SitRep – 6/17/2016

Situation Reports (SitReps)I have come to hate writing these SitReps…I really don’t want to. I am working on a number of articles right now; Blackhawk holster system, Mophie battery packs, another speaker mic, as well as writing Escape from Tucson (online book). I enjoy writing all that stuff…SitReps not so much. But, I feel obligated to. For two straight days I have had this feeling based on what I am seeing and I must share it with you…then you do with it whatever you feel prompted to do. But, whatever those prompts are, please do it, and do it soon.

  1. This is not a call for panic.
  2. This is not setting a time-frame or a prediction on SHTF date.
  3. This is not a call to arms.
  4. This is a dump of information on you…as well as my opinion.

I wrote extensively on what happened in regards to the Orlando Massacre and directly related matters. You can read those SitReps at:

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Connecting The Dots - conspiracy and criminal activityNow, I have been watching very, very closely what has been occurring since the slaughter of Americans by yet another Islamic terrorist. As multiple events, or “dots”, began to emerge I have become deeply concerned. It appears we are, or could be, reaching a major confluence…a convergence if you will. And it is ugly…very ugly…and has the potential to be extremely dangerous.

Here is what I am talking about:

1)  There is a total and complete divide in the country right now. No, I am not talking about the political divide that has been deepening and widening for the last 15 years. I am speaking between radical extremist Progressivism vs. Constitutionalism. I am especially seeing that the Progressive Republicans are now showing their true colors. Almost all of the Republican leadership is showing just how much they align with Progressivism. There are few, very few, Constitutional believers and defenders left in the Republican Party.

2)  But, it is even worse…people who called themselves conservatives are now self-outing that they are actually hardcore Progressives as well.

Bill O’Reily is a good example. He has tried to portray himself as a conservative, patriot, believer in the Bill O'Reilly neo-con nationalist populistConstitution, etc. However, he truly showed his radical Progressive ideology earlier this week by calling for; 1) the military to take over terrorist related domestic law enforcement roles, 2) his call for strict gun control, and 3) his earlier calls for a national gun registry. Now we have another Fox News talking head exposing herself as well, Gretchen Carlson.

Gretchen Carlson has always tried to promote herself as a conservative, patriot, etc. But, GretchenCarlson-001she just called for a “ban” on sporting rifles such as the AR-15, calling them “assault rifles”. She even went so far as to say Americans shouldn’t be allowed to own any real quantity of ammunition. Both her and O’Reilly’s anti-Constitution advocacy is about as un-American as you can get. And don’t think for a minute that somehow their radicalism is rooted in some kind of concern for safety, it is not.

From every angle now we are hearing calls, sometimes screams, for gun control, gun bans, confiscation, etc. And there is a reason for that, it is “opportunism” by Progressives on the heels of the most recent Islamic terrorist attack. The Islamic terrorist attack presents such prefect timing and opportunity as to make closet Progressives come out and expose themselves. Do not be fooled by their pretty words and flattery.

The opposing side…the Constitution –

The Founding Fathers truly saw that this day would come…an encroaching tyrannical federal government. And they provided, through the Constitution, the ability for the people, via the states, to protect themselves. That protection was outlined in the Second Amendment with militias and gun ownership.

For those that need a history lesson –

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Let’s review this:

  • The Founding Fathers just got done fighting a war against a tyrannical central government.
  • The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to limit the federal government’s powers and to give the individual states way more power than the federal government.
  • When the Second Amendment was written there was no such thing as a “National Guard.”
  • When the Second Amendment was written the country, almost exclusively, was protected by militias. Militias were groups of men organized voluntarily at the city/town level. Although often financially self-supporting, they were sometimes funded by local wealthy individuals. They were self-directed by their local government such as the city or county, militias even elected their own leadership. When the state government needed their assistance they “called them up” and paid militia members for their service either through money or grants of land. When the federal government needed military assistance to support the small standing national army the President would request militia units from the Governors.
  • When the Second Amendment was written “regulated” meant well running, well adjusted. In other words well-trained and ready for action.
  • The use of the term government “regulations” didn’t even come into use until 1938 (Code of Federal Regulations).
  • When the Second Amendment was written the average person had guns that were as good as, most of the time better than, the soldiers of the standing federal army.

