SitRep 7/5/2016 & a Question (with feedback)

Situation Reports (SitReps)So there I was…but first, I have so much to talk to you about, so many things to share it is hard to get all my thoughts together. I have been off-line since Saturday morning and it felt absolutely wonderful! I didn’t watch a speck of news, didn’t listen to any radio anything, didn’t read the first email, and didn’t do a dang thing but live life. Got in late Monday night, washed the dogs, ate 1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and headed to bed. Then I woke up…yuck!

I will cover the following in this SitRep:

  • Why Hillary came away untouched.
  • Our BOL & Retirement Home.
  • Ideas from you going forward.
Hillary and the Aquarium –

I was in a local business morning and while I was waiting I was just standing there watching these fish in an aquarium. The aquarium wasn’t very large, maybe 2’ wide, 3’ tall, and no more than 12” deep. The aquarium was well-maintained, nicely done, about a dozen various kinds of fish. There were maybe 4 or so guppies, a large angle fish (probably 2” across), another about 2/3 that size, and a number of fish that I have no idea what they were. But, there was this one…he was about  2” long, 3/4” tall, kind of silvery, and looking like he was built for speed. I was right!

I noticed this guy swam around like crazy buzzing back and forth, then he made a line for the back of the aquarium. Just before he hit the glass that made up the rear of the aquarium he pulled up short but still bumped his nose into the glass. He would change position and bump the glass the again. He did this maybe 6 or 7 times. Then he would repeat the process once again starting out by the frenzied swimming and end up bumping the glass.

I stood there for maybe 5 – 6 minutes watching him…”Fred” did this over and over the entire time I stood there. While he was doing this another smaller but similar fish got caught up in the activity and did it a time or two and then went back to just hanging out. All of the guppies just kept poking around on the bottom eating whatever was there. Yeah, don’t ask. The big angel fish just sat motionless for the most part and ate the little tidbits of poop that Fred excreted when he dashed by.

As I stood there I really started to identify with Fred. I often times feel like I am trapped, knowing that there is something, supposed to be something, on the other side of what I am bumping into. Like Fred, I dash about trying to figure out what is going on, then I dash to what appears to be the answer, and I bump my nose into something unseen. But, that unseen keeps me from going where I know I should. I just don’t understand why I can’t get there. I think that feeling is shared by many.

Fast forward to listening about the FBI Crime Family Boss Comey, talking about how the FBI knows that Clinton FBI Comey very dangerous manviolated the law (felonies) numerous times, allowed classified national security secrets to fall into the hands of the enemy, and jeopardized national security. But, Hillary Clinton, according to Don Comey,  would not face charges, and he went to great lengths to explain why not. But, he forgot he just mentioned about a dozen different felonies that Hillary had committed. There is no more corrupted soul in Washington DC than FBI Director Comey. Then again, he runs one of the most corrupted organizations in the government…the FBI. So his actions should be expected…and 100% in-line with the infamous J. Edgar Hoover, the first FBI Director. Comey was just upholding the long history and tradition of political feces dealing by the FBI.

Do not think for a minute that Hillary was ever, at any time, in jeopardy of being charged with anything. From the very moment her actions became HIllary Clinton radical progressive extremistapparent the politicians began setting their price. Their price for allowing her to walk free while they, the soul sellers, calculated how much money and power they would gain from her despicable and criminal actions.

In my church there is a story of an ancient society recorded in history some 2000 years ago. In that society there was a group of people, mostly government workers, judges, and politicians that wanted to be able to pretty much do anything they wanted without fear of courts, prison, or punishment. The things they wanted to do was rob, assault, plunder, and commit murder…all with impunity. Nice group of people, yeah?

Since much of the court system was run by members of this secret society they were free to operate as the pleased by in large. On the off chance that one of them would be caught they had a secret sign that they would show to the person holding them captive or in control of their outcome. At that point the government worker, judge, or politician would see that the prisoner was a fellow secret society member and the person would be set free. It was a great deal for each secret society member…do whatever they wish to whomever they wish and get away with it…including murder. The secret society was called the Gadianton Robbers.

