SitRep – 12/24/2016

Situation Reports (SitReps)A lot has been happening in my world the last couple of months! Yeah, I know…you haven’t heard much from me in the last 6 – 8 weeks. I was on a sabbatical. I needed some time off to accomplish a few things, and honestly…I needed a break. I also wanted to watch how the election unfolded, along with the post-election activities. And a couple of personal matters as well. But, let’s get down to business…

I will cover the following topics;

  • Post-Election Violence
  • Trump’s Activities
  • The Media Meltdown
  • The Russians
  • The Chinese
  • Israel
  • The Economy
  • The Future and the Role of Preparedness
  • Reality Check
  • Person Issues
Post-Election Violence –

There was none. I thought there would be but there wasn’t. Sure, there were a few protests, a riot or two, a few demonstrations, but no violence. I expected there to be. I was wrong and very surprised. But, I have confidence in the radical violent left in the country…I don’t think they are done yet. We will see, I hope I am wrong again.

Trump’s Activities –

For some unknown reason nothing that Trump has done has reassured me that he is going to be a good President. His first two choices (Bannon and Prebius) were not the right choices…actually those choices couldn’t have been much worse. Trump has had a field day messing with the media/press and I’ve enjoyed that. But, that is not a “presidential” thing, just Trump being Trump. He has chosen a very hawkish cabinet and added a lot of billionaires to his administration. While in and of itself billionaires is not a bad thing, it does make me wonder whose benefit they will be thinking of when making all those economic and policy decisions. And the talk by Trump about Trillion Dollar infrastructure spending program is not my idea of a good start for the national debt and deficit. Such a program will most certainly be a temporary infusion of money into the economy, some jobs created, but at what cost?

I just have to remind myself that while the country might get a short-term positive kick from Trump…at what cost and what long-term affect will it have? And we really don’t know who Trump is in relation to his future political decisions and activities. Time will tell.

The Media Meltdown –

The media is in complete meltdown over Trump’s election. The media, specially the mainstream media, is even more dishonest, more corrupt, and lying even more about Trump now, as the President-Elect, than they did during the campaign. I believe absolutely nothing coming out of the media today. You look at CNN and they have lost every single shred of credibility that they ever had. MSNBC is simply stacked with mentally ill folks. Any news that I hear that interests me I am multi-sourcing for validity.

One of the persistent problems in the media today, especially the left-wing media, is single-sourced repeated stories. That is a single source of some news event that is repeated over and over again…but not a shred of additional verification, just that original single source. Be cautious of those news reports in the days and months ahead.

Oh, why is the media in such a meltdown? Simple…they got their butt whipped! The 2016 Presidential election showed that Trump, a populist candidate, beat Clinton, a rapid liberal/Progressive, by a landslide. The media, radical liberal/Progressives themselves, thought they could control the country. But they were proven wrong…in a big way!

2016 popular vote mapThe vast, vast majority of the popular vote was won by Trump…overwhelmingly so. The only places that Clinton won the popular vote were high-density enclaves of fellow radical liberal extremists. Actually, if I have the numbers right…you eliminate Los Angles and New York City Trump won the popular vote quite handily.

Why is this important? Because the Constitution worked! It worked as it was designed to. The Constitution was designed to prevent an overthrow of the country by democracy. Democracy is not a good form of government, our Constitutional Republic is. Our Founding Fathers knew that democracy = mobocracy…democracy is nothing more than mob rule. Our founders, when writing the Constitution, wanted to ensure than no single radical or extremist group could dominate and overthrow the government. The Democrats (liberal and Progressive extremists) were prevented from overthrowing the government thanks to the Electoral College process.  Thank you Founding Fathers! Anyone, and I mean anyone, who tries to speak badly of the Electoral College is trying to lay the groundwork for the overthrow of our country.

The Russians –

In May of 2012 Obama told the President of Russia to pass on to Putin to wait until after the election (US obamarussia-001Presidential election of 2012) for Obama to work more closely with them. And we are seeing the fruits and honesty of that statement.

