3 thoughts on “Senseless violence, wasted lives.

  1. When the anointed class is above the law, eventually mob rule will follow. The frustration level of the average person is rising everywhere. The common citizen, who is compelled to obey even the most mundane rules without fail, feels more helpless every day. Sadly, these cops were just convenient targets for someone’s anger. Will anyone ask Comey (FBI) or Lynch (AG) if they feel any responsibility? Ask them if perhaps the “no indictment” BS was the last straw? Instead it will again be the guns as the first problem, rather than a look at the confidence people have in government… confidence government is screwing us every chance they get.


  2. As of this morning five officers have died from their wounds. Six others are wounded C some seriously. At lest two snipers were active. Durian a peaceful Blac Live Matter protest march. As shots rang out the protesters fled as police stated takin fire from snipers. This may trigger more violence and set the scenario that will lead tio Martial law. Watch Cleveland later this month. Finish your preps if possible.

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