5 thoughts on “Stop !

  1. The Last days are upon us and while I agree with what you said I don’t hold out much hope that it will happen. Too many of Satan’s minions out there that have stirred up the hate and keep it alive. I dont think some people can even think rationally about this any more. They have sold themselves to the Devil and wont turn back. the wicked will keep on killing as it is what they glory in.

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    • I don’t buy the “End Of Days” stuff.
      Humans have happily butchered each other since “Ugh” first bashed his neighbors head with a rock. Sometimes it’s over property or resources, sometimes just for fun, and I see no change in sight. Humans ARE predators at heart.
      For the last 70 years (at least since the end of WW2) we in the US have lived in an anomalous bubble unlike the preceding 10,000 years of man’s existence. Too many people in the US think peaceful streets, plenty of food, warm dry housing, and good health are the norm in human history. It is not, and the veneer of civilization is a thin one. In spite of that, the race survives, albeit poorly at times.
      I’d prefer it if we never again lived the lives of the dark age folks, looking up at the Roman aqueducts, wondering what Giants made such marvels. But never say never.

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      • You are -unfortunately- right about humans killing each other since the beginning of time. And, I too don’t see the end of that behavior until the true “end of time” comes. Actually, I see it getting worse and worse as time goes on. And, again you are right…we in the US live in a bubble, or at least have lived in a bubble since WW2, but that has come to an end thanks to Islam, terrorism, and Progressivism. Way too many people, the vast majority, have no idea how thin that veneer is, but they will have to face it one day…and many will die never knowing what hit them because they never opened their mind to reality./

        But, unlike you, I do believe we are living in the “end times.” But, only the end of this time, there is another beginning right around the corner 😉

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  2. Wishful thinking. The great majority of “we” are not killing each other now. The criminals, crazies and terrorists will continue to be what they are and do what they do. The thing being made worse is the stripping away of Liberty from the rest of us. The majority of citizens, and virtually all politicians will not admit or accept the fact that some acts CAN NOT be prevented. At best they can only be stopped in the act by another person with a gun.

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    • Ah, come on now…you know the “we” was a collective “we” as in the US society. But, yes, you are right, there is only a small segment of society that is doing the actual killing. Many more are approving, if not encouraging, that killing and many without even thinking it through. And the liberty and freedoms we are being taken will never be returned.

      As the saying goes, “It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.” And that explains why so many politicians want guns taken away from the decent, patriotic citizenry.

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