacturing all continue to suffer…and suffer significantly. The GDP for the 8 years is the worst in the modern history of the United States.

In short the economy is in horrible shape by all measures with one exception…the stock market. The stock market is doing very well. Mostly because of the trillions of dollars that the Fed has pumped into it and for no other reason…period. But, here is the kicker…that was an Obama plan to pour trillions into the stock market that would only really benefit one group of people overall…the rich 1% of the country. Granted, some folks other than the 1% have benefited from the stock market in the last seven years…but nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to the 1% folks. And that is exactly what Obama and his conspirators put into place. So Obama kept his promises to Wall Street executives and the bankers…he protected them and made them richer. Everyone else suffered.

I personally have moved my standing money into cash or equivalents to protect it. However, I am still doing “dollar cost averaging” to take advantage of the market volatility. Oh, and one other financial move we are making…we are buying a chunk of land. I will share more of that later with you. I think it is imperative that you own some land if at all possible. And that land needs to be as self-supporting as possible from a food and water capability perspective.

Election violence (and violence in general) –

You read the news  and you know that the violence is increasing dramatically just like I’ve been saying it would since last year. But, here is the two real problems now…paid Democrat Party criminals and law enforcement.

In Albuquerque the cops totally and completely blew it. They allowed radical liberals and Progressives to commit Trump Event Violence - police incompetentviolence against themselves, the police. And, the police did virtually nothing to those individuals. As soon as the leftists started chucking bottles and rocks at the cops, the cops should have opened fire with rubber bullets or bean bags. But, the incompetent cops allowed violence to be committed against them by these democrat and anarchist thugs. The police even allowed a police horse to be injured so badly that it had to be euthanized later.

But then, the cops finally decided to do something once everything died down…and that was to commit acts of violent assaults against Police Violence against womanpeople that weren’t committing any crimes. The most notable was a young woman who was standing on the street and didn’t jump high enough when barked at by a cop. This cop then came running up to her and viciously slammed her to the pavement with his night stick seriously injuring her. And his buddy cops stood by and did nothing while this out-of-control cop assaulted a woman.

Surprised? I’m not! It is the Albuquerque Police Department for crying out loud. They are well known as being trigger happy, even to the point of shooting unarmed people in the back with AR-15s. Just another example of the level of violence taking place right now and what is to come. And worst of all…you will have to deal with crap in a grid-down situation. APD is a perfect example of cops that will go rouge during a grid-down. Cops like the APD have every indicator of turning into a very violent and oppressive bunch of thugs trying to establish some kind of fiefdom when the grid goes down. Stay away from Albuquerque, it is cesspool of a city.

Then during at a San Jose Trump event a woman was being assaulted, even eggs were being thrown at her. Trump Event Violence - police incompetentShe was desperately trying to get to safety away from the violent mob…and the cops had locked the doors to the building and wouldn’t let her in. The cops kept her outside where she continued to be assaulted.

That is where we are today with politics, politicians, cops, and violence…you are are on your own. You can’t depend on law enforcement officers to protect you in these kinds of situations.

Election –

We’ve lost! Hillary Clinton is now the Democratic Party nominee. What the hell is this country thinking????  She should be sitting in a prison cell, and here she is a potential President! But this situation is a perfect example of where we are as a country and what we deserve…we’ve done it to ourselves. If she becomes President we are in for a very tough time. She has way more balls than Obama. Hillary will accomplish far more of the radical Progressive extremist agenda than Obama has. With her election she will feel embolden to eliminate whatever good there is left in our country. And fellow Progressives like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will do nothing substantive to stop her.

Remember, one of Hillary’s heroes, one of those people she admires most, is Margaret Sanger. Margaret Sanger is Margaret Sangera racist of biblical proportions that tried to commit genocide against American blacks through abortions and forced sterilizations. That was her publicly stated  goal. She felt blacks were a far inferior race, a drag on society, and wanted them eliminated. Those are her own words. Yes, Margaret Sanger, a women who helped the Nazis with there holocaust program. Margaret Sanger…a hero of Hillary Clinton.

Our country is finished already, gone, over, lost. However, if Hillary becomes President then all conservatives, libertarians, Christians, gun owners, Consitutionalists will become targets for elimination. She has already backed Obama’s use of the IRS and DOJ to target and eliminate opposition from those groups. Hillary will make Obama look like a grade-schooler in her attacks.

