Escape from Tucson: Day 20 – Monday (late)

Escape fromTucson by AH TrimbleWe ate lunch and Ashley is sleeping again. She said she didn’t sleep much while she was alone. She said she would get scared at night. She talked about little ugly dogs howling. I am thinking coyotes. She also talked about big scary animals coming up to the water tank at night to drink. She even said that once two people came up to drink from the water tank. She said they didn’t have the right clothes on so she kept hidden in the old rusty pick-up truck.

Beans is back. She was sleeping right beside Ashley when I woke up. No, Beans didn’t share with me where she had been or what she had been doing. She’s back, that is the important part.

Did you remember that I am wearing my 5.11 cargo pants? Yeah, they are a light tan color. And my shirt…Columbia PFG shirt…light green. And then there is the big backpack that I bought from the Guess Ranch. At least I hope they see it as me having bought it. My clothing matches what Ashley was talking about.

After she woke up she stretched, walked over, wrapped her arms around my neck, hugged me, sat down and petted Beans. She asked me if we could have another BBQ pork patty to eat. I told here I was all out but I read the names of the MREs we had left. She was OK with the cheese tortellini if that was the best I could do. She ate all of the tortellini and she also ate the nacho cheese and wheat cracker. I didn’t say a word…who knows how much she ate and when. Besides, she is skinny enough as it is, a little food will do her good.

Before she laid back down to sleep she asked when I was taking her home. All I could think to say was we were heading there tonight. I better come up with some kind of plan…a good plan…a really good plan. I will settle for any kind of plan!

I did get lucky though…she has good clothes on and her boots appear to be really pretty decent hiking boots. I get the feeling that her family were real outdoor people if her clothes are any indication. Oh, she even has a small Gerber multi-tool on her belt. How cool is that!

I am going to study the map a bit and then try and sleep. Beans will have guard duty. I swear that dog looks like she is smiling. What the heck am I going to do now?


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6 thoughts on “Escape from Tucson: Day 20 – Monday (late)

  1. Now you’ve got yourself into it. at least 20 more days to home and now you have the little girl. You better hope those three guys you and the little girl Ashley met will be there when the going gets tough. I would be real good if you could find a vehicle that runs but that is not likely. A stalled train with some more supplies would help. Wow.

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      • I can hardly stand the suspense. The whole scenario is gripping. it was tough enough alone but now he has Ashley. They have to walk at night how will she fare doing that? They are out in the open with little concealment or cover. There are so many ways and places for things to go wrong. Who were those men Ashley saw. What were the big animals? A rifle is beginning to be a very great need. The pistol is better than nothing but …….. Lordsburg is the next town.


  2. From the frying pan into the fire and you have st least another 20 days walk. And now you have a little girl to care for. You better hope the 3 Nephites you met are around to help out.


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