SitRep – 9/14/2016

Situation Reports (SitReps)Could the world get any more bizarre? I am referring specifically to the United States presidential election for the most part, but not entirely. Granted we will still have a current president that is a complete hostile radical renegade strutting around doing as he wishes with no regard for the safety of our fellow citizens. And he continues his complete disdain and detestable anti-Constitutional behavior. Other than the radical socialist FDR we’ve never seen a president with more hatred for our Constitution that this Barry person taking up space in the White House. But, be that as it may…I’ve been working on this article for several days now and it is time to post the edited version.

The insane asylum has grown even more bizarre than it was, and quite honestly has gotten me a bit worried due to the larger ramifications that may be taking place. My concern has grown over a concept that last year I dismissed as near lunacy. Earlier this year I just considered it fanciful at best. Now, I have a growing concern…and I want to do the dot connecting thing for a minute or two…or ten.

Here are the dots –
  • Hillary’s health
  • The rise of the alt-right
  • Darren Seals killed
  • Government complicity
  • Election systems hacked
  • Where we are headed

Then I will summarize. If you are super pressed on time skip to the summary.

Hillary’s Health –

Of course by now, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you read and heard endless commentary about Hillary’s health. Bottom line; 1) she is old, 2) she is grossly overweight, 3) she is gravely ill. Undoubtedly you’ve seen the video of her collapsing as she left the 9/11 memorial service. She “collapsed”…she didn’t stumble, she didn’t trip, she didn’t need assistance…she collapsed unconscious. Had her secret service detail not been there she would have face-planted into the sidewalk after her head bounced off the black van.

She previously has admitted she suffered a brain injury after hitting her head. Bill stated that it took six months of intense medical attention for her to recover. She wears special glasses to help prevent seizures or certain “episodes”. She is on heavy-duty medication. And let us not forget…she is a serious alcoholic. And then there is the matter of the stress…she has a ton of it with this election. Bottom line…Hillary is in serious trouble health wise. When I mean serious I am talking she could pass away at any time. Yes, it is that serious.

The Rise of the “Alternative Right” (a.k.a. Alt-Right) –

The alt-right has been described in many ways, most terms less flattering than reality. But, essentially the Alt-Right is a group of folks who are fiercely nationalistic. Some, Progressive media types, would add in terms such as white supremacists, neo-reactionaries, anti-Semites, racists, anti-immigrant, etc. You get the idea. But, make no doubt about it, regardless of the definition, it is a real and growing movement.

Whatever definition you wish to accept, it is a growing movement based around ultra-nationalism, and a movement to be very concerned with. Last year I expressed concern about Trump as a candidate. And I have not changed my mind on that issue. Yes, I know, I risk antagonizing some of my readers. But, read on before you blow your top if you are one of those that might get their panties in a wad.

There is a mood in this country right now that makes the US ripe for nothing short of revolution. Yes, armed, militant, deadly, government overthrow, revolution. I am not mincing words…I am talking about the overthrow of the United States government by a domestic movement. For simplicity sake…that sentiment is coming from mostly from the left but also from elements on the right. Yes, the country is in a total and complete mess right now…thanks to nearly 30 years of Progressive/Globalist Presidents destroying our Constitution and our culture. Those presidents, with the support of Congress and the Supreme Court, have done everything they could to grow and expand government while reducing freedoms and liberties. The one element that was missing, missing till eight years ago, was violent division in the populace. Well, our current president has managed to manipulate the US population to despise each other based on “groups”, including race. We are now ripe for a government overthrow.

The alt-right movement, taken at its extreme, is a group that could just as easily want the overthrow of the government as those in Black Lives Matter or any other violent left-wing movement. Yes, I referred to the alt-right movement in very derogatory terms…and I am serious about it and I mean it. There is nothing…absolutely nothing…inspiring or positive or patriotic or good about the alt-right movement. The alt-right movement is the beginnings of a fascist party in the United States. Yes, I am talking the type of fascist as in Hitler’s movement, Mussolini’s movement, skinhead, Brown Shirt, violent movement.

That being said…not all the people in that movement are those kinds of people. However, the good are being swept up with the bad. I am telling you flat out…the alt-right movement is a fascist movement led by people who have evil in their hearts and ill intentions towards our country. I know history, I know people, I’ve been watching what has been taking place…I know what I am talking about. Trust me on this one…the alt-right is nothing but bad news…to the extreme. Why? Because they want a strong man leadership to “fix” all the problems in the country. And that concept is 100% opposed to every single Constitutional principle and exactly the opposite of what our Founding Fathers supported. Our Founding Fathers went to war to defeat strong man leadership. Our Founding Fathers believed in a Constitutional Republic led by the people not some monarch, elitist, or dictator. Think about the rallying phrase “We The People” and you will understand what I mean.

Just in case you were wondering, do not for a minute equate the “alt-right” with the “moral majority”…it is not…not even close.

