SitRep (9/22/2016)

Situation Reports (SitReps)I have started seeing an increasing number of events taking place. And that being the case, a greater need to share some things with you. I call it “connecting the dots” since that appears to be the best way to describe what I try to accomplish.

In my last SitRep (9/14/2016) I shared some very important information. I hope you took the time to read that article.

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Here are more dots for us to connect today –

  • Internet give a way – free speech (1st Amend)Connecting The Dots - conspiracy and criminal activity
  • FBI warrants – (4th Amend)
  • Cops killing and being killed –
  • Increase in riots
  • Another Islamic terrorist attack
  • DHS 1800+ dangerous illegals given citizenship
  • Obama wants more Islamic immigrants
  • War is coming
Internet give a way –

For two years now there has been extensive reporting that the US is about to turn control over to the United Nations. Well, that is about to actually take place on October 1st. And who is responsible for this? Obama. Good ole Barry once again, without the approval of US citizens or Congress, is acting as a only a dictator would…acting on his own with no regard for anyone else.

But the real question is, “Does this matter?” Oh yeah it matters!!!!  It matters in a big way. Why? Because the UN oversight group is made up of Progressive Globalists who already monitor and censor the Internet in their own countries. Yup, people are subject to having their service disconnected, fines, or imprisonment for using the Internet inappropriately. Things like expressing an opinion against Islamic terrorism, against a national leader, or any other expression of speech that their respective countries deem illegal. And those radical Progressive Globalist extremists could apply those same standards to the Internet within the US.

Yet, another example of how Obama is the single most anti-American, anti-Constitutional president that has ever occupied the White House. He is destroying everything he can get his hands on. If he can complete the give-a-way without Congress stopping him then he has effectively laid the ground work for the entire Internet to be censored and websites expressing Constitutional ideas, emergency preparedness information, or anything the UN doesn’t like will simply disappear from the Internet.

FBI unlimited search warrant capability (Rule 41) –

On December 1st a new rule become effective, Rule 41. Rule 41 has been a pet project of the FBI for a long time. FBI surveillance is big brotherEssentially the rule would allow the FBI to ask for a single search warrant on an individual person. Once approved, the search warrant would then allow the FBI to search millions and millions of people that the search warrant was never intended for.

The FBI has always conducted illegal and anti-Constitutional searches, eavesdropping, wire-tapping, cell phone data and text collection, and email collection. Since 2001 the FBI has participated in collecting virtually every text message, email, and cell phone call made in the United States. All of which of course is undeniably unconstitutional. But, little things like that doesn’t stop the vile FBI agency.

This new ruling will just now try to put lipstick on their pig.

Cops killing and being killed –

As I predicted last year and again earlier this year, cops are being killed at an increasing rate. Deplorable!

But, how have the cops in general responded? By killing more armed and unarmed civilians. Cops have been on a killing rampage this year killing record numbers of unarmed civilians and it is not likely to stop. Why? Because cops now see themselves as victims in a state of siege…literally and figuratively. Yeah, go figure…the guys with the guns and badges somehow see themselves as victims! Unreal!

Did I say all cops are killing people? Of course not, so don’t play that game. Taken as a whole the cops continue to kill unarmed civilians at an alarming pace. Why? I think two basic reasons 1) training, 2) cowardice.

Cops are being trained that their safety is more important, far more important, than any civilian’s life. They are being trained not to “serve and protect” but to “go home at the end of their shift.” Their training is turning them against the very people that they are supposed to serve and protect.

Cowardice? Yup! I am not mincing words here, cowardice. No, not every cop…don’t play that game. But, you hear more and more that “he stuck a hand in his pocket” or “he was holding what looked like a gun” and turned out to be a cell phone. They are still killing kid with BB guns. Earlier this year a cop killed a 13-year old who had a BB gun. The kid ran from police, police were yelling at him to stop, the kid stopped and was trying to drop the BB gun from his pants…the cop shot him dead. Just like the child in Cleveland who was shot dead by a cop…a kid who had been playing…and a cop killed him without even giving the kid a chance to drop the BB gun.

In the last week we’ve heard of, and seen video, of cops just shooting people dead. Unarmed people! But the cop simply repeats what he learned in training “it looked like he had a gun”, “he wouldn’t obey commands”…and the final get-out-of-jail card…”I feared for my life”. All those slogans they are trained profusely in class to say if they are ever involved in a shooting.

So what does this have to do with cowardice? Cops would rather kill a person rather than wait to see if that person is actually a threat.

So why is this important enough to be talked about in this SitRep? Because cops are being conditioned to kill at the slightest provocation. The good cops know better and have both courage and restraint. But, most don’t.

