I just wanna talk to you for a minute…

I Just Wanna Talk To YouNote: Sorry about last night. I accidentally hit the “publish” button vs. the “preview” button at one point. That caused many of you to be notified that a new article was up on the site. I had to immediately take the article down since it wasn’t ready and not due for release until this morning.

I would much rather be writing a couple more entries for Escape from Tucson but I think I need to share some thoughts with you regarding the current state of war that exists in the US. Yes, I called it “war” and I did so intentionally because that is exactly what it is…war.

That certainly should have garnered your attention…and it was meant to, this is serious stuff. The “stuff” I am referring to is the outright war taking place in America right now. You know I am right. If nothing else you can “feel” that things are not right, something is amiss, everyone feels it to one extent or another. If you are a Star Wars fan you would be saying that there is a disturbance in the force. And there is.

I really want to start this article by telling you the reality of the situation and the outcome. But what good would that do, I could be wrong in what I am thinking. What I really need to do is give you food for thought and encourage you to draw your own conclusions. Once we get to that point I will share a few thoughts on what we can do. Let’s get started…

Tough Times –

America has had a really tough couple of weeks. Actually, America has had a really tough 120 years, but that is another story. Albeit that part of history is tied into the current state of affairs but I don’t want to get too sidetracked. The last couple of weeks have been particularly tough…rather I should say, horrible. But it is the context of why it is bad that really matters. As we boil it all down, it comes down to a huge effort to pit “them vs. us” on a national scale.

Now let me be clear…it doesn’t matter a single bit who the “them” or the “us” is at this point, that comes later. What matters now is that they are doing it to us and we are falling for it like me for chocolate. To make my point I need to bring out a few facts first:

  1. There is a huge difference between law enforcement officers (LEOs) and Peace Officers. You should know by now LEOs are there simply to enforce the law. Peace Officers are there to “protect and serve” according to Constitutional principles.
  2. Black Lives Matter (BLM) started out as a fairly legitimate movement for blacks, but quickly became corrupted by the violent race pimps and George Soros’ money. You now know there are three types of folks currently in BLM; 1) the violent leadership, 2) the bought and paid for leadership and mid-management, 3) the sincere, although “useful idiot”, membership. BLM has become an organization with one goal, disrupt society…violently when they can get away with it. By definition and conduct, BLM is a racist and violent organization.
  3. Being a cop in the US is not particularly dangerous. Last time I did my research it numbered #47 or #48 out of the top 50 most dangerous jobs in the US. The two most common reasons cops died on the job was poor physical conditioning and vehicle accidents. Violent death for a cop on the job is extremely rare, about .0001% of cops die each year from violence on the job. Granted, that is too many, have no doubt about that. But that is almost the same percentage of the general population that dies each year from auto accidents. So there is no epidemic of police deaths in the US any more than people who die from auto accidents each year.
  4. In contrast cops kill approximately 900 unarmed people each year. That number I calculated at just below the middle average based on which study statistics you want to accept. That means that an unarmed person is more than six times likely to be killed by a cop each year than a cop is die from violence on the job. That clearly points that there is a “killer mentality” problem with LEOs in this country. Notice, I am not placing blame as to “why”, I am simply referring to a factual statistic.
  5. LEO agencies have become militarized and many, maybe most, are virtually controlled by the federal government.

The most recent round of violence began partially in response to two killings of men at the hands of LEOs. One in Baton Rouge, the other in Minneapolis. The killing in Baton Rouge is not 100% clear. The video does show two cops pinning a man to the ground, then a cop pulls out his gun and begins to unload on the man pinned to the ground. The man was shot in the chest and back many times. It appears that the cop really wanted this guy dead, the reason isn’t clear.

The killing in Minneapolis it 100% clear. The cop outright killed the man. The man was not a criminal, was not wanted for a crime, was not a threat, did everything right during the stop, passed a background check for a CCW, and told the cop he was armed (legally with a permit). None of that mattered one bit to the cop, the cop just blasted away killing the man in front of his girlfriend and endangering the 4-year old child that was in the car as well.

