A really bad pouch!

M4 Three Mag Side X Pouch reviewOfficially it is called the “M4 Three Mag Side X Pouch“…but to me it is called “worthless.”

I know, I know…I hold back way too much. I should be more expressive and willing to share my true inner feelings with you. I should share my feelings and opinions in a way that you more clearly can tell how I really feel.

Let’s try this again…this pouch isn’t worth anything…even if you get one for free!

When I was doing my research on a radio pouch I had the opportunity to buy one of these pouches for a $1.00 from a military surplus store. Now I know why they were only $1.00. I wasted a hard-earned dollar bill.

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I tried to come up with a good use for this pouch, I just couldn’t. It doesn’t do a good job of holding three magazines. There is no top flap to keep out dirt or water. It only holds a single mag in each compartment of the pouch. And this pouch is especially worthless as a mag pouch when you compare it to other magazine pouches that are available.

It doesn’t work as a radio pouch. And honestly…I could find anything else this pouch would be good for. If you can come up with something please let me know. Otherwise this thing get s a big, huge…

Do Not Buy!

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