Baofeng UV-5RA Radio Speaker/Mic Options – Part #6

SpeakerMics-600I found the perfect speaker mic! Well, I found the most perfect speaker mic that I have tested so far! Yeah, dramatic enough for you? In all seriousness, I do think I found the best quality speaker mic out there for Baiofeng UV-5R (A & MHP model) radios. I was ordering some radio equipment from one of my suppliers and an ad came up for this little beauty. I liked the looks of it but coughed at the price. But, I figured it wouldn’t do any harm to look.

I brought up the technical specs and really liked what I saw. I liked the description and the pictures. What the heck…I ordered one.

But let me digress…A while back I posted a series of articles on Baofeng UV-5RA radio speaker/mic options. I tested five of the most popular brands of speaker/mics to see which one came out on top for preppers. If you haven’t already read those articles you might want to now…

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Part #4 was an especially fun article to write because I integrated the speaker mic with a Howard Leight Impact Sports hearing protection headset. It was so awesome to have great hearing protection along with the radio. The clarity was incredible and when the bullets started to fly my hearing was protected while allowing me to continue to communicate via radio. I love that system in many ways for many reasons.

Back to the new test unit…As soon as it arrived I opened it like a Christmas present. And I wasn’t disappointed. It really felt like a commercial quality piece of radio gear…sweet! I immediately started looking at it critically. I looked at all the parts and features that I had reviewed when I did the series of articles on speaker mics sometime back. I was impressed with every single feature.SpeakerMics-607

Of course cam the acid test…what did it sound like. Once again I was more than impressed with this fantastic piece of gear…Trooper SPM-2100 Heavy Duty Speaker Mic.

I decided that at this point I would do a full on review just I like I did for the original articles and make this a late comer add-on review. So let me spell out the technical details for you.

Technical Details –Pryme Trooper SPM-2100 Heavy Duty Speaker Mic
  •     Professional quality heavy duty water resistant remote speaker microphone
  •     Impact resistant polycarbonate housing w/polyurethane cables
  •     Rubber sealed housing for heavy duty use in wet environments
  •     High quality speaker and mic elements for clear audio on both transmit and receive
  •     Large PTT button with metal reinforced clip that rotates
  •     Features a 3.5mm jack for connecting an earphone to the unit
  •     One Year Manufacturers Warranty
Information Straight from the Manufacturer –

Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone: Professional speaker microphone with replaceable cable. Water and rain Pryme Trooper SPM-2100 Heavy Duty Speaker Micresistant. The Trooper is a heavy-duty speaker microphone with a high impact resistant, rubber sealed housing. The speaker microphone head has a large PTT button that is easy to activate with gloves on. Every aspect of the Trooper features heavy-duty construction practices. Polyurethane jacketed microphone cable with ample strain relief and an impact resistant, rubber sealed, polycarbonate housing, prepare the Trooper for a Pryme Trooper SPM-2100 Heavy Duty Speaker Miclong product lifespan, of heavy-duty use, in wet environments. The Trooper has a large Push-To-Talk switch, on the side speaker microphone, that extends over the top and can be easily activated while wearing gloves. The Trooper has a spring loaded metal reinforced clothing clip that can rotate a full 360 allowing the user to wear the Trooper securely with most types of uniforms. The Trooper has a high quality electret condenser-style microphone element that transmits clearly. The Trooper also has a powerful speaker that provides ample sound. For added privacy, the Trooper also has and a 3.5mm earphone jack that allows the user to privately listen to their radio, and provides a clean and professional look.

Summary –
  • Strongest housing material
  • Best grip
  • Easy to use PTT button
  • Strongest clip spring
  • Best tensions & stress boots
  • Heaviest cord/wire
  • Absolutely the clearest sound
  • Best located 3.5mm jack with best hole plug material

This without a doubt the best speaker mic that I have ever used with the Baofeng radios. It is without equal in quality and craftsmanship. I truly believe this speaker mic will meet or exceed any expectation you might have for it. I think it will perform beyond any operating environment other than rolling in the mud like a special forces snake eater.

Two minor drawbacks; 1) the dual plug that connects into the radio is not real easy to remove, 2) the price of the speaker mic is $38.95. The price makes it more than a UV-5RA model radio and just slightly less than the UV-5RMHP radio. The plug issue isn’t all that bad, some would say it is an asset. The price is still a bargain for the quality of this speaker mic…and the security/confidence that comes with the speak mic is well worth it.

< Pryme Trooper SPM-2100 Heavy Duty Speaker Mic – Owners Manual >

< Pryme Trooper SPM-2100 Heavy Duty Speaker Mic – Information Brochure >

I have so much confidence in this speaker mic that I have switched to it for my wife’s and mine tactical gear. I trust this speaker mic…period.

Where to buy the Trooper SPM-2100 Heavy Duty Speaker Mic? < click here >

Note –

In case there is still any confusion…in order of speak mic preference:

  1. Trooper SPM-2100 Heavy Duty Speaker Mic
  2. 29series Rainproof Mic Speaker
  3. AnyTone Tech QHM22
  4. Wouxun
  5. Baofeng
  6. Tied for last – Retevis & DreamSky
Associated Articles –

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