Is it time to panic? Election 2016

elections - predator guarding teh sheepElections –

I really thought the election cycle back in 2008 was a complete and utter mess. We had a liberal, Progressive, war-monger, Globalist, idiot running for President. And Barack Obama was running against him. I never in my wildest imagination though that a loser and radical extremist like Obama could ever be elected. Boy, was I wrong. But, the world didn’t collapse and it wasn’t SHTF time. Although McCain did everything within his power to lose…I will give him that.

Then in the 2012 election I was sure that Romney would win. I mean really, how could he not win!? Obama had proven himself to be a radical extremist of the worst Marxist kind. He had clearly proven that he processed no leadership skills or ability and he didn’t have a single success he could point to. His 4-year term was a single long-term losing streak. Then Romney was proven to be another globalist, even a CFR member, as well as a liberal. And he was “milk toast” when it came to being a national leader. He worked very hard to lose the election. Even so, I still was convinced that there was no way Obama could be re-elected. He was. And yet the world once again failed to fall apart. Once again the SHTF didn’t happen.

Now, in 2016, we have a freak show…a circus for an election cycle. We couldn’t have written a more bizarre, more HIllary Clinton - clown and criminalDonald-Trump - dictator in waiting and clownutterly stupid story-line masquerading as an election. Either way the country losses.

So tomorrow when the election outcome is made clear…the world will once again not come to an end and once gain SHTF will not occur the day after a new president is elected. Yes, there may be some scattered violence regardless of who is elected but it will not be the beginning of the violent end of America.

Will America be in dire straits, heading into the abyss, and have more bad times in its future? You bet! There is no pulling out of the fall of the American Empire. But…life will go on. There will be no need to arm yourself, fortify your home, not go to work, hide your daughters, and prepare for Armageddon. Yes, you will need to continue to prepare, maybe more-so than ever before. The time will come when all of the apocalyptic events will come to pass. I assure you of that. But, I don’t see it happening tomorrow or the day after, we will simply be one step closer.

If you are questioning me on who gets elected…don’t. I have no idea. I just know that it doesn’t matter one single iota. America’s course is set, it won’t change, we won’t somehow miraculously change who we are as a country and fix everything back to a Constitution-based Republic. And regardless of who wins, half of the country will be irate about the winner. That half of the country will feel the election was stolen. That half of the country will also hate the new President. The other half of the country will be celebrating and gloating far too much.

And virtually ever citizen will go back to being more concerned about who wins the Super Bowl and when Dancing with the Stars comes on next. And rest assured, virtually all politicians will still be politicians…interested only in power and money. In other words…nothing in America is going to change no matter who gets elected.

Meaning –

What does that mean for you? I have no earthly idea.

For me it means:

  • I will go to work.
  • I will not freak out.
  • I will not arm-up for SHTF.
  • I will continue to work my plan preparing for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down.
  • I will continue to work on my retirement home / bug out location.
  • I will still acquire useful post-SHTF skills.
  • I will continue to write articles for
The Future & Why –

Hear me clearly…one day the balloon will go up, SHTF will occur, and we will find ourselves in a whole new world. And you must be prepared for it. No, I have no idea when that might occur. If you look at history there was always some “spark” that pushed civilization over the edge. Pearl Harbor thrust us into WWII. A crazy radical killed a Duke that pushed the world into WWI. But, always, always, in retrospect there were signs that serious trouble was coming in each of those time periods.

I am telling to you clearly, without reservation, without qualification, without remorse…there are abundant signs that we are headed into the abyss as a nation. And I firmly believe it to be a very dark and very deep abyss we are looking at. What signs am I talking about?

  1. A people that have abandoned religion. Specially, pushed God out of their personal lives and out of their communities and out of the country.
  2. Families that are breaking down, falling apart, and abandoning basic principles of a civil society.
  3. A growing majority of individuals that have little to no respect of anything…including themselves.
  4. A government that is now actively persecuting and prosecuting Christians.
  5. A government, and virtually every politician, that is 100% committed to establishing a totalitarian state.
  6. Highly militarized and radically violent police forces, especially at the federal level.
  7. A Supreme Court that has abandoned almost every Constitutional principle.
  8. A very strong, undefeatable, radical and violent Progressive movement in the country and world.
  9. A racially and ethnically divide citizenry. The same being promoted by the federal government, especially the President.
  10. A rising Islamic movement that is determined to subjugate the world under their theological cult.
  11. A citizenship that is so preoccupied with entertainment that it no longer educates itself on what is important; God, family, Constitution, freedom/liberty, or engaged in good works.
  12. The feminization, or demasculinization, of men in America.
  13. The destruction of the American borders and culture.
What To Do –

So what do you do? I firmly believe that these are some things that will counter -possibly stop- the nation’s fall:

  1. Acknowledge that there is a God and He lives.
  2. Even if you don’t go to church or have a religious life, adopt the basic tenants of the Judaeo-Christian faiths; the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes (sermon on the Mount). If it was good enough for our Founding Fathers, it is good enough for us.
  3. Develop a strong sense of right and wrong. Do no wrong, teach your family to do right…always.
  4. Love your family and draw them close to you. Let each family member know that you love them unconditionally and forever.
  5. Understand the Constitution. Know that it is for us today just as much as it was for the colonists 230+ years ago. Fight the government encroaching on Natural Rights at every single turn. Support other individuals and groups that are anxiously engaged in that good work.
  6. Develop a plan to be prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. You can’t do everything overnight, but you can start your plan tonight.
  7. Reach out to your neighbors, those in your church congregation, people in your community, and talk about the things that matter in life. Find out who those other people are that are preppers, or could be preppers, Vote!and connect with them. Make plans with them.
  8. Vote! I am not endorsing a candidate, I will not. I will simply tell you to vote for the candidate for any office that most closely matches your own personal concept of right/wrong and underlying governmental/political beliefs.
  9. Finally, know that you and your family can survive anything. Yes, anything! But, it takes preparation to do so. First, a plan. Second, training to gain skills, Third, stuff with which to effectively use your skills and training. And, most of all…gain a strong knowledge and confidence that you can and will survive.
Summary –

Strange, I was sitting here for a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to end this article, a clever summary. And it came clearly to my mind, “I love you!” And you know what…I do love you, my website visitors, my article readers. I have grown attached to you. I have met some of you, corresponded with many. But, to each of you… I love you and support you in all you do to prepare yourself and your family in preparing for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down.

We can -and we will- do this!


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2 thoughts on “Is it time to panic? Election 2016

  1. A calm voice in the face of the storm. We will need strong Christian leaders when the lid pops off this whole mess. Thanks for putting things into perspective. Of course I still cleaned all of my firearms and loaded all of my mags this past


  2. Which one has proven by their track record they absolutely do NOT deserve to be President? Will either one stop the spending spree of the Warfare/Welfare State? Which one will exacerbate the problems more? Which one will lead us more quickly to the cliff? Which one would I fear more if they are “in charge” during the collapse? Which one would make the worst tyrant? Which one would I rather have blamed for the bust? I’ve only got an answer to the first one, after that, only the questions.

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