In summary, the Constitution specifically and clearly gave the right of average citizens to form militias at the most local level and be as well armed as any soldier. But “why?”

Here’s why –

Read the Third Amendment. Clearly, the Founding Fathers wanted to protect us against an over-reaching federal government trying to impose their will on the people. Also, the Eighth Amendment was designed to limit the damage the federal government could do to a person.

Then the Ninth Amendment is a damning rebuke of the federal government. This amendment states in 100% clarity that just because a right/freedom/liberty is not laid out in the Constitution for the individual, the federal government cannot restrict those rights/freedoms/liberties whatever they may be.

But, here is the most telling…the Tenth Amendment. In that wording it clearly says that the federal government has only those specific rights outlined in the Constitution and NO OTHER RIGHTS OR AUTHORITY. All other rights are given to the states or the individual citizen.

Our federal government has totally and completely abandoned the Constitution and the Founding Fathers wouldn’t even recognize today’s country. Well, other than it being worse today then what existed under English tyranny.

My point is this…the federal government has no Constitutional right to regulate any form of gun, in any way, at any time, for any reason. Period…that is absolutely crystal clear based on the Constitution’s own wording.

So what is my problem?

My problem is simple…there are only two reasons to legislatively regulate guns; 1) an ignorance of the Constitution and unintentional disregard of its authority, 2) a willful and intentional disregard of the Constitution in order to impose a tyrannical government upon the citizens of the United States by taking away the rights, liberties, and freedoms of citizens.


You will hear all kinds of learned people trying to explain away the Constitution and the Second Amendment. You will hear people referring to AR-15’s as “assault weapons” or “weapons of war” and whatnot. But they are either ignorant in what they are saying or they are actively complicit in the imposition of tyranny. Period!

Now, the real reason for this SitRep –

Never, ever, have all the radical anti-American Progressives shown themselves in such force. They see a singular opportunity here to remove the last, the only, barrier standing in the way of their ultimate goal…an American Totalitarian State. And I am telling you…that the Progressive radicals want nothing less than a totalitarian state. To them it is worth anything and everything that it may cost them.

What you are seeing now is a coordinated and well-planned effort on the part of the media (even so-called conservative media), Democrat Politicians, Republican Progressives, and their supporting anti-American radical special interest groups (i.e. Media Matters, National Education Association, People for the America Way, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, plus hundreds more organizations just like them).

I feel we are very, very close to a horrific experience in this country. Never have the Progressives been able to bring all of their might and power to bear on this one issue…-gun ban/confiscation- to accomplish what they see plausible at this time. And they have an all-out offensive raging against the Constitution at this very moment. And they are winning!

They also know what will happen when the Second Amendment is finally destroyed…revolt…unless they destroy it in easy-to-swallow steps. There will be a certain percentage of Americans, not large by any means, which will resist the destruction of the Second Amendment. They will take up arms and resist the elimination of that imperative Constitutional right. And they will be slaughtered by gleeful and drooling federal government minions.

Don’t doubt me on this. Government agencies already have the heavily armed SWAT teams to be the tip of the spear. Those SWAT teams are backed-up by military armored vehicles. There are many, many (if not most) law enforcement agencies (all of the large city departments) run by radical leftist leadership that will relish the opportunity to attack citizens to remove guns from the country. Then there is the military…and it is up in the air right now how the military would respond to the complete destruction of the Second Amendment.

Let me wrap up the Second Amendment issue…the radical Progressive extremists are winning. They are destroying, and for the most part already have destroyed, the Constitution. The Second Amendment is their last true hurdle/barrier to their totalitarian state goal. Once the Second Amendment is destroyed, the First and Fourth Amendments are easy pickings for them.

Anyone who supports any infringement of any kind on the right to bear arms is not a believer in, nor a supporter of, the Constitution. Then by default they are complicit in the destruction of America as a Constitutional Republic…and the establishment of tyranny.

But, it doesn’t stop there –

This article is more about where we are right now…this very moment…and the extreme danger we are in.

