Russian Hacking…Really? Or an excuse for war?

Until this morning the US government played fast and loose with accusations that Russia hacked our 2016 Presidential Election and overthrew the democratic system of the USA. Really…did Russia really do any such thing?

First off, the USA is not supposed to be a “democratic system” but rather a Constitutional Republic. Those calling the USA a democracy lose credibility on that point alone.

Next, Obama’s spook agencies said the hack attack happened at least twice during the presidential campaign. Really? So why are they just now taking action…or even revealing it happened? Reason = the radical Progressive extremists (i.e. Democrats) lost the election and now they are trying to create a “soft coup” to undermine and overthrow Trump’s presidency.

But, let’s back up and talk about any evidence that Russia in-fact was to blame. In other words…where is the evidence?

New FBI Report –

Up until this morning there wasn’t a single shred of evidence being put forward by the government that Russia was behind the alleged hacking. Now, the media (ultra-liberal supporters) are touting an FBI report (Grizzly Steppe) that proves the Russian government was behind the election hack. Well, hang on a minute.

I actually read the report and the wording states things such as “indicators” from “analytic efforts” and only refer to “tools” and “infrastructure” that Russian civilians and intelligent services use. Those entities are collectively lumped into a single reference named “RIS”. The report goes on to talk about RIS “actors” performing cyber operations.

And here is the catch…when talking about the two actual identified hacks the FBI report only refers once again to “RIS actors” performing the hacks. That is like saying the FBI hacked the Russians…if a single American civilian actually hacked a business in Russia.

Then the report rather vaguely states that this report is based on “technical indicators” from a long list of entities including the “public” and “other entities.” How convenient that no original sources of evidence are referred to let alone actually named.

And a little overlooked fact that is being ignored by the media…the FBI report is dated 12/29 (yesterday). How convenient that the report comes out a week after Russia says there is no evidence and two weeks after other skeptics said show us the proof. Where was the FBI before the demand was made for the evidence?

So once again we have no definitive facts that any part of the Russian government is behind the hacking. But that isn’t the real point to all of this.

The Almost Real Point –

What exactly was hacked again? And exactly what information was released?

No government entity was hacked. No election location, no voting machine, or actual vote was hacked. The only thing that was hacked were Democrats! And the only information that was released was information that showed that Democrats are a bunch of criminals and no-good low-lifes.

Think about it…no government secrets were hacked, no government agency information was released, and no damage of any kind was done to the government or normal citizens. The only thing that was hacked and released were Democrat Party secrets showing how utterly detestable they are and how they were trying to manipulate the primary election of there own candidate.

So tell me…where is the problem here? The Democrats get exposed for the criminals, animals, and despicable people that they are…and that is a bad thing?

The Real Point –

You might not like this point I am about to make…but you have to put this into perspective.

Let’s just say for a minute that some Russian intelligence service, under the direction of Putin, did in-fact do the hacking and somehow did influence the election.

Now what?

Do we go to war? Do we retaliate? Do we take the offensive? What exactly do you expect the US to do?

Why is that relevant or important…and why is it the main point? Because the US spy agencies (i.e. NSA, CIA, etc.) hack foreign governments all of the time…including Russia AND our allies like Germany, France, and Great Brittan. Do you not remember those reports over the last 6 years that exposed our hacking…even the PM of Germany’s phone!

So how can we get ourselves into this righteous indignation posture for Russia doing something to us that we do to the entire rest of the world on a regular basis? Have we become that hypocritical as a nation? Or, are we that collectively stupid that we forgot so quickly that the USA is a far bigger culprit in world-wide hacking than the Russians and everyone else combined?

Or do we think that everything the USA does is just fine, called for, justified, and righteous? And everything that foreign countries do to us is automatically evil and worthy of a retaliation in an on-going cyber-war?

I say if we are doing it to other countries, including Russia, then we can’t say squat when they do it to us.

And dare I remind you of the extensive illegal and unconstitutional hacking and cyber spying that the FBI has done on Americans for nearly the last 20 years? So who exactly is the FBI to accuse Russia of hacking!!

And One More Thing –

Everyone is talking about how this is an attack on our election and a foreign government attempted to influence a presidential election. Sounds horrific and worth of retaliation. Yes?

Ah, remember that Obama and his co-conspirators admitted to extensive operations and spending millions of dollars during the Israeli elections? Obama tried everything he could covert and overt to make sure Netennaugh was not elected.

So the USA can try and influence the elections of foreign governments and that is just fine…but if someone attempts to do that to us it is wrong?

Seriously!?!?!   What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Bottom Line –

The Democrats lost the presidential election. Obama’s party of radical Progressive extremists will no longer control any branch of government, effectively throwing them completely out of power. Obama has been a total failure and complete disaster as a president. He will have a horribly bad legacy follow him for the rest of his life.How does he want to be remembered in his last days of office?

