You gotta be kidding me…

Crazy people make me crazyI’ve hit a frustration level again that makes me want to gouge out my own eyes. Sorry, I’ve already pulled out my hair. Some people are losing it…mentally and spiritually.

Over the course of the last 10 years or so I have read articles, opinions, and posts about how America will end, the world will end, earthquakes will occur on this date or destroy all of this or that on a particular day. This dream by this woman is real because, this vision by this book writer will come true because, and most of this stuff comes with a date.

And then the date comes and goes with nothing happening. Then the stories start all over again that is was the 7th blood moon not the 6th, or that the planet X slowed down so the meteor Y passed a mile further away so the cloud of liquid iron didn’t melt the earth after all.

And then there are the invasion stories. Russia will invade us through Alaska. Really? The same country that can’t russia-invades-the-usaeven keep a single aircraft carrier running! And Canada will just step aside while the Russian horde marches through? Oh, and all of the American military presence in Alaska will not see this happening…as well as all of the US Navy in the vicinity being collectively blind.

And then there are the confirmed intelligence reports that the Chinese already have thousands of troops stationed in the US ready to strike. Of course no one can ever give their location to confirm their presence. But, the advocates of the chinese-troops-in-usaChinese invasion stories will stick by their guns…saying it it will be an invasion by sea. What? Seriously?

Look, I have more than just a little experience in logistics. It is logistically impossible for the Chinese to invade the US. They don’t have enough ships or ground based vehicles to even think about it. And once again…do people think the entire US Navy and Air Force will be on holiday and not a single US ship or plane would be out there intercepting the Chinese fleet that would takes weeks to get here? Oh, and they surely couldn’t remain hidden while transiting…there would have to be thousands of ships. Yeah, that is a pretty big blip on the radar or a very clear picture on the dozens of satellites that would spot them.

Strategically how many Chinese troops would it take to invade the US? I am thinking in the neighborhood of 250k – 500k at a ridiculous minimum. Putting 1,000 troops on each transport that would be 250 – 500 ships minimum. Then you would have to have 1 oiler ship for each 5 transports. That is another 50 – 100 ships just to keep them fueled. Now, what about a little protection for them?

Let’s start with air cover. Why? Because without air cover any naval fleet will be scrap iron at the bottom of the chinesecarrierocean.

China has one operational aircraft carrier. The US has 10 full-deck carriers and another 9 capable of handling aircraft of one form or another. So we have them 9 to 1 or better.

And then China would have to create a taskforce to protect the carrier. Again we have them outnumbered 9 to 1 in terms of naval taskforces. And then there is the little fact of submarines…the hunter-killer ones. Once again we have the Chinese outnumbered by at least 10 to one…worst case.

And let’s say the Chinese want to support their invasion fleet with land-based air support. The closest Chinese airbase to the US is what…5,000 miles way? While we have land-based aircraft stationed close to their own shores and every thousands miles in between China and the mainland US. Oh, then we have our long-range strike aircraft that could leave the US airfields and hit their fleets for weeks while they try and transit the entire Pacific ocean.

Ya think that might slow me down a little bit?

But, the conspiracy tin-foil hat heads get around that saying that they will invade the US through Mexico and South America. Really? And our military would have no advance warning that an entire invasion force of Chinese would be forming in South America? Seriously? Even our intelligence agencies couldn’t miss a couple hundred thousands Chinese military troops, a couple hundred Chinese aircraft, and 250+ ships in South American ports. Oh, wait, South American ports couldn’t even begin to handle numbers of ships even close to that.

Oh, but they will invade by coming through Mexico they say. Oh come on! For heaven’s sake…Mexico can’t even control their drugs lords, can’t fix their own streets, can’t provide safe drinking water to their entire country, or any host of other infrastructure requirements. And this country, Mexico, can support several weeks of hundreds of thousands of troops transiting their road system as they head north to invade us?

The drinking water in Mexico would single-handedly stop any invasion coming through!red-dawn-movie

Look, China is not going to invade us. Russia is not going to invade us. A coalition of South American countries is not going to invade us. At least not anytime soon. It is strategically, tactically, logistically impossible. But it makes for great movies…think the original Red Dawn. That movie rocked!!  But…I hate to tell you…it was a movie not an invasion plan.

