DROK USB 2.0 Digital Multimeter

DROK USB 2.0 Digital MultimeterYou know…sometimes a piece of  gear comes along that is just amazing. Something that at first appears almost insignificant but turns out to be one of the best purchases you have ever made.

Yeah, that is pretty lofty but this little gadget is simply amazing and has really made my life a whole lot easier. And I want to share this with you, so that you too can have a better, more fulfilled life.

So why did I buy it in the first place? Impulse…pure and simple, impulse. I was buying some electronic parts to test and build a project with, and this little gadget showed up on the screen. I saw, it glanced over the ad, thought it sounded pretty cool so I ordered it. I am glad I did!

So you might be asking what this thing does…perfectly legit question. Let me share what the manufacturer says.

The ad header information –DROK USB 2.0 Digital Multimeter,

“DROK USB 2.0 Digital Multimeter, Ammeter Voltmeter Capacitance & Watt Meter, 7 Modes Multi Tester, DC 3A 12V Amp Voltage Power Meter, Charging System Tester, Fast Charging and Data Sync Dual USB Port”

Does that make it all clear now? Yeah, thought not. Here’s some better information…

  • 7 MODE USB MONITOR – DROK USB Pocket Digital Multimeter is a very useful tool that can be used to measure voltage, current, capacity, and power going to your phone/battery pack. Use the button to choose between 7 different modes. It is a very handy device to evaluate whether or not the computer, USB wall charger, USB car charger are outputting acceptable voltage and current range for the device you are connecting.
  • DUAL COLOR LED – DROK USB monitor has Dual LED display, with Red and Blue color, which is bright and easy to read. The clear display makes it easy to monitor the charge voltage and current of your digital USB devices to ensure the optimal charge rate.
  • DUAL USB OUTPUT – There are two USB outputs available which can be used simultaneously. USB Output I can be used for device charging and data transfer. Whether you want charge mobile devices, or you want to transfer data between the mobile device and PC, simply plug a device in Output I. The Output II can is for charging your mobile phones, tablet PCs, iPad and other USB devices. Output I Support QC 2.0 9V & 12V charging, but don’t insert any device in Output II when using QC 2.0 Charging.
  • MULTIFUNCTION – This ideal multiple USB Detector can be used for capacitance checking, capacitance clear, over voltage and under voltage alarm, over-current, and short circuit alarm. Using DROK alignment tool, you can monitor output voltage and current of mobile charger cables, power use of raspberry pi or Arduino board, compare the performance of solar charger in different conditions. You can easily test the power/quality of the chargers and USB cables.

Bottom line…it tells you what the voltage is, what the amp usage is, and you can also use it as a dual port USB DROK USB 2.0 Digital Multimeter,hub. I immediately put it to use testing the voltage coming off my portable solar panel unit to test the ability of the little solar panel to charge a Baofeng UV-5R radio battery and a power storage pack.

This little device is really a wonder tool if you are using USB based devices that you need or want to monitor the power. Great freaking tool !!!

DROK USB 2.0 Digital Multimeter, testing solar panel

Buy It !

Buy It !


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