The Election is a Mess…

Election Mess 2016I guess in all reality I could end this article after I wrote the title, but that just wouldn’t be me. I am doing a little follow-up on this point in our history, I started writing about it last year. And, my thoughts then are coming true even more than I actually expected them to. Let me explain…

I loved the way Bernie Sanders campaigned…he brought out so many flaws in Hillary Clinton and I love him for it. He also brought attention to so many corrupt aspects of our political system, and I love him for that too. And, I believe he truly talked from his heart, very honest and open about what he believes in and wanted to see take place going forward. You gotta respect a person for that. Yeah, unfortunately he is a hardcore Socialist/Communist…not exactly what I want to see as a garbage collector let alone our President. then again, there is the matter of the $600,000 summer home that he purchased just after handing over the Democratic race to Hillary Clinton. Sanders’ $600,000 price tag…bought and paid for by the Clintons.

Back to Sanders being a Socialist/Communist…that is who we have now in the White House…a radical Socialist/Communist along the same vein as Bernie…just more corrupt and just as much bought and paid for.  My apologies to garbage men.

And good old Hillary Clinton…you gotta give her credit. As one of the co-leaders of the Clinton Crime Family she Election Mess 2016 Hillary Clinto is pure evilhas managed to stay out of prison longer than many expected her to. She has been able to sell our military and industrial secrets to China, peddle her State Department influence to the highest bidder, and most egregiously…strand Americans under attack. The result of which is four dead Americans supposedly under her care. The killing of those four Americans without remorse, without regret, without a pang of guilt, and not caring about lying even to the parents of those killed.

But, most of all she was able to lie to the FBI, lie to Congress, lie to the American public, lie to reporters, and get away with it untouched. Then again, she had a great coach…Billy Boy Clinton, one of the most notorious serial rapists and sexual abusers in the history of our country. He had his sick criminal behavior down to such a fine art he was able to lie on camera multiple times and still avoided life in prison for all of his crimes.

But let us not forget that what happens if you try to expose the utter evil of the Clintons…In July Seth Rich was Seth Rich DNC stafferkilled in a robbery in Washington DC. Seth was a DNC staffer. Seth didn’t like the utter corruptness of the Clintons. Reports say Seth was going to provide information to the FBI that would clearly implicate the Clintons in a number of serious crimes. Wikileaks’ Assange all but came out as said that Seth was the person who provide the emails that are so Seth Rich shot and killeddamning to the Clintons and the Democratic Party. Back to the “robbery” to clear up some facts…1) his watch was not taken, 2) his wallet was not taken, 3) his cash was not taken, 4) his credit cards were not taken, 5) his fancy new cellphone was not taken, 6) he was shot in the back twice, 7) a large reward has been offered and no information, 8) not a single shred of evidence from the police of who shot and killed Seth. As the saying goes…Do the Math.

Hillary is a bucket of mental and physical health problems. She can barely climb stairs anymore, has to be propped up by pillows, has fallen multiple times hurting her head, and has herself admitted lately that her brain had “short circuited” in the past. And she is still actually in the running for President. That says a lot about her, but says even more about the utter fanatical allegiance her fellow cult members have to her.

Then you have the Republicans…oh, what can I begin to say about them. The Republicans are a complete and total mess right now. And I am kind of glad actually, a shakeup in the Republican Party has been needed and has been a long time coming. Actually, I think the Republican Party is in the process of dissolving. What is left over when that disintegration is finished is yet to be seen but I feel it will not bode well for conservatives, constitutionalists, or libertarians. I think a RINO party will emerge along with at least three, maybe more, much smaller parties. Meaning of course that fact that the Progressives have won, will continue to win, and America will continue lose.

