SitRep – 06/14/2016 (follow-up to SitRep 06/12/2016)

Situation Reports (SitReps)Un-Freaking Believable!

I try, really try, to anticipate what is coming down the road in relation to national, and to a lesser degree international, events. The reaction on Monday to the attack in Orlando by an Islamic terrorist was one that I didn’t think would occur. Granted some of it was expected but what surprised me, startled me, was the FBI Director’s words on Monday.

If you haven’t read 6/12’s SitRep you probably should. It will make today’s information much more understandable.

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Let me hit the low hanging fruit first…literally, fruit.

Omar Mateen (low hanging fruit) –

OmarMarteen Islamic terroristThis Islamic terrorist was allowed to carry out this historic act of mass-murder in the United States. I hope you’ve asked yourself “Why?” Let me share a couple more things that came to light in the last 24-hours:

  1. Mateen told co-workers he had “family connections to al-Qaida.” Those co-workers passed the information on to the FBI.
  2. His father regularly produced videos condemning America and praising Islamic terrorism and specific Islamic terrorist organizations, the Taliban in Afghanistan for one. The FBI wasn’t just aware of those videos, they had copies of those videos.
  3. The FBI had (still has) in its possession secretly recorded conversations of Mateen discussing his support of plans for terrorism.
  4. The FBI has Internet records of Mateen visiting Islamic terrorist websites and communicating with their leadership.
  5. The FBI had evidence in their possession that Mateen associated with and communicated with a Muslim that later had carried out a suicide bombing.
  6. Mateen bragged about knowing and supporting the Boston Marathon Massacre bombers.
Bernie Sanders (fruit) –

Bernie Sanders radical socialist extremistAs expected the hardcore socialist extremist Sanders immediately called for a “ban on automatic rifles.” Uh, Bernie, automatic weapons sales are already banned unless you have specific and expensive permission from the U.S. government. But good ‘ole Bernie then goes on to make himself sound even stupider, he said guns should not fall into the hands of…”criminals and people who are mentally ill.” Uh, Bernie, there are already dozens of laws on the books that state just that.

He then goes on to call those that believe in and support the Constitution “pro-gun extremists.” Uh, Bernie, does that mean anyone who supports the rights outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is an “extremist”? Or does this mean you are just an anti-Constitution extremist? I think the later.

But, let’s give the confused and disoriented Bernie the benefit of the doubt and consider he meant gun-control in general. So, we need to look at his heroes, mentors, and fellow ideologues…those he most closely aligns with politically…

Gun Control AdvocatesWe now know where Bernie stands…and it ain’t with the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or the Founding Fathers. He is his old self…as always…a hardcore radical socialist.

Hillary Clinton (fruit) –

HIllary Clinton radical progressive extremist“We did have an assault weapons ban for 10 years, and I think it should be reinstated.” Her clearly stated and outlined position. As a side note: it was President Bill Clinton (impeached) that put the ban into place after the FBI slaughtered members of the Weaver Family (wife/mother and their child) and the FBI shortly thereafter burned alive almost 80 men, women, and children. So Hillary wants to do the same thing her radical Progressive husband did when he was president.

And Hillary, AR-15s are not “assault weapons” by legal definition. But that makes no difference to someone like Hillary, she simply wants to advance her extremist ideology…ideology that happens to be the exact opposite of that espoused in the Constitution.

An interesting side note, not an unimportant one – The US State Department stopped a DHS investigation into a Mosque that was known, proven, to have produced Islamic terrorists that had carried out suicide bombings. That very same Mosque that Mateen attended. And who was the Secretary of State, the head of the State Department, at the time the investigation was stopped…Hillary Clinton.

Barack Hussein Obama (fruit) –

Obama radical anti-americanGood ‘ole Barry was at it again…proving once more that he is mentally unstable. He is the most out-of-touch-with-reality fruitcake the left has on their team today. In the face of an attack by an Islamic terrorist…he still won’t identify it as such. He refuses to identify the terrorist as Islamic. The question has been asked many times, “Why?” The answer is quite simple…just think it through why Barry never, ever will point out the relationship between terrorist attacks against Americans being committed by Muslims.

Barry has one single agenda…destroying our Constitutional Republic and establishing a Socialist/Marxist totalitarian state. Before being able to truly accomplish that Barry must do everything he can to ban and confiscate guns. But, he also has zero desire to demonize any part of any aspect of Islam.

Bill O’Reilly (rotten fruit) –

Bill O'Reilly neo-con nationalist populistI’ve never been a big fan of Bill’s. He is a thinker, no doubt about that, and I find his commentary and views interesting. But, he is no friend to the Constitution and the fundamental principles that our Founding Fathers hold so dear. Bill is a law & order (at the expense of rights/freedoms), neo-con, nationalist. In other words, no true friend of a Constitutional Republic. He proved that once again on Monday night.

In The Factor’s opening segment Bill advanced two ideas –

  1. The US military taking over domestic law enforcement in regards to domestic terrorism. That is an appalling and repugnant idea. There is a principle called “Posse Cumitatus.” The Posse Cumitatus Act was put into law in 1878. It was the result of horrific abuses of US civilians at the hands of the US military after the Civil War. The act was put into place to prevent the use of the US military to enforce domestic policy. Bill O’Reilly wants to negate that principle and impose military jurisdiction over all things related to domestic terrorism. That would be a gigantic step towards allowing a president to implement a dictatorship or an iron-fisted totalitarian government.
  2. Bill also advocated for significant and strict gun control laws and wide-ranging power for the FBI to control that move.