We know these things to be absolutely 100% factual:

1. The government is in full-blown attack mode against anyone remotely associated with the support of the Constitution, conservatives, patriots, militia, pro-gun rights, pro-life, Christian, etc.

  • The Department of Justice has thousands of investigations open into any person or group associated with any of the above.
  • The Department of Justice is actively working with the IRS providing and receiving information from them and working against any person or group associated with any of the above. Which incidentally is against the law.
  • The FBI has been assigned the tip of the spear against those associated with any of the above up to and including ambushing, opening fire on, and killing. They are using illegal surveillance methods and intimidation as approved tactics.
  • DHS Director (Obama appointee) has just publicly revealed that he has directed the entire DHS to concentrate on investigating violent extremism by Christian groups inside the US. Doing so knowing full well that there are NO Christian terrorists, let alone any Christian terrorist carrying out attacks.
  • DHS has also directed Border Patrol to allow dangerous illegal immigrants into the country. DHS has full knowledge that 50 – 100 Muslim terrorists are crossing the border each month. When Border Patrol does catch illegals, DHS often orders them released in cities by the bus load.Laila Alawa readical anti-american muslim on dhs committee
  • Obama has placed a foreign-born radical anti-American Muslim on a high-level security and advisor DHS committee. Her name is Laila Alawa and she said that the 9/11 attacks, killing thousands of Americans, was good.
  • The White House, specifically the President, has ordered key elements of the Executive Branch to press the fight against anything that opposes the Progressive agenda…at any cost.
  • The State Department is working feverishly to bring as many Muslim immigrants into the country as possible before Obama leaves office. Even the CIA Director has said publicly the Muslim refuges are not being vetted and terrorists are being brought into the country by this administration.
  • The Obama administration refuses to any immigrant information with any Governor even though the Obama administration is forcing states to accept these Muslim immigrants. Many of which the CIA knows are dangerous Islamic terrorists…and they are being placed into American neighborhoods.
  • ISIS developed a list of 8,000 Americans on a “kill list” that are currently targeted for death. The FBI is in possession of that kill list. Currently, the FBI is –
    • Refusing to release the names of American citizens on the list.
    • They are refusing to notify the people on the list.
    • They are refusing to provide protection to people on the kill list.
    • By doing so, the FBI 100% complicit in the conspiracy to commit 8,000 acts of domestic terrorism. And all at the direction of Obama.

2.  The media, which we know to be rabidly liberal and Progressive, are in full attack mode against pro-rights groups. They are openly and knowingly lying to the public in order to forward the radical Progressive agenda of gun control. The media is only a propaganda arm of the Progressive movement at this point.

But it is worse than that…

3.  NATO and Pentagon analysts have openly admitted that Russia can defeat the US and/or NATO forces in the Baltic region should war break out. NATO warned Russia to get out of that area, Russia responded by moving more forces into the area as well as along the boarder. Then several think tanks forwarded the idea that NATO would win. However, they thought is it would take tactical nuclear weapons to do so. Other analysts then stated that if it appeared that NATO forces would defeat Russian forces in a conventional warfare engagement that Russia would bring tactical nukes into play. The whole time Obama is doing nothing to cool-off the situation. The war talk is rapidly increasing…and including open discussion of the us of nuclear weapons.

4.  The tensions in the South China Sea are at an all time high. The non-Chinese countries in the area formed an alliance and issued a strong statement condemning China, they also ordered China out of the area. China, through back door channels, threatened those countries with utter destruction militarily. The alliance last week promptly retracted their statement about China. All the while Obama has sent a fleet of warships to the area and done nothing to cool-off the situation.