The violence that I said would come, has come, and there is more to come. The split in America hasn’t ever been Election Mess 2016 riots and violenceworse with the exception of the Civil War. The violence will get worse, much worse. We have seen violence in the streets, people rioting, burning, and threats of more violence to come. The neo-cons and ultra-nationalists calling for law and order even at the price of a strengthening of an over-the-top police state. The Progressives are calling for more protests and more violence against police; playing right into the hands of the ultra-nationalists and neo-cons. Or, are the neo-cons and ultra-nationalists playing right into the hands of the Progressives? The police are closing ranks with each other and some are scared to do their job. How sad, our peace officers deserve better, so much bette.

The Democrats are calling Trump scary and unfit for office. Republicans call Hillary a liar, crooked, and unfit for office. Sanders people called Hillary an establishment insider and saying the system is rigged. You have Trump and his people calling everyone else an establishment insider and that the system is rigged…even though he did ElectionMess-004win the primaries. You have some conservatives calling Trump a Progressive and corrupt at his core since he was in bed with the Clintons, even to the point of giving them money. You have some republican establishment types (RINOs) trying to sabotage their own party’s nominee because he isn’t one of them. And then you have Trump people wanting to lynch Ted Cruz and his supporters for Cruz saying to “vote your conscience” come election time.

Could it be any more of a mess?

Yup! And we are about to see it. Actually I am seeing it now in one aspect. But first, let me state for the record…I am not a Dem or a Repub and I am not registered as an Independent. I didn’t back Trump in the primary and really was disillusioned with all the primary candidates of the Repub side. On the Dem side I was just entertained, nothing more. I have ZERO allegiance to the Republican Party because I think they are just as corrupt at the Democrat Party. For me, other than maybe a handful of politicians on the federal level I think they are ALL anti-Constitutional, power-hungry, totalitarian state, corrupt, liars.

So what exactly am I seeing again? Some of the most fierce in-fighting I have ever seen on the right. The RINO (Progressive) side of the Republican Party has been selling out their party for decades now, ever since Clinton #1. Back then there were the growing number of RINO’s, there were a few moderate Republicans, and the more conservative wing of the Republican Party. That mix has all but disappeared now. What is emerging is a shame, despicable actually…but it was inevitable. The republicans are showing themselves to be as anti-American, anti-Constitution as the democratic party.

I am guessing the change in the republican party has been developing/maturing over the last 8 – 10 years. You had the ultra-nationalists (i.e. semi-conservatives) start to show themselves. Then there was the emergence of the Constitutionalists. Next came the drawing away of the Libertarians. So the supposedly “right wing” of the Republican Party is actually flowing into three pretty distinct camps of people. And they are beginning to eat each other alive.

The other day I was reading about how if you don’t vote for Trump that is a vote for Hillary. Like it was unpatriotic to vote for the candidate of your choice…but only if your vote wasn’t for Trump. Then there has been a visceral reaction to anyone who even dares to criticize Donald Trump…even if the anti-Trump allegation is 100% true. And I mean I’ve seen attacks absolutely hateful. Then the “Trump Cultists” wonder why fanatical Trump supporters are shown in such a bad light.

Why is all of this important? You might even ask if it is important. I say to you…absolutely yes, it is important, vitally important.

Let me make a point to you…Which Founding Fathers passionately spoke for the need of law and order? Which Founding Father pleaded and preached for supporting law enforcement officers? Sorry, is that too much to ask? OK, name just one.

Let me ask another question…during the run-up to the American Revolution who begged for, called for, demanded, and then enforced “law and order” in American cities? Who called for the end to civil unrest? Who pledged loyalty to and support for a strong central government and a tough leader in the 1760’s and 1770’s?

Am I making you uncomfortable yet…or just mad at me?

Look, I don’t give a damn who you vote for…not a single bit do I care. That is the whole purpose of a Constitutional Republic…freedom! Freedom to support and vote for whomever you please. What matters to me is the manner in which people are acting and what they are advocating. And most of all, how many people are reacting to anyone who disagrees with them.

Who yelled for law and order in 1930’s Germany…and what did they get?

Who yelled for law and order in 1930’s Italy…and what did they get?

Who yelled for law and order in the 1770’s …and what did they get?

Who yelled for law in order around 36AD…and what did they get?