But, let’s set the record straight:

  • The Russians didn’t influence our 2016 Presidential election by hacking any election computer system.
  • The US intelligence agencies have produced absolutely nothing, not a single shred of evidence, to support claims that any Russian hacking of an election system took place.
  • The Russians are dominating the Middle East and Obama is allowing them to do it.
  • The Russians have completely dominated, or quite possibly are working closely with, Obama.
  • The Russians have become a threat to the US and Obama has done nothing to stop them.
  • The Russians have openly challenged the US in a public venue to produce any evidence that they hacked anything. Would Russia do that so publicly if they thought that evidence actually existed? Of course not.

And let’s just say that the Russians did hack the nation’s computer systems. So what did Obama do about it? Ah, nothing! So what would that tell you? Russia commits and act of war and Obama allows it.

Obama has intentionally placed us in this position.

One more time…let’s say the Russians did hack some computer system in hopes of influencing our elections? Do we have any right to complain and not be hypocritical? Remember, the US through various agencies (i.e. CIA, etc.) have done the same thing throughout the world for decades. Not only have we attempted to influence elections, we’ve created coups to overthrown governments, and even murdered foreign government leaders. So do we really have a single leg to stand on complaining that Russia might have influenced our elections? Until we stop the immoral activities ourselves, we have not right to complain what others may or may not be doing to us.

The Chinese –

The Chinese are a world dominate force now militarily not just economically. They control the Pacific Rim area completely, not the US. They do as they please without any deterrence from Obama. Just this month they intercepted a US Navy ship, and hijacked a US Navy underwater drone…and Obama did nothing. The act of piracy on China’s part is an act of war. What did Obama do? Nothing! Obama allowed China to prove to the world that the US Navy is subservient to the Chinese and we will bow to their power, influence, and activities. Obama has intentionally placed us in this position.

Israel –

Obama has allowed the United Nations to vote in a major resolution against Israel. It is no surprise that Obama has sided with the radical anti-Israel ideology partners of the globalists; Obama has been the most anti-Israel, anti-Semitic president since FDR. Obama hates Jews and hates Israel. The UN resolution in and of itself is not the point. Obama taking such an extremist position is a clear message to Israel’s enemies that our friendship with, and support of, Israel is weak and Israel stands alone. It was a clear signal to the Muslims that Israel is vulnerable right now.

Put this in context; 1) this was an initiative by Muslim leadership and countries, 2) forwarded and sponsored by a coalition of Marxist and socialist countries, 3) backed by globalists. And Obama allowed it to happen.

Why? 1) Obama hates everything Jewish and Israel, 2) Obama is a radical globalist who loves and supports the UN, 3) Obama was raised by Communists and Marxists, 4) Obama’s mentors were Socialists and Marxists, 5) Obama’s father was a Muslim who hated Israel, 6) Trump appears to be very pro-Israel.

The Economy –

Do you think the economy is doing well? Remember my last SitRep?  Earlier this month the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund had to suspend cash withdrawals from their pension fund. Why? Because from August till the first of December $500,000,000 (500million dollars) was withdrawn from the pension fund out of fears that the pension fund was running out of money. That is $125,000,000 of withdrawals per month due to the fund going bad. News story after news story continues to release verified information that pension funds around the country are in serious trouble. It has only gotten worse since I last reported this information to you.

Jobs! Obama loves to tout how many jobs have been created since he took office. One problem…over 90% of those jobs are part-time or contract positions NOT full-time company based positions.

The real-estate bubble is once again rearing it head but there is also the student loan bubble and as well as sub-prime car loan bubble.

The GPD is touted as growing, along with corporate orders for goods, they make a case for a strong economy. But, those numbers have been artificially inflated. The true indicator of the GDP is consumer spending…and it is pathetic…sub .2%

The Future and the Role of Preparedness –

I honestly think Trump will be good for the country…short term. He will bring an uptick in jobs, has already done well for the stock market, and other areas of the economy will show improvement as well. I don’t think he will do as good as Reagan…he is far more hated than Reagan by both Dems and Repubs…and over 50% of the rest of the country folks. The Trump Recovery will be temporary, albeit potentially strong. But it will be just what the doctor ordered to lull many into a deep false sense of security.