Now, for me, this is no surprise. Bill is an ardent “Badge Bias” guy who thinks a virtual total surveillance state is perfectly acceptable. He has also previously campaigned for a nation-wide gun registry. All of these ideas he presents are absolutely opposite of the Constitution and our founding principles. But, that matters not to Bill, he wants a large strong total-control federal government…a safety and any price kind of guy.

FBI (dangerous and poisonous fruit) –

FBI Comey very dangerous manFBI Director Comey said this, “I don’t see anything, in reviewing our work, that our agents should have done differently.” What? They had an Islamic terrorist in their hands multiple times, they had him associating with known terrorists, they had communications of his with known terrorists, they had him threatening his co-workers based on Islam based terror, they had a mountain of evidence that this guy was exactly what he turned out to be…an Islamic terrorist. And, then they not only closed multiple investigations…they put this Islamic terrorist into federal buildings as an armed guard!

And the head of the FBI, the guy in charge of the entire FBI says, “I don’t see anything, in reviewing our work, that our agents should have done differently.” Please tell me in what universe that makes any sense at all?

Comey went on to say, “Our work is very challenging,” he added. “We are looking for needles in a nationwide haystack, but we are also called upon to figure out which pieces of hay might someday become needles. That’s hard work.”

Really? They had Mateen threatening Islamic terrorism, attending a Mosque that was breeding terrorists, he was communicating with known terrorist groups, he knew and supported a suicide bomber, he had made terrorist threats, and they had this all documented through multiple investigations. Tell me again how Mateen was a “needle in the haystack” kind of guy?

So, why then the reaction of and statements by Comey? Simple you can tell exactly what he was saying…”We are the FBI, we never make mistakes, we are the perfect ones, the chosen ones, and our elitist agency is above you common people…and you should know that.” Comey is the ultimate example of a smug and arrogant member of the political class.

But, he is also one of the most dangerous men in America. When you have that ruling class membership, and you are the head of the secret police, and when you are allowing known, proven Islamic terrorists to commit these heinous acts to take place…a normal person has to ask “Why?”

The Big Government, Totalitarian Politicians (rotted & stinking fruit) –

Peter King big government neo-conRep. Peter King (R) is a hardcore big government, neo-con…that much is well known. He has no respect for the Bill of Rights and has openly stated he wants the government to have absolutely access to and control over any and all surveillance methods against all American citizens. He also wants unrestricted methods of dealing with anyone that the FBI suspects of being a terrorist. King is a very dangerous man in terms of his desire to destroy Constitutional protections of rights and liberties…and his ability to do so.

Several years ago he introduce a bill called Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act. This bill is a huge step towards massive gun control…and in some cases, gun confiscation. To prove how anti-Second Amendment this bill is…it has 100 Democrat co-sponsors. Some of those Democrat Progressive extremists that have backed the bill are Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Bill Nelson and Richard Blumenthal. These are some of the most rapid anti-Second Amendment leftists in politics today. They want nothing short of a gun ban and gun confiscation.

What part of – “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

But, it gets worse, not only is King and fellow radical Progressives, attempting to pass the bill, they are openly criticizing, condemning, demonizing anyone that opposes the bill.

The most important, most notorious aspect of this bill…the FBI will have total and exclusive power over who would be deemed a “terrorist” and placed on the list of those being denied the ability to buy a gun or potentially have their guns confiscated. The same FBI that have allowed one terrorist attack after another, after another, after another to take place by Islamic terrorists. Islamic terrorist attacks that have killed thousands upon thousands upon thousands of American citizens. And all the time the FBI has been concentrating hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of investigation hours on Tea Party groups, Constitution Supporting groups, Patriot groups, Veteran Groups, cattle ranchers, and journalists who dare to question the FBI. The very same FBI would be placed in charge of “The List!”

So who do you think the FBI would put on the “list”…the un-American List…the anti-Government list?

The answer is simple…look at their actions (the government in general, the FBI specifically) of the last three decades.

So why do I call these “Big Government – Totalitarian Politicians” rotted and stinking fruit? Because one day they will be able to take the next step in their radical anti-American Progressive agenda…they will get guns banned and confiscated. But, they will do it one step at a time, little by little, all the while loudly proclaiming their patriotism and their only desire is to keep Americans safe.

But, let me be perfectly clear…they are as anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-American as they come. Their only, their single, their sole objective…a totalitarian state established here in America. One where the political class has unquestioned, unchallenged, complete and total control over the American people. A country where they, the political class assume the elitist positions of leadership…and everyone else it their serf. Make no doubt about it…that is the Progressive agenda. They have already proven that to be true for the last 130 years.

And they are winning…America is losing.

America Totalitarianism


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4 thoughts on “SitRep – 06/14/2016 (follow-up to SitRep 06/12/2016)

  1. Hillary insisted yesterday that the government must close the loophole that allows people to purchase guns online. Since when could an individual purchase guns online?


  2. As if ass covering and finger pointing is a surprise. Cooking the books on the economy? Expected. Actual knowledge about firearms and current law? Not necessary. Political Correctness and ideology and excuse? Institutionalized. By the way, on the list of “conveniently stupid” is ignoring the fact that the effect of the “Assault Weapons Ban” on supposed “gun crime” was so small as to not be statistically measurable. Talk about “an inconvenient truth”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Most will never wake up, they are too preoccupied. And it it is too late to return to God as a country. The family is the only safe place now.


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