Finally, my thoughts on the election outcome…


election2016-06Yeah, pretty egotistical of me to think you have been sitting around wondering what I thought about the election of Trump as President. But, no one ever accused me of being overly humble, I am sure you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat 😉

I do want to share my thoughts about the election…you might find it helpful, you might not, but it will be food for thought. And right up front I want to apologize for talking about the election, you thought it was finally over. Not so much. And it has taken me a week to really formulate what I think is going on. I just spent six days working on our cabin in Arizona. It was wonderful…hard, back-breaking work. Even better not watching TV and listening to all the talking heads. I hope you find this article informative and potentially motivational.

Violence –

Remember, since last year I said there would be violence after the election. There was and still is. But, interestingly all the violence after the election and during the campaigning was virtually all from the Democrats, liberals, and election2016-07Progressives with a few anarchists thrown in for good measure. The left in this country is very violent and destructive, they’ve repeatedly proven that beyond any shadow of a doubt. That is an important fact, I will come back to later. But, why is violence even an issue in relation to the election? Hey, the threat of violence is always the #1 risk in any emergency, disaster, or grid-down.

Who Won –

Technically Trump won the election due to the Electoral College delegate count. However, and that is a big “however”, Hillary won the popular vote by about 1,000,000 votes. Is that important? Yes! It further divides the nation. Now, don’t go getting all weirded out about the Electoral College. The Electoral College exists to ensure we don’t become a democracy (i.e. mobocracy), we are a Constitutional Republic NOT a democracy. The Electoral College balances the states’ power. If the popular vote reigned supreme then we would be ruled by the largest mob, minorities would be trampled on, and the large states -population wise- would always decide who would election2016-07become President. That would be a bad thing!

OK, all that being said America is still lost! Why? Because we are now more divided than we were before the election, the riots prove that to be true. True, Trump has been elected President, so a case could be made that he won. But, I think that would be a gross misstatement.

Votes Count –

Now I will breakdown the voting, and the votes matter. Did people vote for Trump, the man, to be president? Did people vote against Hillary? I think there were many in the latter group to be sure and plenty in the first group as well.

But, I think the largest voting block consisted of a coalition. And that alliance consisted of: 1) people who are sick of the government and their seizing of power, elimination of rights, and reduction of freedoms, 2) people who are sick of politicians and their constant and insatiable quest for money and power, 3) people who are sick of the media and their left-wing extremist agenda, and 4) people who were/are just sick and tired of where this country is headed and who is driving it in that direction.

Personally, I crossed over all four groups.

While Trump may have won the election, I believe more people voted for reasons other than Trump the man.

What the Real Election Results Mean –

The country, at least enough of the country, is sick and tired of the status quo, disgusted with politicians, angry, and upset about the destruction of rights, liberties, and freedoms. A large percentage of the citizenry are at the end of election2016-09their patience for special interest groups pushing their agendas on everyone else. I am speaking specifically of the LGBTQ, pro-abortion, illegal immigration advocates, and socialist/communist  creeps. Now, let people be people…let freedom ring and all of that. But, the LGBTQ community isn’t special, they don’t merit laws, regulations, special holidays or celebrations based on their chosen lifestyle. The pro-abortion folks just need to understand that they are killing babies and following the example of one of the most wicked women who ever lived…Margret Sanger. And the “ists” need to get the hell out of the country or smarten up and change their ways.

Yeah, I could go on, but the point is…the average American Joe is fed up with being trampled on, ignored, abused, maligned, and paying the tab for nearly 50% of this country who aren’t worth a plugged nickel when it comes to paying their fair share. That same Joe is tired of the elites gaining special advantage from the politicians who they line their pockets with campaign contributions. Statistics clearly show that for decades the middle-class has been shrinking, household income has been falling, workforce participation has been declining, and the standard of living has been going down. And all the while the politicians become rich, and the rich get richer. And both the rich folks and politicians clearly enjoy rights and treatment that are not available to the average person.

So who else were all those disappointed and disgusted people going to vote for? Trump wins mainly due to people being fed up.

What Happens Now –

We can already see where this is all headed:

  1. The demonstrations, riots, violence, and property destruction by the Democrats, liberals, and Progressives continue.
  2. Whole institutions (i.e. educational) are clearly showing that they will not accept a non-Progressive president.
  3. The media is in melt-down over Trump’s election. Don’t expect them to change their evil ways, they still think they are right and everyone else are just a bunch of country bumbkins.
  4. And don’t expect Trump to a savior, or even a Reagan.
Where Trump Stands Now –

Trump appointing Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff clearly shows Trump is playing to the mainstream election2016-10Republican establishment power base. Reince Priebus is the perfect example of everything that makes the Republicans as bad as the Democrats…only interested in money and power…and forwarding a Progressive agenda. Trump’s election2016-11choice of Steve Bannon shows a close connection to the “alt-right” movement. Bannon, who has a long violent criminal history has already identified himself as an alt-right leader. And the alt-right…well, I’ve written about that movement earlier. It is not a group to brag about or who any sane, normal, decent person wants to be associated with. Even considering Rudy Giuliani (neo-con, big government, police state, progressive) for any position is a clear demonstration that Trump would be working to further the establishment of a totalitarian state.