Now, if you want to think that the entire US military would take a vacation and leave their posts all at one time…for a month…then it might be remotely possible that someone could invade us. But, all of our nukes would have to be in the repair shop for a tune-up at the same time, during the same vacation time.

However, you may want to think that the entire US military would side with the Russians, Chinese, and South American military armada would make it possible…OK, I might give you that one. But, honestly, does any sane person think that the military would go along with allowing a foreign invasion of the US? And I am asking that regardless of what some loony-tune President might order the military to do or not to do.

Then there is the crowd that believes that Muslim sleeper cells would turn the tide and allow an invasion to take place. Really? Freaking Muslims are fighting and killing themselves more than Americans. And they are good at suicide bombers no doubt. But, news flash…that greatly reduces their own fight force rather quickly. No Muslim sleep cells are going to significantly impact our military’s ability to respond to the great golden horde invading the US.

So bottom line…please ignore anyone who professes that the US will be invaded by; 1) Russian troops, 2) Chinese un-troops-in-usatroops, 3) South American troops, 4) United Nations troops, 5) a grand coalition of all of the above. It will NOT happen no matter who dreams what, no matter who claims a vision of the future, or who wants to write another book. It is pure insane fantasy!

Well, unless the warning might come from a current Prophet of God sinilar to Moses. Then I would say gather up your fellow militia members and get your AR ready. But baring a Prophet of God saying it…it ain’t going to happen.

Why? Because –

  • Our military would fight a foreign invasion no matter what, collectively or as individual fighting units.
  • If our military looked as if they might somehow lose a fight with an approaching invasion force we would nuke the invaders…Presidential order or not.
  • Logistics control an invasion’s existence and battle tempo. No country on earth has the logistical ability to invade a whole continent…not even the USA.
  • The US has millions of veterans, 10’s of millions of battle capable weapons, hundreds of millions of rounds no country can invade the USAof ammo, a couple million rednecks, a million+ law enforcement, and another couple million well-intentioned conservatives. They will not all sit around and watch our country invaded regardless of what a political leader says or does.

The only possible (although highly improbable) scenario would be the entire US military (all five branches) agreeing to work in coordination with a foreign invasion force. But, they would all still have to contend with the millions and millions armed veterans and rednecks. I would put my money on the vets and rednecks.

Please, the folks that talk such nonsense of an invasion of the US are realistically not thinking the whole thing through. They have somehow been convinced by someone, or some group, of it happening. It is sheer insanity! Crazy Don conspiracy nutYes, that means actual mentally ill type of thinking. Please don’t get caught up in it.

Now, the one thing I will use as a disclaimer…I am talking the impossibility of it happening in the near future, like 10 – 20 years. It is possible that I might change my mind if we are talking 20+ years out…but we/they aren’t. There is also one other off-hand chance…God wills it. And I am not thinking that is part of His plan.

Could we get nuked? Yup. Even a pipsqueak country like North Korea or Iran has that capability. Will they do it? Who knows! Both countries are run by insane mental patients. But, they don’t have enough weapons to destroy us or even significantly weaken us militarily. And that is giving credence that they could even get more than a single missile inside our layered defenses…which I highly doubt.

Would China or Russia nuke us? China…I doubt it…we have this weird economic relationship and they kind of need us and we need them. Russia…I doubt it. What would they gain by it? We don’t want to go to war with them, why would they want to nuke us? If we invaded them or tried to take over one of their allies they might hit us. But, they know that we would retaliate. OK, we would retaliate once gutless/spineless Barry is out of office. Russia is doing just fine becoming a world super-power again without starting a nuclear exchange. What benefit to them would a nuke exchange be?

So please, please, get that whole invasion thing out of your mind…leave it to the crazies to worry about, to dream invasion-usaabout, to write about. Stay grounded in reality. Don’t worry about the nuke thing either…chances are virtually nil that it would occur. And if it did occur, the chances are even smaller that it would directly impact you.

There is plenty going on in the world today that is far more important and troublesome than crazy talk like invasions. Concentrate on those things that have a higher probability of occurring…such as the flu, retirement, or economic collapse. Prepare for sure…but stay sane doing it.

And remember…all of your preparing would apply to any invasion anyway. So you don’t need to join the Crazies Club after all.