5.  ISIS continues to win in the Middle East. They hold vast areas of multiple countries and the current administration is doing virtually nothing of substance to defeat them. ISIS now has a world-wide terror reach…including the United States. This has emboldened ISIS, al Qaeda, and the Taliban to significantly ramp-up operations throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world, including Europe and America. Hillary Clinton has openly admitted that it was her State Department that helped create and arm ISIS.Obama in traditional Kenyan Islamic Clothing

6.  Under Obama America has been hit time after time after time by Islamic terrorists. His administration, mainly the FBI, has been unable to stop any of the mass attacks by Islamic terrorists. Yet, Obama still won’t identify the enemy…Islamic Terrorists. He continuously and intentionally avoids identifying the enemy and misdirects the conversation towards “domestic terrorism” trying to implicate non-Muslims. However, all terrorist attacks in the United States in the last nearly 20 years have all been carried out by Muslim terrorists…all of them! It is no small matter that Obama’s father was Muslim. In Islam the children are considered to be the religion of their father.

7.  Violence, especially group violence, is at an all time high. Political violence is at record high. And all that violence being committed is coming from the leftists in the country. It is savagely bad and continues to get worse. And Black Lives Matter is just getting started. And it is no coincidence that virtually all of the gun related terrorist attacks have been in gun-free zones.

8.  The economy almost couldn’t be in worse shape than it is right now without being in a depression. The European Central Banks see that they have lost control of their economies, they have nothing left they can do, and they know that the European economic collapse is coming. Our own Federal Reserve said clearly this week that our economy is in horrible shape, and the job market is the chief indicator of that. Job loss is high, unemployment numbers are horrible, people that won’t even look for a job are at historic highs, GDP is in the tank, and virtually every economic indicator shows that the economy is on the brink of collapse.

I could go on and on about the situation in the United States right now. But, you, more than likely, already know exactly what I am talking about as far as individual “dots” are concerned. However, ALL of the dots are connecting…and they are all bad…the whole thing is really, really bad right now.

The only way I can truly paint the picture is this…

We are standing is a puddle of gasoline up to our knees and there are millions and 10’s millions of Democrats, liberals, Progressives, and anarchists standing around all holding lighters…with huge grins on their faces…drooling.

I am not setting a date when it collapses. What I am saying is that EVERYTHING, every single indicator of any meaning shows this country is ready to explode…and violently so.

I have personal first-hand knowledge that the government is having huge amounts of ammunition delivered to their offices around the country. Close to 20,000 rounds of 9mm and 5.56 ammunition per LEO. When I asked about it the person told me it is specifically due to the upcoming election and their concern about violence and the potential they wouldn’t have enough ammunition on hand.  On another note, a few months back I spoke about my military contact and their concern about martial law. He reinforced that to me this past Monday that they are increasingly concerned about this coming October.

I am telling you flat out…the country is so close to a complete and total breakdown that I am very concerned about it. So concerned I am writing about it to you in very clear and unmistakable terms. I am not trying to cause panic, I am not trying to scare you, I am simply trying to relay to you what I am seeing and the dots I am clearly connecting.

What is the outcome?

I have said this before…our President is so mentally ill, so mentally unstable, and so committed to the radical anti-American Progressive agenda he is looking for any reason to take drastic and violent actions. He wants to dismantle the Constitution completely where it no longer protects the rights of individual citizens. Our government is 100% committed to a totalitarian state. And I am telling you…they are not going to stop until they have it. This administration is capable of ANYTHING!!

What can you do?

The same things I have been telling you all along:

  • Nothing on a national level, you and I will have absolutely no effect.
  • Little can be done on the state level. If you have a conservative or libertarian governor then support them the best you can. If you live in a liberal state…move.
  • PREPARE! Do whatever you possibly can to acquire and store emergency preparedness items. These are the risk/threat priorities to prepare for –
    • Violence
    • Injury or sickness
    • Communications (lack of, or poor)
    • Organization (lack of, or poor)
    • Dehydration
    • Exposure
    • Starvation
  • Find out which of your neighbors, community members, or congregation members also love freedom, liberty, the Constitution, and are willing to also be preppers. Support them in all those efforts.
  • Clean up your life and throw out all the personality bad stuff. If you have bad habits…get rid of them.
  • Grow closer to God.
  • Pull your family members close and love them unconditionally.
  • Make decisions now for what you will do if “x” happens. Planning now will make for less confusion when those events do occur.

Most of all…don’t despair. Depression is not healthy. However, “concern” can be a great motivational tool. Use concern, if you have any, to motivate you and your family to do something…anything…to better prepare for any emergency whatever it may be.