So, there is plenty of ammunition for the public to clearly point out that there are cops that are out of control when it comes to killing large numbers of the unarmed public for no reason. We see tape after tape after tape. And, by-in-large cops walk away having murdered people with virtual impunity.So, it is easy to see why cops are painted with a broad stroke as being a source of a major problem…death in America.

But, does that tell the whole story?

Of course not! The most important fact to bring into the conversation is that most cops are basically decent people. A fair sized percentage of cops really want to be, or are, Peace Officers.

Is there a problem of cops hunting down and killing black men for the simple fact that they are black men? Of course not, there is no factual evidence to support that claim. It is not a black thing, it is not a race thing.

So what is the problem…the real problem?

Once again we have to go back to an old investigation adage…”follow the money.” But, in this case we have to expand that just a bit…”follow the money and the power.” Or rather, the “quest” for both. Once that is integrated into your thought process you can begin to truly look deeply for the answer.

Why isn’t there a simple answer? Well, it is, once you know the answer. But to listen to all of the “experts” you would think it is clear…but clear only based on who’s side you are on or believe in.

If you are one of the many race pimps, Barry included, it is all the fault of the racist cops. If you are a liberal or Progressive then it is the fault of the racist conservatives and Republicans. If you are neo-con or fascist then it is all the fault of BLM and the black culture. If you suffer from badge bias then it is the fault of everyone but the cops. If you are a real racist then it is all the fault of all blacks. However, all of those are wrong…very, very wrong.

We know a few things to be true:

  • Black militants are killing cops.
  • Cops are killing backs and whites each year in large numbers, about 40% of which are unarmed.
  • Blacks are blaming racism on the part of whites.
  • Many whites are blaming racism on the part of blacks.
  • Progressives are blaming it on the lack of gun control.
  • The NRA and their ilk are blaming it on not enough guns.
  • Politicians are blaming it on the opposite party’s politicians.

So, which of the above is the truth about why this is happening? None of them are true. However, didn’t I just say those things were true? Yes, but I didn’t say any of them was the underlying reasoning behind what is happening. For that answer we have to go back to the “power & money” question. So let’s ask some different questions –

  • Do race pimps make money and acquire power off this kind of violence and conflict?
  • Do police unions and police benevolent societies make money and acquire power off this kind of violence and conflict?
  • Do radical race-based organizations make money and acquire power off this kind of violence and conflict?
  • Do businesses make money and acquire power off this kind of violence and conflict?
  • Do politicians make money and acquire power off this kind of violence and conflict?
  • Does the government at all levels make money and acquire power off this kind of violence and conflict?

The answer to all of the above questions is a resounding “Yes!” clearly and unequivocally.

Now, let’s reverse the questions, but for times sake and to make it easier to understand I will turn it into a single question…

Who loses from this kind of violence and conflict?

The answer to that question is just as clear and easy to answer…the average person.

We, the average person, are lose the following –

  • Right to go where we want to and do as we wish.
  • Money out of our pocket in the form of taxes.
  • Rights, liberties, and freedoms.
  • Any chance of continuity of relationships with fellow citizens. In other words we lose faith and trust in each other, especially as defined by the groups involved by the violence and conflict.
  • Trust and/or confidence in our police officers.

So, you say that I am going through a lot of mental gymnastics and I am not making myself clear. And you want to know what my point is. If you took the time to answer the questions I asked, then you already have had an epiphany right about now…if you hadn’t already had one a long time ago.

No average person benefits from any of the conflict that is occurring…none!

Then it begs the question, who benefits? That one is easy –

  • Race-based advocacy organizations and leadership.
  • All related special interest groups, including police unions and benevolent societies.
  • Big businesses
  • Politicians
  • Government

Now, group that list together into a single entity and you get the…political class. They are also know as the “ruling elite.” How they benefit is clear and easy to see…everyone one of them gain money and power. And the losers are just as easy to see…the average person. And since neither power nor money is created in this situation, it can only be transferred from one group to another. In this situation money and power transfers from the average person to the ruling/political class in a very big way.

You may agree with me by now, I hope you do, maybe you don’t. But consider this, what is the bigger picture here because there is always a bigger picture. You may be right…and it goes right back to the Progressive agenda…a totalitarian state.