All of the above, and many more examples, were ultra-nationalists and/or religious fanatics calling for law and order. And the end result every time was not good. Test me about this concept even here in America.

  1. Who yelled for reform and a strong hand in the 1910’s…and who did they get as President?
  2. Who yelled for a strong America in the 1930’s…and who did they get as President?
  3. Who yelled for law and order in America in the 1960’s…and who did they get as President?

Let me try this one more time…give me the name of one Founding Father that called for law and order in the 1770’s?  Or, preached law and order as a cornerstone of the Constitution?

Let me change it around a little bit…What was one of the chief fears of the Founding Fathers? Clearly it was an ElectionMess-005all-powerful, strong government imposing its will on the American people. It well may have been the PRIMARY fear of our Founding Fathers. They wrote the Constitution not to enhance law and order…they wrote virtually every word to restrict the power of the government. The Bill of Rights was penned specifically to protect citizens against government.

Why do you think they did that? Because they knew that evil men would rise up and attempt to subvert the Constitution and subjugate the American people. They knew that there would many that would call for such action, no…they would scream for it out of their own weakness of heart and character. Wanting someone to “fix” the country, to “fix” their lives, to make them a little safer and secure.

When trying to put this into perspective please remember that great Founding Father when he spoke of forgoing liberty for security, freedoms for safety. He said those willing to give up freedoms and liberty for a little safety deserve neither.

So what did the Founding Fathers believe in? They believed in the rule of law (equal justice for all), people being responsible for themselves, a moral people, and a civil society. Do we have that today? Not even close. America has become everything that our Founding Fathers fought against.

Once again, what is my point?

The Progressives and Liberals are idiots, although winning, they are easy to spot and counter. However, the neo-cons and ultra-nationalists in our country are fanatically screaming for those very things that our Founding Fathers abhorred and revolted to overcome. The neo-cons and ultra-nationalists fiercely deride anyone that disagree with them. They beg for a strong man to ride in on their great white horse and to raise the country up from the ashes into a great nation. As did the Italians, they got Mussolini. As did the Germans, they got Hitler. As did the Russians, they got Lenin. As did the Chinese, they got Mao. And the list goes on and on and on. But what did the Americans get?

  1. The Americans got Woodrow Wilson: The implementation of the income tax, the establishment of central banking, and WWI with 100,000+ dead, double that injured.
  2. The Americans got Franklin D. Roosevelt: The establishment of socialism in America, the initial welfare state, and WWII with 300,000 dead, nearly doubly that injured.
  3. The Americans got Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon: The establishment of the mammoth welfare state and the enslavement of the welfare class (The Great Society), socialized medicine, and the Vietnam War with 50,000+ dead, triple number injured.

So how has that all worked out for America when people scream for law and order along with a strong leader? A Progressive steps into office and we get further away from the Constitution and we get horrendous number of Americans killed an maimed.

Politics is a game of who can win over the most rabid supporters to beat the opposition. I get it…it is a competition. A political competition that I deplore and think that only the most vile seem to compete in at the top. I also know that many people will, or have, become supporters of a particular candidate in the current presidential race. I get it. All I ask is civility. Drop the fanaticism. Drop the rage. Drop the hyper-criticism of anyone who dares disagrees with you…or those who simply question something about your candidate.

The election will be over in barely eighty days…no one will win…the entire country will lose. When the sun rises on November 9th what kind of shape will your soul be in? Will your candidate have won? Maybe…but no one wins this year…the entire country loses. But who will you be on November 9th ?

Regardless of who wins the election -if it is held- means someone will have lost. What do you think is going to happen then? If you don’t know already, I explained that multiple times before.

Now the question is…how is that going to work out for you if you have been some raging fanatic trying to burn all your political opponents’ supporters at the stake?ultra-nationalists

But, the real question isn’t even about the election…All those fanatics, especially the neo-cons and ultra-nationalists, how do you think they are going to behave when SHTF time comes?

If you don’t know…look at history…one thing they weren’t…they weren’t the Founding Fathers.


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