What about trump? Well, I will make no comment about Trump the man. I will however say this…if Trump is elected several things will happen; 1) government will grow in size (his own words), 2) government spending will increase (his own words), 3) the country will become even more divided and violent (it’s already happening), 4) “the great unknown.” What I mean by “the great unknown” is simple. With Hillary we know what she will do…she will move forward the extremist radical Progressive anti-American agenda. With Trump…well, we really don’t know what he will do for sure. There is no track record to judge him by. We have his words, that does account for something. But, when is the last time a politician, any politician, kept his word? OK, exclude Obama from that question…he kept his word…he has fundamentally transformed America.

What scares me most –

I guess “scares” me is not the right word, not sure what is the right word. But the issue is this…if it appears that Only 11% of Americans ave confidence in President Obama.Hillary is clearly going to lose the general election, then what? I think our current president is so mentally unbalanced that he is capable of anything…and I mean anything!

His megalomaniac-psychopathic personality would allow him to justify taking any action to prevent Trump from becoming president. Actually, I think Obama would do anything to prevent any non-Progressive from becoming president.

And to clarify, I think Obama would have allowed Jeb Bush, Kasich, or Christy to become president without any problem. He wouldn’t see them as any threat to the Progressive agenda. With Trump, I think Obama won’t let him win the election, or if he does, he won’t allow him to become President. That is if Obama sees Trump as a real threat to the Progressive agenda. I do know that many on the radical left hate Trump enough to readily and regularly commit violence at Trump’s events. Those liberal and democrat violent demonstrators are both paid and unpaid by the Democrat political machine. There are Liberal/Progressive leaders and journalists that are already calling for more violence against Trump and hist supporters.

Yes, you read that right…I think there is a very good chance that our current president will interfere with the either the election and/or the inauguration of anyone other than Hillary. Exactly what he might do is unknown. But, as I said, his mental instability, his mental illness, indicates he is absolutely capable of anything. Obama is 100% committed to the extremists Progressive agenda, the utter destruction of America, and the elimination of the Constitution. Don’t put anything past him.

Summary –

This “summary” isn’t really any different than the last couple of SitReps…

  1. Keep your eyes wide open so your Situational Awareness is strong.
  2. Expedite your preparedness efforts as much as you possibly can without destroying other areas of your life.
  3. Concentrate on emergency communications. A good emergency multi-band (including Short Wave band) radio receiver, as well as two-way radio communications such as the Boafeng UV-5RMHP.
  4. Do NOT get locked into politics and become blind to what reality really is with each candidate. Do NOT become a fanatical fan of any candidate. Keep in mind Hitler and his rise to power.
  5. Be very careful of political rallies. These will be hot spots for violence. I am speaking of you getting caught as a victim of the violent left, hurt at the hands of the cops, or provoked into committing violence (defensive or otherwise).
  6. Draw closer to your family, spend time with them, teach them, love them.
  7. Draw closer to your community and/or fellow church members. Find out who you can trust, who needs you, and how you can work together when the time comes.

Finally…don’t fear anything!

You already have a huge advantage over others because you know there are current and future problems in the world. And, more than likely, you have already taken steps to prepare. That puts you ahead of 90% of everyone else.

You can do this, we can work together to make success happen!

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3 thoughts on “SiteRep – 06/09/2016

  1. We will have problems here in Dallas. Trump will be in town and people are talking about protests at his venue. The Dallas police have not practiced riot control in four years. As the political season advanced I expect there will be more violence. This plays into Obamas hands. If violence increases he can justify to himself to declare martial law and cancel the elections. All this chaos fits into Alinsky’s play book. It’s time to prepare to go to ground and shelter our families. The coming storm will be horrific.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am sorry to hear that. You will be one of many large cities that will have significant problems. Find others and band together. AH


      • So now Live Field is shut down due to a police involved shooting. Appears to be a domestic violence problem. It will be blown out of proportion as it was a white cop shooting a black man. The perp. Was throwing rocks at a car with a woman in it. The cop told the perp. To stop. The perp then charged the cop while brandishing a rock. After several verbal warnings to stop and put the rock down the cop was forced to shoot as the perp would not stop. So now look for riots and commotion to affect Dallas.


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