Escape from Tucson: Day 22 – Wednesday

Escape fromTucson by AH TrimbleBy the time we hit Lisbon (exit 34) this morning we were both beat. It was a long night and it wasn’t very cool at all. Actually, it was a little warm with this bigger pack on. But, when we got close to Lisbon I was worried about the overpass. Originally I thought that might be a good place to shade up for the day. But, how many other people may have thought the same thing?

According to the map there appeared to be a spot about two to three miles further east of Lisbon that should have another overpass. I was wrong. But it did have some decent shade bushes/trees so we pulled up there this morning. Ashley was asleep in minutes. I was close behind.

That kid can sleep forever it seems, I am only good for about three hours, sometimes four maybe. So I am writing while she sleeps. Weather is still decently tolerable as long as you are in the shade. You get out in the sun and you get cooked alive. I don’t know how Beans does it with that thick coat of hair on her. I’ve heard that it acts like insulation to keep their body cool but I have my doubts. And Beans doesn’t answer me when I ask her about it.

Funny, all that time I was wanting a rifle, now I have a pretty dang decent AR-15 and plenty of ammo…and it means almost nothing to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for it. But, it just doesn’t seem as important now for some reason. I guess i wish I didn’t need it, that the world didn’t demand it, that our lives depends on it.

I talked with Ashley last night about “home.” And I have a problem in my hands…a very big problem. She said she lives in Phoenix. Yeah, there is only one Phoenix that I know of. I asked her if it was a really big city and she said yes, it was real real big. I’m screwed. Now what I am going to do?

Oh, and she is evidently the high priestess of something! When we stopped walking this morning and just before she laid down she said we had to have a prayer. I figured that is something that would make her feel better…I am all for it. Then it started.

I was sitting there under the poncho for shade and she knells and folds her arms. Cute! But she is staring at me. I was like “What?” She told me that I have to knell and fold my arms. I told her I was an adult, it was her prayer, and I was fine just where I was. She said it was our prayer and that I should kneel and fold my arms. Then she said I should pick who says the prayer.

What the heck? Who put her in charge and where did all these rules come from? I finally gave in and told her to say the prayer. She told me to say “please.” What the heck! She said a sweet prayer though. She asked for all kinds of people to be “blessed.” I swear, she sounds like a mini-Jim.

Anyways…the kid is growing on me. Another benefit…Beans is giving most of her attention to the girl. That frees me up to not have a dog head or a dog paw on me while I try to sleep.

This kid is pretty confident for being so young. Musta had good parents.

My plan is all along was to make it back home and see if Lisa was still there, if our home was still there. So now I show up and say, “Hi Lisa, I love you. Oh, by the way meet Ashley our new little girl.” Bigger question, I get home…and there is no home, no Lisa, no nothing…then what? Come on, I mean I was struggling enough as it was on my own and now I have to take care of a 6-year old! How’s that going to work out for me? But, every time I start to panic like this I keep getting this feeling that everything is going to be alright. And, on top of that those words keep coming back to me, “For this reason you are here.”

I must already be insane.

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