So where am I headed with all of this? Simple, we are screwed.

What to Expect Next –

What will occur next will be somewhat of a honeymoon. Well, a honeymoon for Republicans and all those who voted for Trump, and a few Democrats willing to give Trump a chance. Half the country has no intention of giving election2016-12Trump anything other than a hard time. And I am dead serious about that!

Every Democrat in politics will be waiting to pounce on Trump for the slightest mis-step and crucify him for it. They will ardently work against him in both houses of Congress, in the Governors’ mansions, and even at the city level. Many neo-con Republicans and insider Republicans will feign support, maybe even give it outwardly in some instances. But, let Trump get in the least bit of shark-infested waters and those establishment Republicans will join the feeding frenzy.

And then there is the media. I am telling you they are freaking piranha. They have already started the swarming and nibbling away at Trump. Trump might be a big tough pitbull…but thousands of left-wing media piranha each taking a bite when they can will take its toll.

And finally, there are all of the sewer dwellers that are beginning to strike, and who will strike harder as the days pass. I am talking about people who have and will file lawsuits against Trump ad nauseam. George Soros, and others like him, will fund anyone who is willing to sue Trump for the slightest of reasons. And I am telling you…they will line-up to do so. And that too will take its toll.

Is There More at Play Here –

Plain and simple…yes! Remember all those disaffected voters I was talking about? Well, for every one of them, there are 5 – 10 more people who didn’t vote. They know how bad of condition the country is in and they have given up. Actually, most of the elite/rich also know how bad of shape the country is in. We are in horrifically bad shape economically right now. Technically, the whole world is.election2016-13

Our country, the USA, is $20,000,000,000,000 (twenty trillion dollars) in debt right now. There is no conceivable plan to eliminate that debt that has a good ending. The country has another $200trillion in unfunded liabilities. There is absolutely ZERO ability of the country to meet that obligation. The financial obligations are 100 times the size of the debt…and the debt is 100% unmanageable and unfixable. There is no expert anywhere that actually has a plan, or even an idea, on how to get out of this situation…none, nobody!

Want to make it more personally understandable? There is no public worker retirement pension plan that is solvent. Yup, not a single public service pension plan has enough funds to pay their current and future retirees. Chicago alone would have to charge each family living in Chicago over $50,000 just to get current with the pension obligations for city workers. So who picks up the bill when those pension funds can no longer pay their retirees? What do the retirees do when the checks stop showing up?

Derivatives were a major factor in the 2008-2009 financial collapse. We have more derivatives now floating around out there than before. The housing market…worse than it was in 2008-2009 in terms of pending foreclosures, delinquencies, and “upside-down” homeowners.  Total student debt and student debt delinquencies…WAY up, far greater than in 2008. The national debt is nearly 250% more than it was before the collapse in 2008!

So does it all crash? Absolutely, there is no other realistic option. It will crash. And the government only has a couple of tools left to try and fix it when it happens; 1) massive money creation – inflation, 2) replacement of the currency, 3) replacement of the economic system. And all of those options will fail and lead to horrific outcomes for the vast majority of citizens. There is no workable solution that makes this workout, it crashes…period. There is no fairy-tale ending to this. There is no person, no expert, that has a clue how to fix this…not one.

So What Happens –

We had all these “buttercups”, spoiled brats, and sore losers riot, destroy, and seek “safe places” at school because they didn’t get their way. Yeah, I am talking about Trump winning. What do you think they will do when the system falls apart, they get hungry, and there is no government help to feed them?

All those folks who didn’t vote for Trump the man, but voted against Hillary and all the other previously mentioned national ills…what do you think happens to them when they see everything falling apart?

Will Trump save the day? Nope, no way, it simply isn’t possible. There is NO plan he can implement that fixes the financial doomsday that is coming. He isn’t God, or even Superman…he can’t fix it…it is beyond fixing. Sure, he might create some jobs, reduce some taxes, bring back a company or two…but how does he fix $20trillion in debt? He can’t! What about pulling together a plan to meet $200trillion obligation? He can’t! And if you think that somehow he magically can handle either of those problems…well, you are kidding yourself. He will no more than place a Band-Aid on an economic amputation…at best.

What can you do to prepare for it? I’ve been sharing that with people via this website for nearly two years, since 2009 on other websites. But, specifically, what can you do right now…or something major/different…to prepare?