One of the things I continually evaluate is the slow fall of the country vs. the quick “blow-up” of everything. I was at about 50-50 when comparing the two prior to the election. That means I felt that it was equal chance that the world as we know it would fall apart virtually overnight vs. a continued decades-long decline of everything leading to America becoming a non-world power, a third-rate country.

However, with Trump’s election I am moving it to 80-20. The “20%” representing the probability of everything just blowing up at once. While yes, I’ve eased up on the sudden and dramatic downfall of the country I still see dark forces organizing to destroy Trump along with the country. Far more so than if Hillary would have been elected (Hillary is a member of those dark forces). Trump is in trouble…deep, deep trouble. TPTB are far more powerful than Trump…or even Trump and his friends…or Trump, his friends, and the entire electorate that voted for him.

I would like to say being prepared is more important than ever, but it isn’t. It was important 100 years ago, 10 years ago, last year, and will be important in the future…including today. But, an organized, thoughtful, sane kind of preparedness is just as important today as yesterday but not more so. Being prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events is imperative. We will -you will- suffer emergencies and disasters. And sooner or later a grid-down event will hit. Do you or do you not want to be prepared for all of it? Will you be prepared for any of it?

A reaction a couple of months ago by an individual to one of my articles was sad. He told me that if I was not preparing for, or guiding others to prepare for, the end of the world as outlined in the Bible’s Book of Revelations then I was absolutely 100% wrong in everything I was doing. This poor individual is delusional and so misguided that it speaks for itself.

Plan your preparedness activities based on sound principles. My church adds a framework to those principles and I have learned even more of the practical aspect of it over a 30+ year career in emergency services dealing with said events. Please ground yourself in reality. Let prudence and common sense guide you in your preparedness activities. If you are a religious person, allow the spirit to show you those things that need to be done. Remember, God is a logical, commonsense kinda guy. He runs his house orderly and properly.

How do I fit in with that? I don’t claim divine guidance, dreams or visions when giving emergency preparedness tips and writing articles. Everything I give to you through this website is based on, or within, the guidelines that God has already provided coupled with practical on-the-ground experience. Yes, I provide more detail than what God might already have laid out but still within the existing boundaries. And I never claim dreams, visions, or revelations are guiding me. I would encourage you to be your own person, be your own expert when working on your emergency preparedness.

We are going to have some very interesting times in the next few years, be ready, eyes open, and ever vigilant.

Be prepared!

Reality Check –

I lived through the Nixon and Carter presidency years. It was a sad and devastating time for America. However, obama-102neither president came close to the devastation and destruction heaped on America that Obama has. Obama has been not just the worst president in America’s history, he has been the most anti-American president in our history. Every decision he made was to destroy America, her obama-103might, her influence, and position in the world. He wanted America destroyed into just another weak and ineffectual globalist dominated country. He has done a very effective job.

As I mentioned, Carter was a pathetic president, damaging America, emboldening Islam, weakening Israel, and devastating our economy. When Reagan was elected…it was like a breath of fresh air, there was hope that America would be great again. And it worked, he was a great President, and things did turnaround.

But, that was the 1980’s…35 years later where are we as a country? We are worse off economically than ever, weaker militarily than ever, dominated by both Russia and China, being hit regularly by Islamic terrorism, far less rights, liberties, and freedoms than ever, killing more babies through abortion than ever, still subservient to the UN, and way more divided as a nation that ever before. So while Reagan accomplished some great things…we have fallen, fallen badly, fallen by orders of magnitude in the last 35 years since Reagan.

Trump is no Reagan. Trump has no concept of the Constitution, even remotely so, compared to Reagan. Trump is not a principle-grounded leader like Reagan. Trump is not even in the same league as Reagan.

trump is no reaganSo why is this important? Do not think for a minute that Trump is going to make any substantial or long-term improvement in America’s future…period. If Reagan didn’t – Trump can’t.

