The 70’s Show…

70sShow-001A show I watched occasionally years ago was The 70’s Show. It was a sitcom in the true sense of the word with little redeeming value other than an escape from reality and an occasional laugh. One of the characters on that show was a guy called “Red” who was the father of one of the show’s teenage characters. He was a dry humor, no nonsense, veteran, blue-collar, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. I liked his character. One of the lines he uttered once in a while was in response to a dumb/stupid things that his son “Eric” (or some other idiot on the show) would do or say. At just the appropriate time he 70sShow-002would call them a “dumb ass.” I loved it. Last night that term would have been appropriate on so many levels to so many people it isn’t even funny. But, let me explain.

I know that when I post articles that challenge people to think, that they may be seen as controversial. Those articles may raise passions and stir people to anger if they don’t see what I am really getting at. My opinion articles are meant to stimulate people to think, to consider challenging their version of reality, to reach out for alternative solutions to problems they may not initially understand. And there is a reason for me doing that.

First, there is the obvious. I write those articles with the opinion that I am right and that I have something to contribute to fixing the problem(s) that I see. No, I don’t think for a minute that I can “fix” any of society’s problems. I don’t have that kind of influence or intelligence. And I don’t think for a minute that I am right about everything I say or believe. But, I try to reach one person at a time and attempt to motivate individuals to think about their situation and then improve that. Yes, that means you, the person reading this article now.

Second, there is a somewhat less obvious reason I write my opinion articles. I really want to challenge people to think about situations in ways that they normally wouldn’t. I want to get people willing to look at a situation and question if it is an “obvious” problem, or is there something different going on. The reason for that is simple to me…when TSHTF you better be flexible, adaptable, and able to think way outside of the box. When the grid-down hits and you are locked into your old way of thinking then you qualify for Red to call you a “dumb ass.” And as such you will have earned the right to suffer and die.

Example…This one airhead (form another website) felt that my “I just wanna talk to you a minute…” article was all about me supporting Black Lives Matter and me inciting people to hate police and to commit violence against police. And she wrote as much. She’s a “dumb ass” for that reason alone.

But, the bigger picture is clear…she will never survive a grid-down situation. Why? Because she is incapable of understanding or accepting reality. And that is a fatal mistake, one that will get her killed…and probably those around her die because of it as well. And that will be the sad part, her idiocy will kill others.

Indulge me for a minute…Grid-down strikes, utilities go off, food gets scarce, and people are turning violent. The local level of government calls for “law & order” to quell the violence and destruction, so a heavy police presence is instituted. Accompanying that is a dusk to dawn curfew. Many sheep will be grateful for that show of force so others make it safe for them. But, a couple of days later there is an announcement that to keep people safe, citizens will no longer be able to carry guns outside of their homes. Great! That will keep the police safe, as well as the good citizens. So far the sheep are loving all this police presence and protection. The bad guys are getting arrested, jailed, and in some cases shot.

A week into it all of the stores are out of food, but hungry people are still trying to find food anywhere they can. There is still some looting, and now normally “decent people” are simply trying to find food for their kids and have joined the “bad people” in violating the curfew. So, some of the sheep’s neighbors are now being arrested, jailed, and in some cases shot. But, some police are being shot as well. So, the government announces that no weapons of any kind are allowed outside of the home, checkpoints are setup all over town to confiscate any weapons that people are carrying, and the curfew is extended to only allowing people out of their homes from 9am to 3pm. Violators will be shot. But the sheep are still OK with this because the government is doing it for everyone’s own good and to keep everyone safe, especially the police. “Law and order must prevail!” the sheep cry out.

But in reality, people are just trying to get water and food; six hours isn’t enough time to get all of that done. So more and more people are being arrested and shot. So now the government bans guns altogether, anyone found with a gun is arrested and taken to the high school stadium for imprisonment because all the jail facilities have long since been filled up with “bad people.” But the sheep are OK with that since the government is right…police and “good people” are being shot and killed, so taking guns away is a good thing. The sheep are grateful for the government looking out for their safety. If there are no guns, then no one gets hurt.

But, there is still the underlying problem of food shortages. The government, knowing that some people in the community have food storage, institute a martial law policy that all personally owned food storage must be turned into a central warehouse and then redistributed to people as needed.

