Some updates…

Where I was –

I’ve been away from home and the website for nine days. I was at our property in Arizona building the cabin. I will be posting more information and plenty of pictures under the “Bug Out Location or Retirement Home???” series shortly. While I was gone we suffered a death in our family. My beloved Abby died. We got Abby from the shelter almost nine years ago, she was almost ten years old when she died last week.

Abby’s death –

Abby was one of the most loving and charismatic dogs you would ever meet. She was absolutely wonderful with children, truly loved them. She meant the world to me. The day after I left she came down with pneumonia, my wife took her to the vet. X-rays were taken and lung cancer was found. She died peacefully later that night in the arms of my wife and my best friend. There is a dark hole in my heart right now over that loss. I will share some pictures of her as a kind of memorial, you will fall in love with her as I did the first time I saw her.

abby-001 abby-002

The election –

I state again, as I have before, this is the most bizarre election I’ve ever seen, it resembles a circus. But you are just as tired of hearing about the election as I am. I was basically unplugged from the media while I was working on our cabin…it was great! I wish I could tell you clearly who I want you to vote for, something unmistakable and undeniable. But, I can’t. The best I can do is follow your conscious and vote for the person who most closely matches your values and principles. And yes, life will go on after the election.

Closing –

There is a lot more I would like to talk about but the time this morning is short. As we approach the second anniversary of I am wanting to make sure that we are on track with what needs to be talk about and presented through this website. There are lots of prepper websites out there for folks to use as resources, but I want AHTrimble to be different. I want my website visitors to feel like we are all part of the same effort, a family if you will. But I can only do that if I understand what you need and want. Please let me know that via the form below.

Thank you for being so loyal, so willing, and so supportive of me and each other during these times.





4 thoughts on “Some updates…

  1. Ir is heartfreaking to lose a beloved.companin. How fortunate you and your family are to have had Abby in your life. That connection has to be eternal so we, at some point, will reunite with these gentle creatures God bless you all.

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  2. I’m sorry for your loss of Abby. Liver cancer is such a nasty thing for dogs and their humans. By the time it shows it is almost always fatal as if it happened overnight.

    As for the election, I believe that it is important to remember that no one has to like the person that they choose to vote for. Sadly our election process has been so bastardized that it has become a popularity contest.

    What IS important to remember in 2016, is that we are voting for the Supreme Court this time.

    And congratulations for making it another year here online at A.H. Trimble dot com. Whatever you are doing now, is just fine. Thank you for all your hard work, and looking forward to another year, and seeing how Beans and others are doing.

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