Personal Issues –

As you well know I took a significant break from the website. I needed to. There were some things taking place in my life that required my attention…which means “time” and attention.

I was hit harder than expected by the death of Abby. I had no idea that she had gotten into my heart and soul as much as she did. I truly had to grieve her death. And we just recently, two weeks ago, adopted a brand new member of our family…Sable. She is 8months of bounding joy and energy. She is a very, very sweet little spirit that is bringing happiness into our lives by the truck load. And she requires time right now as well.

Our cabin in Arizona demanded my attention. I felt the prompting -no, the demand- to get the cabin to the point of it being livable in any weather condition. It is at that stage now. It took a tremendous amount of my time…4 – 5 days at a stretch without a break. And during that process I realized how old I am getting. I will write more on that later.

Then there was the installing of 800 sq feet of Pergo flooring in my house to replace the old Pergo that had been damaged when it flooded.

During all of this time the website had to take a backseat…no option there. But, I am back, getting articles ready to post…and yes, writing more Escape From Tucson.

But please don’t expect more than an article or two, and an Escape or two post each week at most. I am in my last year of work before I retire, there is still work to be done on the cabin and water well, etc. I will do my best.

Enjoy this Christmas season…remember the reason.

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8 thoughts on “SitRep – 12/24/2016

  1. Regarding SitRep – 12/24/2016 — An EXCELLENT summary of important topics. Thanks for your continuing, steady-on, non-frantic prepping advice.


    • Jim, Thank you for the nice compliment. I try very hard to be aware and to warn when needed. I never want my readers to say I didn’t warn them. Any thoughts on current events right now? AH


  2. Merry Christmas! Our best to you and your family.

    I do have a question, though — when you have time: You stated in this SitRep that the choice of Bannon was not s good idea. Why? What are your sources for the information that led you to your conclusion? What influence do you think Bannon will have on Trump’s policies?

    Just Curious.


    • Bannon headed-up Breitbart. Breitbart is a self-admitted, self-identified voice of the alt-right. The alt-right is a radical ultra-nationalist organization that is not good for our country, a Constitutional Republic. Bannon has described himself as a leader in the alt-right movement. Pride of country is a good thing, ultra-nationalism isn’t…it requires a “fanatical” view of your country to the detriment of all other countries. I think Bannon has tremendous influence on Trump. However, I think Trump is stronger than Bannon and will make his own decisions. As to the sources…there are more than enough for you to find, search Bannon and alt-right. I hope that helps.


  3. Spot on. You stated my feelings better than I could. I am 70 years old. Ihzve lived in 11 presidential administrations. Things have been on a down hill slidedince Johnson. The Kennedy assassination in my opinion was a coup. Except for Regan the globalists have had a free reign to do what they want. Trump will at best slow them down a bit but it will not stop them from working for their goal.

    On the brighter side I am glad you are OK. We have bee researching places to move to. Our requirements are harder to achieved than yours. You still have strength to build things. We an the other hand have to find a place ” move in ready” .
    You are far more prepared than we are but we persevere.

    Enjoy your new addition.


    • Here are some statistics I found.
      Just the counties in and around NY city supplied the Hillary popular vote edge. According to the NYT here is the count: Brooklyn 595,086 votes, Queens 473,389 votes, Manhattan 515,481 votes, Nassau 307,326 votes, Bronx 318,403 votes, Suffolk 276,953 votes, and Staten Island 67,561 votes.
      Total of 2,554,199 NYC Hillary votes in 2016. Take those away, and who really won the popular vote? Without the Electors, NYC and LA- the Left Coast and North East, would run the country.
      Take time to do it right, and also time to decompress. We’ll be hanging out while you do.
      Merry, safe, and secure Christmas. Healthy and prosperous new year.


    • Don’t discount a manufactured home. We are so rural it was our only realistic alternative, because stick-built would have cost a fortune. Ours is a very nice, well built, well insulated, high snow load home, and the house itself was turnkey. I’m a few years younger than you and I’ve done a lot of extra work around the place much like AH. Raised beds, fencing, orchard, tractor work, and have hired help for some of it. It can be done. Good luck to you.


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