Escape from Tucson: Day 23 – Thursday

Escape fromTucson by AH TrimbleWe made good time last night! We got an early start, we kept a good pace and made it just shy of Exit 49. That is the exit for Hwy 146 that goes south to Hatchita. I know the fire chief there and I am tempted to head there for help. But realistically, what help could he give me? Unless he has some kind of running vehicle what could he do? A little safety might be nice. Maybe just a place to rest…and eat some decent food.

A couple of miles east of that exit is a rest stop, nothing fancy, just a place with some covered picnic tables. But I am worried about it. The last rest stop wasn’t the best place in the world to be, I don’t need a repeat of that nightmare. So, once again I -rather, we- will get close, hold up, observe, and then decide what to do. Problem is…I have company now. And what will that do to my tactics? Well, we are going to find out…one way or another…good or bad.

Last night Ashley was a chatterbox. I mean it, she wouldn’t shut up. She started asking about Lisa but I didn’t want to talk about it. She asked me what church I went to. I told her I didn’t go to church and I didn’t want to talk about it. She called me chicken because I didn’t want to talk about church. I told her to mind her own business. I think she stuck her tongue out at me. I am glad it’s dark.

A couple hours later she had told me all about being a Mormon, temples, families, and more stuff than I can remember. This kid’s head is full of religion, there can’t be room for anything else in her head! I told her about Jim Hansen and she seemed very pleased that I knew him and I should have listened to him more. She told me when I got her home the missionaries would talk to me about being baptized and joining the church. This kid wouldn’t shut up! But…she’s cute and well-intentioned. But, she just won’t shut up!

A strange thing happened last night, another strange thing other than the whole religion conversation, I could swear that I saw a high-flying plane in the sky. I didn’t really see the plane, not even any lights for sure. But, it sure looked like there was a plane up there. Well, it might have been a satellite instead, I couldn’t tell. And then that started me thinking again about what happened three weeks ago.

Whatever happened was tied to money and/or power. That’s all politicians are interested in. Actually, that is all  government is interested in…money and power. Yeah, government just wants to take people’s power from them, along with taking most of the money from people that earn it and have it. What I keep wondering…what is their end-game with all of this? I am pretty sure I know what the desired end result is…a totalitarian state. I mean that is the goal of Progressives, liberals, and most republicans. That’s all they’ve ever wanted. For the last 120 years Progressives have done a pretty good job of making it a reality. They’ve grown government at all levels, made the federal government a supreme untouchable power, they’ve created huge police forces and militarized them. And then the politicians created so many millions of laws that they can pretty much fine you or put you in jail 23 out of 24 hours of the night or day.

So how does this whole EMP thing fit in? I know they had to calculate that anarchy and chaos would occur…that would be natural. Maybe creating anarchy and chaos is just a means to their end-game? You get enough people begging to restore law and order…the ruling class has to agree to do so…right? Weak people love politicians preaching about and calling for “law and order.”

Doubt me? How many Founding Fathers preached law and order? None! They talked about freedoms, liberty, rights, and most of all, a limited government. They wanted a civil society, strong states, and a very limited federal government, NOT law and order. It was the British tyrants, British sympathizers, and the British military that kept talking about law and order. I don’t think that is mere coincidence. Which Founding Father said, “People who give up freedom and liberty for a little safety and security deserve neither”? No Founding Father every preached law and order!

I think that the current chaos was designed and implemented to motivate the unknowing, uneducated, public to cry out for “law & order” so the Progressives could suggest just that…a totalitarian state wrapped up to look like law and order. I fear that we will get exactly that…and the people will be grateful for it. Well, at least the stupid people.

Whatever happens I do believe that we now are looking at “tribes” of people forming. There will be groups of families and individuals that will form to work together to survive much like tribes have done throughout history. The challenge for folks will be to pick the right tribe.

Then again, maybe I am just eating too many MREs and other lousy food and I am suffering from food PTSD inducing an outburst of conspiracy thinking! OK, back to the here and now…

Tonight I would like to make it to somewhere around Gage, that is about thirteen miles or so from here. The Victorio Mountains are just south of there and we can hold up there for a day or two if we need stop and rest. I am really concerned that there simply isn’t any topography along the tracks. And those tracks run right alongside the interstate. We are sitting ducks if someone is waiting on us, and ambush would be an easy thing in this kind of country. Someone might just happen to glance our way and see us. There is just no where to hide or be concealed while we are walking. Well, the shrimp is pretty small and harder to see. Me on the other hand…I stick out.

And as if we don’t have enough to worry about…a couple of nights from now we will have to go through Demming. The town is a mix of old family residents and a whole bunch of illegal aliens. The town has been going steadily downhill for decades because illegals have moved in, wages have gone down, and jobs have moved out. It is known and a place that can be very dangerous. Meth cookers abound. Great! And not only do I have to get myself through there alive…I have to ensure the life of this precious little girl. Great…


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