Escape from Tucson: Day 21 – Tuesday (late)

Escape fromTucson by AH TrimbleMan, it is really getting hot now during the day. I mean hot! After we woke up I swear I could smell us. Well, at least me. I asked Ashley how long it had been since she had a bath. She didn’t remember but said she knew she needed one. I know I did. Decision made, plan coming together!

I am writing this while she is splashing around in the stock tank. The water was crystal clear and running over the side, I am taking a chance it is safe to bathe in. Her turn first, then I will take my bath. Yes, it is taking a chance with our security and safety but I am OK with that in this particular situation. She asked if I would wash her hair. I said no but I must have blushed or something…she said I was a chicken of a little girl. She’s washing her own hair. Beans is just laying around in the shade watching everything.

Tonight when we take off we will be headed east, then southeast. I am hoping to make it to Lisbon by daylight. That is the I-10 exit 34 for Hwy 113 that heads due south to some ranch. I am going to have to start really paying attention to where we are. There is no shade, no deep arroyos, no cover, no protection, nothing but flat barren desert in this part of New Mexico. And we are vulnerable, very vulnerable. One thing I am going to do tonight is start talking to Ashley about her home. I want to try and figure out something about where she lives and what I might be able to do about getting her there. That feels as impossible as it sounds.

So I thought more about the three guys and all of that coincidence. I am kind of thinking it over. I am starting to wonder now if this is all related, somehow inter-connected. I thought back over some of the stuff Jim Hansen has told me in the past. How we are all here for a reason, God wants to use us to help others. It has me thinking.

One thing I know for sure…work the statistical probability that all of this could happen by pure chance. It can’t…it simply can’t. The odds would be trillions to one…if that. Growing up I always knew there was a God. I didn’t have a clue who He was, or why He was, or what any of it had to do with me. But, this little girl has been entrusted to me for a reason. I am not going to fail at this…I am not.


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