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10 thoughts on “You gotta be kidding me…

  1. Great, accurate article. I share your views on this topic. But things do happen that make me wonder…

    For instance, you can confirm from several sources online that for the first time since the U.S. built a Carrier-centric Navy…EVERY ONE of our Carriers is at anchor in their home ports. That is…to say the least…unprecedented. Why in the world would ANY U.S. president–even Obama–allow such a thing. And, it is my opinion that the US Navy wouldn’t even conceive of doing such a thing voluntarily…they had to have been ordered to. And I’m pretty sure it would have taken a direct, written, Presidential-level oder to do it.

    The USN learned well the lessons of Pearl Harbor. To a large degree, all US military forces also remember those lessons. That’s why we’ve had so many subs, carriers, and aircraft aloft around the world.

    The spectre of Obama ordering the navy to home-port the carriers–which means the entire CVG, or Carrier Battle Group, is at home–leads one to wonder about just why anyone would do that. Saving money? Trying to be diplomatic? Or, perhaps, the possibility of wanting to make the CVGs vulnerable to a simultaneous attack?? Home-porting the carriers would make it far, far easier, for example, to execute a worldwide EMP attack.

    Those that know me from other forums are aware that I’m extraordinarily skeptical of nearly any and every conspiracy theory. Most just don’t hold any common-sense water!!!! Nearly all can be dismissed with just a modicum of research.

    Then…something like home-porting the carriers…ALL AT ONCE…happens. And even I start to wonder.

    I can only think–and hope and pray–that the JCS have some plans and options in their pockets “just in case,” to be hauled out of their back pockets should certain leadership turn out to have perfidious intentions. They can’t admit those plans…nor even hint at the possibility

    Perhaps there are good reasons for simultaneously home-porting every. single. US. carrier. I just can’t imagine what they could be.


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  3. In 1918 during world war I The US which only 20 years earlier was 12th ranked navy, now about 2nd rank, landed 10,000 troops a day in France.
    2,000,000 were in france at the time of the armistice. This from a 1910 census of 92,000,000 and a world population of about 1,600,000,000. I have always heard people say it would have been impossible for Hitler to Invade the U.S., He would have needed 1,000,000 plus troops. Well we managed to send that many troops the other direction 20 years earlier. What made it impossible was the relative sizes and strengths of the navies. Had Hitler somehow defeated UK, and other countries, and felt so inclined, he could have eventually built a naval force large enough to pull off such an attack. Using 10,000 troops a day as an example instead of 1,000,000 at one your examples above would only require 10 troop transports with enough cover to cross the ocean per day. Much more manageable. you would get your 1,000,000 troops in 100 days. To be successful thing an enemy force would need would be a dispirited populace that lacked the desire to fight back. Even with 100,000,000 guns in the U.S. without proper leadership and intelligence it would be hard to properly counter such an invasion. Especially if people lacked the will to do so.


  4. A question for you AH Trimble….since Clinton changed the US response to a nuclear attack to happen AFTER strikes on Americam soil …..when there would be nothing left to respond with and with American military promised to have at least half it’s forces (or is it navy?) in port at all times making them sitting ducks for attack and with only 1,350,000 in the US military and say China with over 4,000,000 active and reserve plus Russia as allies….don’t you think this combination of factors makes it possible for an attack should they feel the inclination? Thanks for your consideration.


    • Melanie, Force-On-Force is not the issue. Let’s say they lined up in an open field and just slugged it out man-on-man. Then there would be a good chance that outnumbered 5-to-1 odds that US forces might get beat. But, the enemy has to get to the field (USA) and there is the problem…logistics. And no country in their right mind would leave zero forces back home on their own soil. So, no. Well, yes. Would an attack be possible? Yes, although the probability would be very, very low. And a successful attack would be impossible. Take away all US military forces you still have 10 – 50 million people with 100million guns that would fight. The Chinese and any ally would be wiped out. AH


      • Thanks AH I believe after whatever goes down, those Americans left will rise up and make a big difference. I think the biggest issue the USA faces right now us treason.


  5. From what I have read such an invasion occurs after massive destruction of America by either natural disaster or civil war when America is weak, and by a coalition of forces. Could that be likely do you think?


  6. Other countries are much more likely to use a cyber and physical covert attack on the power grid and other critical infrastructure. Both have already happened on a small scale, with no concrete evidence of who the perpetrators were.

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