SitRep – 06/12/2016

Situation Reports (SitReps)I waited as long as I could, I gotta write about it, I have to bring the situation into crystal clarity…I have to write, I must write.

At least 50 people dead, more than that wounded, most critically. It now ranks as the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States. Thank you ISIS, thank you Islam, thank you Omar Mateen.  Yes, the gunman is a Muslim.Omar Mateen killer Muslim

So we have two records set by members of the religion of Islam:

1) largest slaughter of Americans on American soil – 9/11,

2) largest mass shooting of Americans on American soil. Both of which brought to us courtesy of Muslims…followers of Islam and their leader Mohammad.

A real sense of accomplishment by Muslims I am sure. But, is that the real story here?


I try to be a free-thinker, a person that looks at varied and seemingly unrelated information. I then look for a connection, pattern, and then reasoning. And that is exactly what I had to do here…I had to look for dots and then connect them. Otherwise, we (or at least I) will stay in a state of denial, or worse, ignorance. I had to dig, and ask, and apply logic…simple, undeniable, unmistakable, reliable, and definitive logic. Please travel with me on this…

Prior to 9/11 were the federal law enforcement agencies aware of the 9/11 conspirators? Yes, clearly, the post-attack investigation proved that was the case. Most had overstayed their visas, many had criminal records, most had made public anti-American and pro-Islam statements. In other words, they were on the FBI radar. But the FBI, lead federal law enforcement agency, completely missed connecting the dots that could have prevented 9/11. So what was the FBI doing in the run-up to 9/11?

Ah, yes…that is the right question to ask.

In august 1991 – 1992 the FBI, along with other federal law enforcement agencies, investigated Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge Massecre - 001tried to blackmail him into being an FBI informant. He refused, they attacked his family killing his wife and son.

In 1993 the feds did an inept investigation in the Branch Davidians. The feds attacked the Branch Davidian compound and killed six of their members. Due to the resistance of the attack by the Davidians the feds had to withdraw. One and a half months later the FBI led an attack on the ATF FBI Waco Massacre of religeous groupcompound with military armor. The FBI set the compound on fire, refused to allow fire personnel to extinguish the fire, and nearly 80 men, women, and children were burned alive.

But, just prior to the Branch Davidian Massacre the FBI completely missed the first bombing of the World Trade Center by Muslims. Amazingly the feds, FBI included, had the conspirators on their radar and failed to do anything to prevent the Islamic terrorist attack. Six died and over a thousand injured due to the FBI incompetence…or rather their preoccupation with dual investigations and eventual killing of Weaver family members and Branch Davidians.

Then the FBI went to sleep. They missed all of the signs of Oklahoma City Bombing plot by Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was a Ku Klux Klan believer, a white-power, Nazi racist. Jjust a reminder…the KKK was started by southern Democrats. Nazi are national socialists. And Democrat politicians and Democrat Party leadership were known KKK members well into the 1990’s. After $100’ of millions of dollars spent on the FBI investigation, the FBI branded McVeigh an anti-government militia member. Did the FBI gloss over the KKK link to help the Democrats avoid the embarrassment of association with such a sick individual?

So that is what the FBI was doing prior to the attacks on 9/11. So what have they done since 9/11?

The FBI spent $100’s of millions of dollars investigating 9/11 and they spent billions of dollars illegally spying on FBI - PRISM ProgramAmericans. They crated huge anti-Constitutional Internet and cellphone monitoring programs. They even investigated Tea Party groups, Constitutional party groups, and of course…anything even closely related to “patriot.”

In 2013 Islamic terrorists bombed Boston. Both suspects were known to the FBI and the FBI failed to stop the bombing. However, interesting to note that the FBI killed another Muslim that they were questioning in the matter. They shot him in front of a room full of law enforcement officers when the FBI agent felt his life was in danger. The FBI once again spent $10’s of millions of dollars investigating the bombing in Boston by Muslim terrorists. They strengthened their illegal spying programs as a result.

BLM forces prepare to open fire with automatic weapons on American citiznes protestnig at the Bundy Ranch

BLM forces prepare to open fire.

In 2014 the feds began the seizure of the Bundy cattle from the Bundy Ranch and surrounding BLM lands. A stand-off ensued and the feds backed down due to public outcry and the presence of the media when federal agents (heavily armed SWAT team) threatened to open fire on peacefully protesting American citizens. The FBI then began an investigation costing almost $100,000,000.

Islamic Terrorist hit again!

Islamic Terrorist hit again!