Think about it…Who benefits from a totalitarian state? Easy answer…everyone in government plus large corporations, their leadership and owners. So who loses in a totalitarian state? Everyone else.

We are doing this to ourselves and virtually no one in any position of power really wants to fix the problem. Sure, they will give lip service for the cameras and their constituents, but the only action that will truly take place is the following –

  • The local LEO agencies will become increasingly controlled by the federal government while becoming increasingly militarized.
  • More laws will be passed that may sound good on the surface, but will reduce rights, liberties, and freedoms for the average person while empowering the government.

How do I know this will happen? Because it has already happened before and we know what the outcome was. It is historical fact.The outcome is always the strengthening and consolidating of power to a stronger and stronger central government. And that process is on tract for the continue building of a totalitarian state here in the US.

Can this be turned around? Is there a real solution? Of course there is. Some thoughts to consider –

1 – Return discipline to the school system, strict discipline.
2 – Teach actual respect of individuals and their right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.
3 – Drastically reduce the size of government.
4 – Drastically reduce the number of police officers.
5 – Eliminate “LEO” from the culture, return it to Peace Officers. Re-institute the Peace Officer mission of “To Protect and To Serve.” Do we want “enforcers” or those that keep the peace?
6 – Drastically reduce police officer responsibility. They should be focused on –
­    •  70% crime solving
­    •  30% crime prevention
­­    Peace officers should no longer be involved in –
­­    ­    •  School resource officer work.
­­    ­    •  Traffic accidents or traffic law enforcement.
­­    ­    •  Social work and welfare checks.
­­    ­    •  Any “security” job outside of regular duties.
7 – Eliminate all federal law enforcement agencies with the exception of the US Marshal Service.
8 – De-militarize all LEO agencies
9 – Strengthen the “Castle Doctrine” to include theft or destruction of private party.
10 – Eliminate all gun laws, and otherwise return to strict interpretation of the Second Amendment.
11 – Teach the Constitution in schools at every grade level, especially the “responsibility” part of a civil society.
12 – Police officers are no longer allowed to break the law, including entrapment.
13 – Police officers are no longer covered by the Police Bill of Rights or any special treatment under the law.
14 – Police officers are no longer allowed to lie in the performance of their duties.
15 – Police Chief’s are elected, but a Mayor can fire them.
16 – All hiring and promotion of police officers is done by a board, 60% civilian, 40% police officers.
17 – All police officers wear a body cam, all police vehicles have forward and rearward facing cameras. All footage is available online for public viewing within 6 hours of end of shift.
18 – Murdering a police officer while on duty is a hanging offense. Maximum of 90-day appeal process.
19 – Murder by a police officer while on duty is a hanging offense. Maximum of 90-day appeal process.
20 – Elimination of all powers of any police union, benevolent society, etc. in interactions between police departments and police officers.
21 – Re-instituting the principle that the individual is responsible for their own safety and property, NOT the government or police officers.
22 – Prisons are for:
­       •  Keeping the public safe from evil people.
­       •  Severely punishing criminals, especially violent criminals.
­       •  Rehabilitating criminals.
­       •  Prisoners work while in prison growing food, making their clothes, etc.
23 – Re-instituting the death penalty while eliminating lengthy and complicated appeals processes.
24 – Elimination of violent gangs from society.

Will any of this ever be implemented? Of course not! Why even ask a silly question like that? The ruling/political class would never, ever allow that kind of power be returned to the people. And yes, I put that list of ideas together as an exercise in futility, maybe even foolishness. Why? Another simple and easy answer…I wanted to get you thinking.

Here is the bottom line…things are the way they are in this country right now by design. The ruling elite, the political class, the 1%, whatever you want to call them, want it exactly the way it is. We are so busy fighting each other, blaming each other, being at war with each other, that we are completely missing who the real enemy is. And you would be horrified to know the answer to that question.

It is not hard to see once the “fog of war” is removed from your eyes and brain. The “fog” makes it easy to blame cops, blame whites, blame blacks, blame something…anything…everything. But, that is exactly what makes it impossible for us to see who the real enemy is and why. WE ARE BLAMING THE WRONG PEOPLE!!!