All I can do is tell you what I’ve already been telling you. Prepare to meet and beat the following threats:

  • Violence
  • Injury/Sickness
  • Poor, or no, Communications
  • Poor, or no, Organization
  • Dehydration
  • Exposure
  • Starvation

There are several specific things that I feel will potentially mitigate a collapse on a personal level. The very things that I am doing right now. They are:

  1. Find and align yourself with a moral, stable, respectable, and skill diverse community.
  2. Have the ultimate investment…land that can produce food.
  3. Make sure you have the best possible Situational Awareness that you can.

Let me talk about the value of money when the crash comes. Money, mutual funds, IRAs, 401Ks, pensions, CDs, savings accounts, checking accounts will all be worthless…and I mean totally worthless. The single best investment that will be worth everything is land, land that will produce food (crops and/or animals). And if you don’t have a minimum of five acres, preferably more, where is your food going to come from and at what price? I am serious! I really am!

Let’s say you have three years of food storage and seeds for a five acre garden stored away…and you own the average home building lot. Tell me in what universe does that work out? In what possible reality does that feed your family beyond three years, probably much less?

I was talking to someone a couple of years ago who spoke to me about their plan was their community taking over a local golf course and turning it into a big garden. Really? And how exactly does that work out? Where do the seeds come from? Who works the garden? How about security to protect it?

But, let’s go at the “golf course” solution another way. How many acres to feed a family of four? Under ideal, perfect conditions without any mistakes or failures…four acres for a family of four are what most experts agree on. The average golf course is 120 – 150 acres. Let’s be generous and say 150 acres. That means you can feed 600 people off a single golf course under perfect conditions. How many people live within say…three miles of the average golf course? How about 10 miles? Yeah, the math seems to have a little problem, right? So tell me again how the golf course thing is going to work out.

Let’s talk precious metals (gold & silver). Let’s say I have a decent sized warehouse of food. Your family is hungry because your food ran out. You come to me with an ounce of gold or 20 ounces silver. You ask to buy some of my food. What is my response? Exactly! Why do I want your gold or silver when I have food? And yes, if I have a warehouse of food I have plenty of tough, well-armed security to protect it. And now what position is your family in compared to my tough-guy security folks? Gold and silver is only good for the first couple of days, maybe weeks, after a SHTF scenario.

OK, enough of the SHTF speculation. I am telling you that if there is any way possible…buy some land that can produce food. I took money out of my 401K, my wife took money out of her IRA to buy our land. It isn’t the best land in the world but it can produce food, it has water, it is located in a wonderful tight-knit, like-minded community. If we can do it…why not you?

Is There Any Other Option –

Sure! Find someone with land that can produce food and try and make an alliance with them. Figure out if your two families (maybe more) can work together to mutually support each other when the crash comes. I know I will be glad to do that. I will need help growing food, tending animals, mending fence, taking care of each other, and guarding all of it. So there are more folks like me…go find one.

Finally, yes, there will be vacant land post-SHTF. You might be able to use that land. But remember, it belongs to someone…when they come around, how is that going to work out for you…your kids?

Was I Right –

Before I answer that I want you to remember that I am not some sugar-coat it, unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky, fairy tale, con-man. I will tell you exactly what I think is happening, why, and what is to come and why. So, with that being said…Yup, I was right about the election…100% right…America lost, we are more divided than ever, and there was/is violence. It will get worse, much worse. The system will crash and if you are not prepared you will get rolled over.

But, I am also right that you and your family, even your community, can survive…maybe even thrive. But to do so you have to prepare, you have to do those things that will ensure your survival. And you can do it!! It is not impossible. But, like anything else that has value, it comes at a price. A man once said, “Pay me now, or pay me later.”

Prepare!!!  It is coming!

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2 thoughts on “Finally, my thoughts on the election outcome…

  1. this election results changes nothing that I was planning to do. I think it only buys time and possibly some funds for the new arrivals just getting started. my house is praying for our leaders


  2. The single greatest thing Trump did is drive a stake through heart of the Clinton and Bush political vampire families. I hope they are done with for at least a generation. If we are really lucky, Trump will kill TPP, follow through on immigration enforcement, pursue a special counsel to investigate the Clinton/DNC shenanigans, and appoint decent Justices. The Supreme Court is a roll of the dice no matter who appoints them, but we can hope for the best. Any agenda will be very, very, difficult since he is battling the RINO’s, the Progressives, Academia, and the MSM… and they will do all they can to sabotage every last thing he does. Anything beyond that would be a miracle. As far as real cuts in spending or the debt, there is no chance that will happen until the whole mess disintegrates, and there is no other choice.
    The best thing I can say about Trump is that he isn’t Hillary.

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