While the FBI was so wrapped up in investigating and making a case against the Bundys who refused to be blackmailed and intimidated by the FBI, Islamic terrorists struck San Bernadino. Fourteen people shot to death, more than twenty wounded. The FBI completely missed that one as well.

Leroy Finicum ambushed and killed by the FBI.

Leroy Finicum ambushed and killed by the FBI.

In 2016 the FBI responded to a demonstration/protest where American citizens occupied a federal office, not unlike the peaceful protests of the 1960’s. When it appeared that a local county Sheriff was going to assist keeping them safe from being killed by the FBI, the FBI struck. The FBI led an ambush and killed a nearly 60-year old Christian grandfather of eleven. Lavoy Finicum had never committed an act of violence in his life, never even came close. But when he refused to be intimidated by the FBI, they killed him.

The FBI then spent $10’s of millions of dollars investigating that, and eventually arresting dozens of American citizens in connection with the Oregon protest and the Bundy protest.

And that leads us to…50 dead, 50+ wounded…and the FBI’s utter incompetence.OrlandoIslamicTerrorists

Well, at least that is what I thought at first. But, then I started looking at the “dots” I just laid out above. There was a distinct pattern here, there dots begging to be connected.

It appears that prior to each terrorist attack by Muslims the FBI is spending their time and our tax dollars investigating Constitutionalists and Conservatives. Or worse, they are going after non-Muslim American citizens that they call “militia”, “patriots”, “Constitutionalists”, “anti-government”, and so forth. And killing them as well.

As I really began to look at this I see what?

Does it matter what I see?

Does it really matter at all what I think?

Nope! Not one single bit, it matters not at all what I think.

What matters is what is happening…what is reality. And reality is clear…we are being slaughtered here in America by terrorists that belong to Islam. They are bombing us, they are shooting us, then they bomb us some more, and they shoot us some more. And what is the FBI doing? I mean what are they really doing?

They are missing every single Islamic terrorist attack. They are blaming a KKK member’s actions on a white militia member. They are going after men that have never committed a crime in their life and they are killing those that resist them. The FBI is going after any political group that isn’t rabid liberal, Progressive, or Muslim. They are FBI Director Comeyconducting surveillance programs that are patently unconstitutional. They are lying to Congress.

FBI personnel regularly lied while testifying at trials. When journalists get to close to the truth, they are secretly investigated along with illegal wire taps. Their own Director lied to Congress.

But here is a question that begs asking, What other illegal and unConstitutional acts are they doing that we don’t even know about? After all, they are the America’s secret police.

Look, the FBI knew Omar Mateen, Islamic terrorist! They investigated and interviewed him twice! They had Omar Mateen Islamic killer terroristevidence of his terrorist ties, they had copies of his communications with known terrorists, they knew his terrorist ideology, they had testimony of his extreme violence from his wife who he repeatedly brutalized. They knew exactly who this guy was!

Or did they? Could the FBI be that incompetent with a mountain of evidence against Mateen? Mateen was a security guard at federal facilities where he threatened fellow employees while spouting off anti-American, pro-Islamic terrorist rhetoric. He did so multiple times. Can they FBI be that incompetent that they investigated this guy twice and still not just let him off? Adding insult to injury the FBI allowed him to guard federal facilities with firearms! Or was the FBI…

Here is what troubles me most…I didn’t make any of this stuff up. None of it is fabricated, nothing blown out of proportion, nothing is “he said – she said”…it is all fact, part of recorded history…dots of events that are real.

So to me it is clear what is happening, crystal clear. But, I am not satisfied with that conclusion, my conclusion. I must then ask the next question –


To answer that question you must ask –

Who benefits from the actions, or lack of action, on the part of the FBI?

And that answer should scare you to the very core of your soul. For that is what this all about…those that are benefiting.

I will tell you this…

  1. American citizens aren’t benefiting, we are getting slaughtered by both sides.
  2. The Constitution isn’t benefiting, we are losing more and more rights and liberties each year.

So who is left that is benefiting? Ask yourself that over and over again until the answer becomes clear –

  • Who is benefiting from the slaughter of American citizens?
  • Who is benefiting from the loss of individual rights and freedom by US citizens?

Then ask yourself again…

Why does the FBI seem to be so incompetent and unable to prevent these atrocities?

Or better yet…

Is the FBI really that incompetent?

If they are not incompetent, then who benefits?

And now you can know who is behind all of this…and that answer will also tell you “why?”



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3 thoughts on “SitRep – 06/12/2016

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  3. yep agree. this is all part of a plan. “fundamentally change”. well we have been.

    most of the replays from those on my rant list feel the same way.

    now what, vote our way out of this? both sides of the same coin sorry. we need a new coin.

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