Earlier I mentioned that the endgame is a totalitarian state. I was kind of wrong. Technically it is the last “state” before the true goal of those behind all of this. But, I assure you, the Progressives, the ruling class, the political class, the neo-cons, and many in law enforcement want a totalitarian state.

Why? Because they end up with the “power” and through that power they can then acquire “money” to grow their personal wealth…which in turns buys them more power. “Power” is the most addictive and seductive force on earth…unless you add “evil” to that short list. But the lust and quest for power is what is bringing our country to its knees.

How do I know that? Simple, look at every other totalitarian state that has ever existed in the history of the world, even those forms of government that come close such as dictatorships. The same classes of people are always the same ones that benefit and flourish…and it is the same people that always suffer. History is factual, and facts do not lie. The same is happening right before our eyes to the United States.

Are you depressed yet? Maybe you are. Maybe you are resigned to defeat. That’s unfortunate. Hopefully you are mad as hell! Because only once you become mad at what is happening will you do anything about it.

Until we are willing to drop our bias and see truth for what it is…and then accept the true underlying terror driving this problem…there will never be a solution, there will never be an end.

You must fight all evil!

  • It is evil for the President to speak badly of police at a memorial for five slain officers killed in the line of duty.
  • It is evil for police to kill unarmed people.
  • It is evil for people to ambush and kill police.
  • It is evil for our politicians and government to turn Peace Officers into Law Enforcement Officers.
  • It is evil for police unions to keep bad cops on the job.
  • It is evil for legislatures to write special laws protecting the otherwise unconstitutional acts of police.
  • It is evil for the court system to protect cops from justice.
  • It is evil to allow violent criminals to go free, suffering minimal punishment.
  • It is evil when a few elitists set the rules that everyone else dances to.
  • It is evil to treat all police as bad guys.
  • It is evil for police to treat all citizens as bad guys.
  • It is evil we have lost the Rule of Law in this country.
  • It is evil personified what is happening in the country today.

Here are some things that can be done –

  • If you are an average citizen treat peace officers with respect and kindness, pray for them. Take a minute and tell them how much you appreciate the good they do. Buy them lunch.
  • If you are an LEO or “cop”, become a Peace Officer. Don’t allow the system to make you an “enforcer.”
  • Don’t tolerate any special interest group, speak out against and reject all of them.
  • Petition your local government to realign police officers to solving and preventing crimes. Get police out of the traffic law, traffic accident, and school business.
  • Take responsibility for your own safety. If you are a husband/father take responsibility for the safety and protection of your family.
  • Do not, even for a second, believe anything coming from the leadership on any side of this problem. Those organizations and those leaders all have an agenda, their own agenda…money and power. They will never tell you the truth.
  • Form a neighborhood safety committee that includes armed patrols of your neighborhood. Do not tolerate crime or criminals.
  • Learn the concept that for a crime to have been committed, someone must have suffered injury or loss of property. If not, then no crime took place.
  • Become as independent of government at all levels in as much as humanly possible.
  • Do not vote for the lesser of two evils, vote on principle, vote for the “right” principle.
  • Learn life-saving skills.

And finally, most important of all –

  • Develop a close relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ.
  • Throw off those things in your life that are wrong.
  • Love your husband/wife and your family, treat them that way.
  • Teach your children how to love and be respectful.
  • Reach out to neighbors, friends, church congregation members and talk to them about these important concepts.
  • Be a good person…always.

Do I expect anything to change? Of course I do…I expect them to get worse, much worse. I shared with you multiple times over the last six months or so that this kind of violence was coming. Well, it’s here and it won’t get appreciably better. But, that doesn’t mean it’s “doomsday” time. It simply means that we have to affect that which we can…and that means those things that are close around us…and especially inside us. Any change will only come from the individual…and I want that to be you, to be me.

I will talk more about this in the coming days, for now I wanted to get these thoughts out there to you…I want you thinking. I want you thinking WAY outside of the box. Don’t let the elites, the ruling class, box you into the corner. Don’t let the ruling/political class manipulate you into their way of thinking. Don’t allow them to make us go to war with each other. The only war should be the one against evil.




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