Darren Seals Killed –

You probably don’t recognize the name. But, Darren Seals is -rather was- a Black Lives Matter leader. And Seals was executed earlier this month. He was instrumental in organizing protests and other BLM activities. And, he was executed. By whom? Yup, that is the right question to ask. I am not going to tell you who, rather I want to show two options and let you see that dire condition of either being right.

Let’s say he was executed by the left – that means he was not violent enough, not radical enough, not willing to press the BLM and Progressive violence far enough. In other words, he wasn’t enough of a radicalized killer to suit the purposes of either BLM goals or the Progressive leadership. They want someone more violent, more radical, and they are willing to kill their own to get a replacement as well as send a signal to other leaders to be what is needed.

Now, let’s say he was executed by the right – that means there are “right-wing death squads” now operating to assassinate people who oppose them. To those in charge of the violent radical right Seals was too much of a threat to them and they wanted him dead thus removing him from leadership. They too wanted to send a message to others like Seals that they are not welcomed in this political climate.

You may challenge me on the use of the term “executed”…fine. What else would you call it? In the neighborhood where he lived there are three basic reasons that a black man dies; 1) drug deal gone bad, 2) gang killing, 3) robbery. Normally, the police solve these crimes fairly easily due to the evidence and/or someone taking responsibility via running their mouth. That hasn’t happened. And the person(s) who killed Seals torched his car as well to destroy any forensic evidence. That is the mark of a professional hit. It was an execution.

Whichever side killed Seals it shows that the leadership on either side has moved into a new era of brazenness. Back on August 23rd I posted information showing that four leading Democrat/Liberal/Progressive operatives where murdered…professional “hits”. They were killed within a two-month period and all were about to move against Hillary Clinton and expose more of her criminal activity. The ruling class in this country are not afraid to kill to protect their positions of power. Their killing and violence is getting more pervasive and more brazen.

The Government is Complicit –

We see the total corruption now of the US Government and it is plainly in the open, they are making no effort to hide their political allegiance. The FBI is in complete support of Hillary Clinton. FBI Director Comey made it perfectly clear that Hillary Clinton can commit any crime at any level, and she is not just immune from prosecution, she is supported by the US Government in committing her crimes. And to substantiate that position, the US Justice Department has reinforced that pro-Clinton crime family stance during a not-so-secret private meeting between Lynch and Clinton earlier this summer.

The US Supreme Court in multiple cases now stretching over the last couple of sessions has sent a clear signal they will no longer support the Second Amendment. The SCOTUS has upheld every single state ban on so-called assault weapons and any other gun and ammo restrictions. SCOTUS is clearly making significant anti-gun plays.

The President…well, his actions speak for themselves…the most anti-American, anti-Constitutional president every in the history of the country.

Congress is making no attempt, no effort, to uphold the Constitution and keep either the president or SCOTUS in-check. They are taking no steps whatsoever to control the President or SCOTUS. Why? Because Congress is run by Progressives that are complicit in what is taking place.

Election Systems Hacked –

We’ve heard numerous reports for the last couple months that a country, supposedly Russia, has hacked state election systems. This is a fact, the FBI has confirmed it and released a report about it. But, you have to ask a couple of questions at this point:

  • Who did the hacking and for what purpose?
  • Why did the FBI and other law enforcement agencies release this information to the public?
  • What is the endgame for the above?

Let’s look at who hacked and why…The list of countries that could be doing the hacking is long. But, the “why” is what is the important aspect of this issue. If the reason is to influence the election, who do they want to win? Clinton has proven to be such a weak and ineffective –even deadly– leader for the US, any number of anti-US aggressors would want to see her in office. She would bow to anyone, and continue to weaken the US. If they want Trump to win then “why?” He is seen by many as a “fascist wannabe” or leader of the emerging US alt-right. This would make him an ally of any similar leader or even a potential ally of the globalists. But, I think I am wrong on both those takes…and it really doesn’t matter. No external entity may be hacking the state electoral systems at all.

Moving on to the question about why the FBI released that information. I think this is a significant, probably the primary, aspect of this issue. The FBI is the most secret of secret police forces in the world. They don’t release information unless it will benefit them, the FBI. I am saying categorically that the FBI released the information because they see it as benefiting their agency and the goals of their agency leadership.

Finally, the endgame. This is where I will lose some of you. I think you can roll this whole thing into a single goal…undermining the election process. And why would they do something like that? To answer that you have to look at the mission of the FBI…to strengthen the power of the federal government by any means possible.

So, do you want me to tie in undermining the election process with the FBI goal?

You have to look at the bigger picture to get the right picture…the FBI has proven that it is working directly against the best interests of the United States citizens and against the Constitution. The FBI itself is a secret police force that is very specifically not authorized by the US Constitution to begin with. The FBI is hiding vital and crucial information from Congress that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Clinton did in-fact violate multiple laws regarding the security of the United States…all of which are serious felonies. The FBI leadership is coordinating with the Clintons, and other political leadership, to ensure that Clinton is not indicted let alone tried or imprisoned.

