Something to think about…

Clinton Crime Family Victims - 3July 2016 – Seth Rich dead at what authorities claimed was a robbery. Not a single thing was taken off his body during the robbery but Seth Rich was shot twice in the back.

June 2016 – John Ashe dead at what authorities claimed was a heart attack. The authorities later changed their story…they then claimed Ashe died when he dropped a barbell on his own throat while weightlifting.

August 2016 – Victor Thorn found dead by what authorities claim was a “self-inflicted gunshot” while hiking near his home.

August 2016 – Shawn Lucas found dead. Authorities are refusing to release the cause of death.

So, you might just  want to ask yourself…Really? Yup, and they all had one thing in common…Anti-Clinton. And all of those dead men were in the process of bringing to light crimes by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Do you think they are the only ones?

5 thoughts on “Something to think about…

    • Great idea!!! Oh, wait…I am the guy that is the body guard from time to time. How what?
      Actually, I have nothing to worry about, I am small potatoes.


  1. Last I heard the count of suspicious deaths around the Clintons was around the 160 mark. And people want them back in the White House? If this country refused to turn back to Jesus Christ we will suffer the fate of the Jaredited and the Nephites.

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