Ozark Trail Multi-purpose Knife and Spork Set

SporkSet-001Sometimes I just gotta vent, I have to let you know that there is some junk out there that really isn’t of any value…or worse. Yeah, there are those occasions when some piece of gear or equipment is just so bad that I have to make sure you know about it. And I am usually very blunt about it. Why not? Junk is junk…right?

Today I am going to share with you a piece of camping gear that I am positive someone sitting in an office thought up. He (or she) probably thought they were coming up with such a great idea that they would make a million dollars off of it. Unfortunately they probably did, but only through the buying/selling power of Walmart.

Now, those of you that castigate me for even buying anything at Walmart…stop! Walmart is just like any other store in America, they buy most of their stuff from China. Granted, some of their goods are from America, and I wish more were. However, Walmart does occasionally have some other decent stuff at good prices. Case in point – remember the multitool for $3.97? Not a bad deal. < click here to read that review >

All that being said…this review’s subject equipment isn’t even a marginally decent piece of equipment…it is pure junk. I am referring to the Ozark Trail “Multi-purpose Knife and Spork Set.”

I should have known what I was buying when I read the back of the package. It claimed multipurpose status by SporkSet002providing the following –

  • Flat screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • 8mm Hexagon wrench
  • 10mm Hexagon wrench
  • 6mm Hexagon wrench
  • Steak “saw”

And that was just the knife! The other piece claimed the following –

  • Flat screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • 8mm Hexagon wrench
  • 10mm Hexagon wrench
  • 6mm Hexagon wrench
  • Spoon
  • Fork

OK, OK…I should have known better. And it was priced an amazing $3.42!!  Of course I had to try it but why in the heck was I stupid enough to go ahead and buy two of them? Of course I was thinking one for me and one for my wife. I should really love her more than that you know.

I actually tested this on the ground, real life, eating camp food. Here is what I found –

  1. Both the knife and the spork are way too short to be useful. They don’t fit my hand at all. They are just very uncomfortable to eat with. While they are too short to fit my hand anywhere near comfortably, they are also wide and clumsy.
  2. All those tool options…really? They are completely worthless. Yeah, I am serious. First of all who uses a bottle opener anymore? Second, the screwdriver heads are so wide that the screws would have to be massive for this to work. Lastly, the wrench aspect is ridiculous. Most of the time you would never get them to fit on the bolt due to the positioning of the wrench in the handle.
  3. As I thought through it…I must have been an idiot to buy this thing. Why do I want my eating utensils to be part of my tool box to fit my car? And how often do I need metric wrenches?
  4. The little carabiners were cool! Those I will use.Ozark Trail Multi-purpose Knife and Spork Set

I would hope by now that you figured out that I am not going to issue a “buy” recommendation. If you did…you are right…Don’t buy this!! True, you would only be wasting $3.42 but that is still too much money to waste in this day and age.

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