Now, tie all of that inside of the “siege mentality” and you have a recipe for escalating violence, chaos, deaths of cops, and deaths of civilians at the hands of cops. Exactly what the Progressives want…and it plays right into their hopes/plans for the ability to instill martial law and/or delay the election.

And please…no freaking badge bias please! The guy in Tulsa that was just killed had his hands in the air and was Tulsa cops murdered unarmed man.facing his vehicle to put his hands on the top of the car and this female cop just shot him. And worse yet…these so-called public servants handcuffed the unarmed guy they just shot…and then let him bleed to death. Yup! They took ZERO first aid action…they just purposely let this guy bleed to death right in front of them. I guess they heard the saying in training, “dead men can’t testify against you.” Cold-blooded killers!

Another Islamic terrorist attack –

Yet again we see that under Obama’s presidency we have been hit again by yet another Islamic terrorist. Is that a big deal? Ah, yeah! It is another example of how Obama has refused to protect the citizens of the United States. another attack by a muslim, islam at its finestNot only that, Obama is taking steps to increase Islamic terrorism in the US. Obama has brought in almost 1,000,000 Muslims into the United States since he has been president. That is absolutely deplorable!

Every federal security agency has stated clearly that they can’t properly clear these Muslims and ensure that they aren’t terrorists. Yet, Barry just keeps bringing them into the US. You have to ask yourself why?

Not only has he been flooding the US with Islamic terrorists, he just told the UN to have member countries bring in more Muslims, including Islamic terrorists, into their respective countries. You have to ask yourself why?

Have no doubt about it, Obama knows that a significant percentage of these Muslim “immigrants” are terrorists…he knows that! You have to ask yourself why?

Here’s the answer…the Islamic terrorist create chaos through killing and injuring people. That chaos brings about a “call to action” to make us safe. With that demand that something be done, the Progressives can then further reduce our freedoms and liberties, can increase the surveillance state, and bring us much, much closer to the totalitarian state that they so desperately desire.

So, during Obama’s reign, we’ve been hit over and over and over again by Muslim terrorists. Ever ask yourself “why?” Better yet, this latest terrorist attack was committed by yet another person that the FBI knew about. So that makes how many so far? Ah, all of them!

So the next question, quite naturally, would be, “Is the FBI that utterly incompetent, or are they complicit?”

Either way, the FBI is a complete and utter failure…or working against the American people.

DHS 1800+ dangerous illegals given citizenship –

We just learned that the Department of Homeland Security gave citizenship to over 1800 dangerous, criminal illegal aliens…many of which were Muslims. The original number was just over 800, but a couple of days later DHS admitted that it was over 1800. So how many more are there that DHS isn’t telling us? We know that DHS has lied continually about the security of our southern border, how bad are their lies this time about this subject?

And, then the natural question should be, “Is DHS that utterly incompetent, or are they complicit?”

Either way, DHS is a complete and utter failure…or working against the American people.

War is coming –

A very well placed source of mine in the military told me the other day that Saudi Arabia is readying for war with Iran. Not figuratively, not haphazardly, but with purpose. I challenged him on it and his reply was an emphatic “it is true!” And I think he should know…he is going over to Saudi Arabia shortly to head up a large training initiative.

Think about the global and local ramifications if Iran and Saudi Arabia start shooting at each other in earnest. We have always backed Saudi Arabia. Who backs Iran? Oh, yeah…Russia.

Summary –

Folks, to say we are in perilous times would be insultingly simple. Yes, it would be entirely accurate, but you already know we are in perilous times, you also know -or should know- that it will get worse, much worse.

As we approach the election we will see an increase in everything bad in the world. We will see more, chaos, riots, killings, terror attacks, etc. And it all is happening for one of two reasons; 1) incompetence, 2) complicity.

If you tie all of that into the bigger picture…we have a situation in America today that would make the 1770’s Colonial America look like a welcome relief. But, our courageous Founding Fathers didn’t stand for being treated so poorly by a tyrannical British government. What does that say for us today?

At some point the pot will boil over. When that happens I pray we all have our preparedness to a sufficient level. There is no voting our way out of this, that time has come and gone. What we can do now is prepare, plan, and practice to take care of our families, our communities, and our church congregations.

Keep doing what you know is right!

plan prepare practice


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One thought on “SitRep (9/22/2016)

  1. Spot on!!
    And what about the financial global “reset” that is pending? It is “supposedly” the “good guys” against the “evil cabal”. Yeah, it is just one power group against another and they want us to think it’s the good guys winning and then someone from among their ranks will step forward and he will be proclaimed the hero that has saved the world, or some such nonsense. It’s all a sham for bringing in the NWO and the loss of our sovereignty and freedom.


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