Now, let me bring that point to clarity…Should Hillary Clinton not be elected, the public has in their mind, courtesy of the FBI in conjunction with the mainstream media, that the election process/system would have been hacked and that Trump was illegally elected based on election fraud.

Do not doubt me that the FBI would do exactly that, support the concept that the election was fraudulent. FBI Director Comey has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a Progressive political operative, nothing more. He is advancing the Progressive agenda vs. upholding the Constitution. He is acting under orders and he will continue to do as he is told. And, he is blatantly doing it in light of the overwhelming evidence against Hillary. He simply doesn’t care what the Constitution says, what the law requires, or what justice demands…to him it is all about forwarding the Progressive political agenda. Comey is a political hack…a disgusting, despicable political hack for the Progressives.

So Where Are We Headed?

Last year my best friend told me he thought that there wouldn’t be any elections. I laughed at him under my breath when he wasn’t looking. I am not laughing now. Does that mean I think there won’t be any elections? Well…

Our election process has never been where we are today. We have a Republican candidate that has never shown himself to be a Constitutionalist, and who has been a Democrat -a liberal one at that- almost his entire life. Actually, he and his supporters have openly and publicly mocked Constitutionalists. The Republican candidate has very low support across the board from Republicans. He is opposed by neo-con Republicans and many Constitutionalists…or at least not well-supported by them. He is a man that is outright hated by the entire left of this country. The Republican candidate has given voice to the alt-right.

On the Democrat side you have a known criminal, a person who actually did give aid to the enemy…or I should say enemies. She openly has committed one crime after another and should be rotting in prison vs. running for president. The entire right in the country hates her. The Democrat candidate suppressed the radical left of their own party, who also hate her.

Summary –

So let’s war game this just a bit…

1 – Hillary dies on the campaign trail. It is entirely possible because she is gravely ill.

2 – Trump gets killed by an assassin or dies in some “plane accident” or something similar.

Now what happens? No election taking place is a very real possibility. Or, no normal election taking place is also a very real possibility. What?????????? Yes, let me explain.

The primaries have no effect of the choice of a replacement candidate should something happen to Trump or Clinton. The parties themselves, rather their leadership, would choose the replacement candidates. Would either party leadership choose their respective current candidate? (Yes, that is a theoretical and hypothetical question.)

Would a general election take place? It doesn’t have to. The Constitution nor established law requires a general election in a situation where a candidate dies (or is removed) on the campaign trail. The presidential election could go straight to the Electoral College. And delegates to the Electoral College are chosen by whom? Yes, respective party leadership in almost every case. Even the President in extra-ordinary times could dictate that the election go straight the Electoral College. And if he did, who would challenge him? Seriously, who would challenge him?

And why would the ruling class not want a general election prior to the Electoral College election? Power. Eliminating the general election would ensure that the ruling class would have absolute power over who is elected. And the ruling class in this country is the Progressives. And what better way to ensure the justification of no general election? Violence. Yes, such a violent environment that the President decides that there simply is too much violence taking place amid allegations (actually…proof) of state election systems hacking. It would be easy to make the case that the Electoral College process is the only safe, secure, and democratic way to proceed with the election process. A very neat little package.

Will any of this happen? I have no idea. In reality, probably not. But, the ruling class always broadcasts what they plan to do. It is their way of planting possibilities in the minds of the public to make it more palatable when the event does occur. If you’ve been reading the news in-depth lately you’ve will have noticed an increasing number of mainstream news articles talking about the very things I just explained…alternative election processes in the event of untimely removal of candidates for health reasons or death.

What will happen this November? I don’t know. But, every single dot is lining up where what I mentioned could be a very feasible outcome. We know the government has been moving against the Constitution and citizens liberties, rights, and freedoms for a very long time. I don’t think they could have a more clearly defined opportune time to make their final move towards a totalitarian state than now.

What do you do about “it” as an individual or even a family? Nothing. Because a single person can do absolutely nothing for the most part. The exception could be another Edward Snowden exposing the whole criminal enterprise. Or Wikileaks coming forward with even more evidence of the total corruption of the system.

What is to be done? Nothing more or less than what you have already been doing; plan, prepare, practice.

So why this article? Situational Awareness.

The time may come where you must make serious decisions to protect your family from one threat/risk or another. Being able to make those decisions in time for the action taken to be effective you must be aware or what is going on around you. That Situational Awareness is the reason for this article.

Maybe my buddy was right all along. Dang, I might have to apologize for my earlier snickering.



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The time may come where you must make serious decisions to protect your family from one threat/risk or another. Being able to make those decisions in time for action to be effective you must be aware or what is going on around you. That SA is the reason for this article.

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