Whoa!! The sheep that had food storage cry out, “That is going too far!”

But, it is too late. The sheep gave up their rights and freedoms for a little safety. They gave up their guns (if they ever had any) to let others defend them and their families. Now they are left at the mercy of the government police state. And there never has been a benevolent police state in the history of the world. And sheep have never done well under any rule of tyranny.

First off, the scenario I just outlined above has occurred before, both here in the US and in many countries around the world throughout history. The US government, after a state of emergency is declared, has enormous power, including the authority to confiscate guns and food, let alone establish checkpoints. The laws on the books right now would allow police to arrest and indefinitely detain people without charges or due process under the judicial system. Hell, the laws exist that the President can even suspend the Constitution. Yes, that is unconstitutional, but there are laws right now that give him the authority to do so…and use the full weight and power of the military to enforce it.

What does this have to do with the “dumb ass” label and the airhead I am referring to? They are one in the same. There are so many sheep out there that accept whatever the government does and believes that whatever the police do is perfectly acceptable…they are guilty of being a “dumb ass.” And that makes them a sheep in every sense of the word. That then leads them to being easy prey when the grid goes down and the wolves take over. And all because they never learned to think for themselves, they never learned to take off their blinders, they never were able to look beyond their biases, they never learned to be adaptable. And all of that brought them to a point in their life where they were little more than dumb sheep.

For just a second let me share with you what I think a sheep is. A sheep is a person who is unwilling to do for themselves what they expect someone else to do for them. In other words…sheep want to be taken care of by a benevolent benefactor. In other words…sheep don’t want to be truly responsible for themselves, especially their own safety. And the mindset mentioned above ensures that they will accept whatever pabulum that the government (or their minions) spews out because sheep are incapable of thinking for themselves.

I want you to think for yourself! I want you to think through what a problem appears to be on the surface. I want you to be able to see the true underlying problem(s) and fix it…or at least be aware of it. Awareness, Situational Awareness, at least gives you options and time to come up with alternative solutions…that is being flexible and adaptable. And that gives you a chance to overcome the problems that you face now, or when the grid goes down.

I heard lately something that makes a whole lot of sense…”Choose the hard right vs. the easy wrong.”

Please, I beg of you to become an independent thinker. Don’t accept what the media, and especially, the government vomits. Look at what the underlying problems are compared against your core principles. I can’t tell you what to have for core principles, that is your choice. But, I can share with you what mine are. When it comes to the country/society I live in…what forms my core principles are –

  1. The Declaration of Independence
  2. The Constitution with the Bill of Rights
  3. The scriptures
  4. The Articles of Faith
  5. Proclamation to the World – The Family

When something, anything, goes against those fundamental documents that I see it as wrong. It is just that simple. And what we have in this country right now is nothing like the Founding Fathers envisioned as being right. The wolves are running this country, the sheep are blindly following along. Find your core principles…and then hold fast to them…and be willing to choose the hard right vs. the easy wrong.




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2 thoughts on “The 70’s Show…

  1. Freedom is an uncomfortable concept. Liberty is worse. First of all you must decide what they are. Simple freedom can be the convicts freedom of action within his cell. It’s freedom of a sort, but there is no Liberty. That is what we have today in this country. Do as you wish, as long as it is within the accepted, allowed confines of the laws and regulations. All 100,000+ pages of them. With the evidence provided by books like “Three Felonies a Day”, academic papers like “Ham Sandwich Nation: Due Process When Everything is a Crime”
    and papers like “Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America”
    it is clear we some freedom but little Liberty.
    Part of your freedom to be you, is my freedom to be free from you. (Andrew Wilkow)
    If you wish to be a sheep, have at it. Just don’t use the governments guns to force me too feed you.
    If you wish to be a Muslim, have at it. Just don’t use Sharia to force me to do the same.
    If you wish to be a Christian, have at it, just don’t use the law or an Inquisition to force me to be one.
    If you want to be charitable, fine. Just don’t legislate your charity with my money.
    If you don’t wish to eat, smoke, drink or own certain things, don’t, but don’t legislate the morals of others.
    If you wish to be stupid, do it. But don’t make the consequences of your actions, my problem.
    Don’t unnecessarily hurt people and don’t take their stuff.
    Otherwise, let the Mrs. Grundy’s of the world mind their own damn business.


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