Summary –

We are standing is a puddle of gasoline up to our knees and there are millions and 10’s of millions of Democrats, liberals, Progressives, and anarchists standing around all holding lighters…with grins on their faces…drooling.

The Progressives would love nothing more than setting this country on fire and burning it to the ground. They are doing everything they can right now to make that happen. But, they will also paint all of our country’s problems as all the fault of the “right.” They are doing it, and will do more of it, through massive misdirection and misinformation campaigns via the media, the FBI, and the CIA.

What happens between now and the end of the year will set the direction of this country for the rest of history…at least the rest of the history of the United States. And I am telling you…it is looking very dark and grim.

The sides have been chosen…it is the Progressives vs. the Constitutionalists. And the Constitutionalists are a very, very small minority. The Progressives want to exterminate anyone that even remotely resembles a Constitutionalist. I am not overstating the situation nor the real threat of potential violence at the hands of Progressives. We are at a breaking point…and I think we will break into a thousand pieces.

It’s a tragedy that the radical Progressives, the hypocritical Progressives, won’t concentrate the the actual cause of terrorism in the country, in the world, today. Makes you wonder “why” doesn’t it.




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9 thoughts on “SitRep – 6/17/2016

  1. I totally agree with your SitRep.
    I am a “why?” type of person. Please help me understand what the middle class progressives expects to accomplish in allowing their power hungry, money worshipping leaders to undermine and ultimately eliminate our Constitution? Do they really want to live in a police state where there will be very little freedoms? And how can they support Islam, when Sharia law is so violently intolerant of homosexuality and women’s rights? Other than God allowing this to happen to usher in the End Times, I just cannot fathom how people can be so ignorant and blind to what will happen to them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The problem is due process???????!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!
    I would be more surprised to hear something like that if the country wasn’t in the hands of Progressives right now. Progressives really hate the Constitution and the protections for individuals it provides.
    Nothing will be different…they re ALL the same. They are seeking power and/or money…nothing else.
    Band together!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you – couldn’t agree more. Look forward to your “Escape from Tucson” – maybe it will give me some good pointers, as that’s where I am!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are more than welcome!
      Escape from Tucson starts on 6/20. I already have 7 posts written for it and more coming. I think I will stop at 10 and then run a poll to see if people are enjoying it.

      Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you. Most concise. Good analysis. I have been watching with concern as the country falls apart. H. Clinton is a clear and present danger to the whole country. D. Trump is an unknown quantity. His swings left and right are a concern. I view him as a progressive. As for the election, if there is one, I see H. Clinton elected. She is too smug. My take is the fix is in. We are now in a world of hurt. You are correct, in my opinion, that it’s time to get ready for the coming storm. On the lighter side, the church is still building temples, and the missionaries are still out in the world. Those of us who remain faithful to God and keep our covenants with him will weather the coming storm. Some of the faithful will go to the spirit world over this, but many will be here in the flesh to remake this country. God is preparing and has already set in motion tge means by which the wicked will be swept off this land.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Here is a quote from Joe Manchin, Democrat Senator from West Virginia, 6/16/16, on “Morning Joe”.

    “The problem that we have, and really the firewall that we have right now, is due process. It’s all due process. So we can all say we want the same thing, but how do we get there? … The shooter in Orlando was brought in twice by the FBI. They did everything they could … but there was no way for them to keep him on the NICS list or keep him off the gun buy list. So can’t we say if a person’s under suspicion there should be a five-year period that we have to see good behavior [before they can buy a gun]? Maybe we can come to that kind of agreement. But due process is what’s killing us right now.”

    Police State, anyone? And people keep telling themselves lies like “Trump will be different” or “Hill-n-Bill will be different”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The problem is not that the FBI can’t do anything, it’s that they are in bed with the rest of the progressives who would love nothing more than to have this chaos. In the Orlando terrorist situation, there were people there who mentioned that it wasn’t only the one guy who died who was doing the shooting, but one or more other people. Why is it that we hear about other people and then the media lets that go and never covers it again. Is the government in bed with these terrorists and leaves them as patsies?


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