The war in Iraq has been all but over for us to any great degree. The war in Afghanistan is winding down in regards to American involvement.Where to next?

People, especially entire political entities, hate losing power. Losing power also means losing the ability to retain and raise wealth. So? This situation is not to be seen in a vacuum.

A couple of weeks ago China brazenly intercepts a US Navy ship and hijacks a piece of US Navy gear…an underwater drone. Essentially China was showing that the US is powerless against them, not militarily, but in terms of political will. It was an act of war. Obama does absolutely nothing in retaliation against China…effectively yielding the entire Asian-Pacific Rim to Chinese control. And he does this right before he leaves office.

Obama effectively isolated and abandoned Israel last week, Kerry put a stake into it this week. Obama has emboldened Israel’s enemies…Muslims…and laid the groundwork for their countries to attack Israel without the US coming to the aid of Israel. All of this right before he leaves office.

Then Obama many, many months after the alleged hacking finally takes serious action against Russia. The sanctions and other actions Obama took are even greater than most US actions taken during the Cold War, virtually daring Russia respond to our war-like actions. All right before he leaves office.

ON top of everything else, for well over a month you have all the crazy anti-American liberals/Progressives trying to dismiss the legitimacy of a Trump presidency. You have the Democrats, along with their neo-con war-mongering allies (McCain, Graham, Ryan, etc.) calling for severe actions against Russia.

What does that all seem to add up to in your opinion?

In my opinion, it is clear…Obama is a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum in the eleventh hour of his presidency. He is making a desperate move to destabilize the US domestically, lay the groundwork for a war against Israel, and cause a soft coup to restore the Democrats to power.

And the sad thing is…most Americans are falling into the trap. People are not thinking the combination of situations in light of reality.

  1. We still have no clear, fact-based evidence that the Russian government or Putin is behind any hacking in the US.
  2. No one, including intelligence services, is saying that the hacking involved any government computer system at any level.
  3. Only the radical liberals and Progressive extremists are saying any hacking influenced the election.
  4. Any hacking that did take place is far less severe and important than the hacking that the US government has done against foreign governments or against our own citizens. Our own government has tried to influence other nations’ election before. Hell, we’ve even violently overthrown foreign nations’ governments.

Don’t get caught up in the sheer stupidity of this hacking BS. Don’t get caught up in the calls for war against Russia which is just what the war-mongers like Obama, McCain, Graham, McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, etc. want. Don’t get caught up in the craziness that is happening right now…keep a clear head and realize that the Progressives are trying to continue to create an environment that does these basic things:

  1. Move wealth from the average American to the rich ruling class.
  2. Move power from individual citizens to the government because the ruling class hates Constitutional rights and wants to continue to establish a totalitarian state in the USA.
  3. Destabilize the country and the world to accomplish #1 & #2.
  4. Overthrow Israel because the ruling class simply hates them.

Never ever take the media at face value, do your own research before you establish what is fact.

Never ever believe anything that the government tells you. The FBI, CIA, DHS and the like are masters at deception (i.e. lying), they are thoroughly trained in how to do it. They will never tell you the truth…ever.

Stay the course, keep preparing, keep your head about you, think clearly, continue to do what is right, love your family, love and listen to God.

And if you have time…keep reading 😉



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6 thoughts on “Russian Hacking…Really? Or an excuse for war?

  1. i still can’t figure the upside of war with russia. the “hacking “was denied vehemently last week by the national security counsel and the fbi and even mid-level cia managers. now they are all in, even naming two of the culprits. trouble is those guys are mafia, not govt operatives. putin has declared on tv that any more sanctions would be an act of war. putin in a corner is not something to be taken lightly. i don’t get why graham and company are in on this. okay, i know hillary was neck deep in denying the russian pipeline thru syria for the saudis, but what has graham got to do with it? as always its follow the money, but where’s the profit in nuclear war?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One of the oldest tricks in the “how to govern” book. It’s been used since before the first mud hut was surrounded with a wall.

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed,
and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it
 with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
H.L. Mencken

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Spot on. I didn’t have the info you gathered, but I thought all along this was an attempt to get us into a war. I don’t believe a tenth of what the government tells us and I take the tenth with a grain of salt. These people have been playing us for a very long time. They ate now out of power and are looking for any reason or way to keep that power.sad

    Liked by 1 person

  4. this pretty much sums it up for me. “in my opinion, it is clear…Obama is a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum in the eleventh hour of his presidency. He is making a desperate move to destabilize the US domestically, lay the groundwork for a war against Israel, and cause a soft coup to restore the Democrats to power.”

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