I ask of you…

I pray for you and I pray for humanity.I’ve shed more than one tear this morning listening to the unspeakable tragedy that occurred last night. And, as expected, many of the talking heads of the media are lining-up on one side or another spewing their biased views. Some of the rhetoric is appalling, much of it is simply sad, all of it is wrong.

That is not entirely true. There was a commentator on CNN that really had a firm grasp on the true nature of the basic issue. Then there was Dallas Police Chief David Brown…an outstanding man from what I can tell by his remarks made this morning. A man of faith, a man that “gets it”, and who truly cares about his community and his fellow officers. But that was about the extent of it…the total of those who are truly on the path of understanding.

What I mean by that is humanity. Humanity is hurting right now, hurting in every conceivable way. And that suffering knows no color, ethnicity, gender, or geopolitical boundaries. The suffering knows no uniform or badge, it knows no profession or lack of one. The suffering knows no religion or lack of. Humanity is suffering…suffering greatly at the hands of evil.

Years ago I would always breakdown my arguments into opposing sides based on a particular trait, mostly Republican vs. Democrat. Then I morphed into Conservative vs. Liberal. That quickly changed to Constitutionalist vs. Progressive. Then, after some thought, I espoused civil society libertarianism vs. totalitarianism. Earlier this year I came to the conclusion that what was at work in the world today is simply good vs. evil. Last night Dallas saw good vs. evil. And unfortunately evil scored a victory.

Five lives were lost. That means ten times that many lives are shattered, ruined, overshadowed by mere minutes of evil running rampant. Five ordinary people, just doing their jobs, left this earth, and left behind others who loved them and who counted on them to be part of their lives. What a tragic and senseless waste. What gaping sorrow is left behind.

It would be easy to draw to one side or another. Blame this ambush on the murders of the latest two black men to die at the hands of police within the last few days. Blaming it on racism wouldn’t be a stretch. Blame it on some radical raced-based organization would be within reality. You could find a million reasons of one form or another to affix blame. Many, possibly all, could be right…but all would be wrong. There is but one reason for what is happening, what has happened, and what will happen…evil.

Humanity, the entire human race, has fallen victim to evil. Yes, of course we’ve brought it on ourselves. I am by no means trying to say that evil just magically appeared to inflict itself on us. I am saying we, humanity, have yielded to the forces of evil and thus suffer the associated natural consequences.

I wish, I wish with all my heart, that this tragic event in Dallas would somehow become an event that would rally everyone together to fight evil, to crush that force that is dividing us from each other. But, I was intimately involved in the aftermath of 9/11, if that event couldn’t solidify us a people against evil, the Dallas ambush surely won’t.

For quite some time I have been warning you that violence was coming this year, specifically this summer. It is here, it has been here, and it will get worse. Our society has broken down into an endless cycle of retaliation by those who seek money and power. You see that retaliation from our politicians and those who support specific agendas. This is not the end of something or the beginning of anything…it is unfortunately a continuation of the pattern of evil humanity finds itself in at this point in time.

We would like to identify the single avenue to fight evil as a whole, but there is none. Evil must be fought and defeated at the individual level. One good person doing one good thing at a time is our only hope. Those singular good acts defeat one evil person at a time who is trying to do an evil act.

However, many in our American society today have forgotten how to do good. Not that they are bad or evil people, they just are caught up in the money/power quest that is preached from every corner of our daily lives.

What my message to you today is not an easy one, it is filled with many ways for you to disagree with me. But, I profess to you that we must fight evil…we must fight it one good person at a time doing one good act at a time. We fight evil at the individual level, we defeat it with good.

Yes, of course you can still have righteous causes with which you may fight large bodies of evil. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. If nothing else you can help expose evil in the shadows where it tries to hide. But, to defeat evil we must do it as individuals, one good act at a time.

I plead with you, I beg you, to do good. Reach out, do something good…anything, something. I am not asking for large grandiose gestures to save the world. I am asking for small, maybe seemingly miniscule, acts of good. Help someone load their groceries, give someone your grocery cart. Let that rude driver into traffic. Mow your neighbor’s lawn, wash the widow’s car. Visit with a lonesome person. Hug your kids extra tight. Hold your spouse and tell them you are theirs forever, you will love and support them no matter what. The next peace officer you see…thank them for the good that they do.

Just do something good to offset the evil in the world…it is desperately needed. But do it starting today…please.

Do I expect these small acts of goodness to change the world? Of course not. But, they might well change a person for that day, it might brighten up their life just for a brief moment. Or it might be that one thing that they needed to change their life…their world. We must try, we must do this as a member of humanity…it is our solemn responsibility to do our part for good.

Understand that I believe, I know, that our situation will get worse…it will get more violent. We will see all of the regular political hacks who seek for money and power use this event to forward their agendas. And they are the ones that perpetrate great evil on society. You can and will see them and their supporters for who they are. You will easily recognize them for the evil they are. But don’t worry about them, do not concern yourself with their level of evil…they have earned their reward.

I want to close this post asking one more thing of you. I know I have no right to ask anything of you, but I hope you will listen and consider it. I am asking you to not just to continue your emergency preparations, but I would like you to increase your efforts. I can’t tell you how much to step-up your preps, that is an individual choice.  I am just asking you to do more, something more, anything more. I fear you may well need those preps, and soon.

I am a man of faith, I believe in God and in His son Jesus Christ. Today I will get on my knees and pray for those fallen in Dallas, I will pray for their families, and I will pray for humanity. I will beg and plead to God that I may know what I can do to help. I invite you to join me.

If there is something you feel I can do for you…please but ask.


4 thoughts on “I ask of you…

  1. the vet played into the lefts script like the fool hr and his ilk are. the police to are playing their part quite well too killing us with impunity. its a plan to drive us apart to “fundamentally change America”.

    I texted my neighbor who is a state trooper told him I got his and his families back. we don’t talk much. they are coming over to our pool Sunday after church to talk while the kids swim.

    selfishly I purchased more long term storage food and plan to get more 308 today.

    I agree its Satan at work. we “Soldiers for Christ” need to step up our recruiting mission. Draw more to Christ and less to the world and man. man can’t fix this the forces at work here we can’t influence.

    if in doubt read the last chapter. we win big real big.


  2. Thank you. Please keep posting. In an increasingly insane world I find your posts to be both helpful and steadying in the face of increasing evil. I have learned the shooters were not part of the protest last night. They used those protester as cover to begin their work of mayhem. Dallas grieves today. Your prayers along with mine and many others are comforting. .

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