The key to the power of the Gadianton Robbers was corruption. I am not just talking about members being corrupted in the performance of their governmental duties, I am talking about their souls being corrupted. They were despicable, rotten people. While at first they performed all these things in secret, they eventually grew so strong in numbers, power, and ability that they began to openly do whatever they wished and get away with it. The key being…their power and numbers.

So what does the Gadianton Robbers have to do with what I am writing about today?

Our government is infested with and run by people that live according to the Gadianton Robbers. Granted, they may not be called that today, but they are just as corrupted, evil, and rotten. And we saw one of the main players operating today…Comey announcing that Hillary Clinton will not face criminal charges.

Here we have one of the most infamous, evil, and corrupted people on the planet being given a “get-out-of-jail” card DOJ - Lynchby a fellow Gadianton Robber. But, he was operating under the protection of Loretta Lynch (Attorney General)…another Gadianton Robber. But, she was directed by Obama himself. He had made it Obama is a madmanclear to her months ago that Hillary would never face criminal charges. And there is little doubt that Obama himself is a Gadianton Robber.

So we see that the Gadianton Robbers are still alive and well today. Yes, I admit (as I stated earlier) they may go by another name, maybe no name, but their purpose is the same…do whatever they wish, (unethical, immoral, or illegal) and suffer absolutely no consequences for it. In other words…to commit and propagate evil without consequence.

Let’s test it…The Clintons. Think of all the crimes they have committed over the decades…the sheer evil of who they are and what they have done. Everything from Bill’s outright lying under oath about his raping and sexual Clintons are gadianton robbersassaults, to Hillary’s knowingly abandoning of Americans to die in Benghazi. And what has happened to them for just those crimes or for the hundreds of other crimes they have committed…including murder? Nothing…nothing at all. But, it was profitable to all those that ensured that they never faced criminal charges. Bill Clinton was even able to escape impeachment conviction when all the evidence clearly pointed to his guilt.

For years now people have been handsomely rewarded by huge sums of money from the Clinton Foundation as well as political favors for 40 years. We can see that Gadianton Robbers are alive and well today.

American was founded on a number of principles…Rule of Law was one of the chief among them. The concept that we are a nation of laws vs. men. That law applied the same to everyone, not just some. We know that is not true, Hillary is a perfect example. General Petraeus, remember him?  What was the outcome with him? Although he committed 1/100th the national security crimes that Hillary committed, he was ruined and nearly went to prison.

And soon we will have yet another Gadianton Robber as President…Hillary. More dark days for this country lie ahead. You must prepare yourself and your family against what despicable acts they might force upon us. There is absolutely nothing you can do to bring justice to the evil in the government today, especially in regards to Hillary. Do not become upset, depressed, or concerned about it. Leave it be and move on with those things that are far more important in your life…your family, your faith, your congregation, your community, and preparing for what is to come. You are a force for good, you can help people, you can be a marvelous example for others to see and follow. Be that person!

My BOL & Retirement Home –

I talked earlier about being unplugged this weekend…and yes, it was great. But there was a specific reason that I was unplugged. I am happy to announce that we finally purchased a piece of property in Arizona. We have been driven for several years now to do so, we just had to find the right piece. We have…and we couldn’t be more thrilled with it!

I will start a long series of articles as we go down this journey from seeking, to finding, to buying, to developing it. I want to share with you what we went through, and what we will be going through, to help maybe save you a problem or two. And maybe you will just enjoy that trip with us.

And for clarity…BOL = Bug Out Location.

But, since we may never need it as a BOL, it will be the place where we retire in a few short years. And I am telling you…I need to retire. Working for the federal government is soul killing. The amount of evil, pure evil, that is running rampant in the government today is overwhelming at times. If it weren’t for my men, I would have moved on long ago. But, I am not done there just yet, I still have a couple of things I need to accomplish.

Please direct me –

I try to deliver information that is valuable, pertinent, timely, and always moving preppers forward. But, I know there are times that I go off on tangents and simply delve into those things that interest me vs. what is needed by you. So, I want to ask you to please share with me what you would like to see and hear from me in the coming months. Or, just simply share with me whatever is on your mind that can help me do a better job.

Let me hear from you…

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