I am an utter failure…the looney tunes are at it again!

UN Troops enforce martial law in USA is insaneA few days ago I wrote a post about people, looney tunes, talking about the USA being invaded by Russia, China, Mexico, South America, the UN, etc. I thought I laid out a pretty decent case showing how that is impossible, at least in the near future (i.e. 20 – 30 years minimum). The numbers, history, and reality just overwhelmingly show that it can’t happen. But, that wasn’t good enough…and I got sucked into the insane asylum again.

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So an article appears on another website about how martial law is imminent and enforced by UN troops. A really squared away military guy posts a response basically telling them it can’t happen. He gets absolutely blasted! I couldn’t stand for that so naturally I responded. Mistake!

I challenged all these insane responses about how it is virtually guaranteed that martial law will be imposed. The Russians could/would do it. But they would have to stand in line because the Chinese absolutely could and would beat them to it. But, their competition would be UN troops. At first I looked at it as their fantasy but then realized that they were being truthful and were convinced it was going to happen.

un troops in usa I tried to show them that it wasn’t even in the realm of possibilities by laying out facts, figures, and evidence. Well, evidently people’s fantasies are more important to them then actual facts and evidence. When I challenged these martial law fantasy advocates to provide any kind of real evidence they all failed. But, accounts of people’s dreams, chinese invasion of usanews reports of trains full of UN vehicles, and opinions of 200million troops from China alone flooded the response posts.

At that point I realized that fantasy had evolved to full-blown insanity. When you ignore all facts, all evidence, and abandon every shred of common sense then you are in the grips of insanity. These handful of folks had lost their grasp on reality and now dwell in Insaneastan.

I really had to chuckle when the guy advocating that 200million Chinese troops would invade the USA and impose martial law would not have to worry about logistics at all…they would eat our food. What??????????   He forgot one minor point…How in the world could you even fantasize about getting 200million Chinese troops and their vehicles to the USA to begin with?  But, not to worry…he knew that the Chinese government didn’t care if the 200million troops died…there were more where they came from. Ah, minor problem…the combines military forces is only slightly larger than 2million. So where do the other 198million Chinese troops come from? Or better yet, where does the second 200million Chinese troops come from?

Then let’s talk about transporting them…the largest cruise ship in the world can only carry about 6400 people at one time, and that includes the crew. But, since it is the Chines military we will double that amount to 13,000 troops. The comes to a grand total of well over 15,000 of those cruise ships to transport the 200million Chinese troops to the US. Well, maybe this brainiac thinks that Chinese troops can walk to the USA. But fact and evidence don’t matter to looney tunes…only their conspiracy fantasies.

FYI…there are less than a 100 ships in the world capable of carrying 3000 or more people at one time.

OK, at that point I just stopped. I can’t convince an insane person that they are insane…and I certainly can’t craz yperson UN martial law in USAchange their mind. So I posted a “good-bye” telling them to worry more about reality than fantasy. I am sure that will go over big.

Hey, wait a second…I bet some of them will post that I am a government mole or troll that is us government trollpart of the Invasion USA conspiracy! Maybe I can be a UN agent posing as a prepper website owner to support the imposition of martial grand poo balaw by Chinese troops so I can take my place on the High Order of Ruling Council of the United New World Order. I can only dream!

Please, please I beg you to not get caught up in all of that truly insane thinking. The USA is not going to be successfully invaded. Martial Law enforced by UN troops is nowhere on the horizon…if ever. We are not going to somehow find ourselves in the middle of a Red Dawn movie fighting Mexican or Cuban Special Forces.

We are far more likely to find ourselves laid-off, battling the flu, worrying about the power going out in winter, of needing to help feed a family that has hit hard times, or a dozen other possibilities. Let’s stick to the reality of prepping…emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. If we are properly preparing for those situations, that are both possible and probable, then we will be ready for Argentina and Brazil forming an alliance with China to invade us.

And for the record…I would welcome an invasion by China vs. Russia. Yes, I would. I think Chinese food would be so much better than Russian food…I like fried rice and General Tso chicken.

general tso chickenGo rent the original version of Red Dawn and enjoy your weekend!




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5 thoughts on “I am an utter failure…the looney tunes are at it again!

  1. aside from the diagnosed paranoids, i think some of those folks came up during the cold war being constantly told that was the aim of the commies. i was one myself for a while and sadly have to admit it creeps back once in a while into my thinking. thanks for laying it out like that. i’m a former logistics ranger myself so i can relate to numbers better than people,lol. now, how about tackling the “gangs across america” myth, or is it?


  2. “We are not going to somehow find ourselves in the middle of a Red Dawn movie fighting Mexican or Cuban Special Forces”

    So all that time I’ve spent practicing my “WOLVERINES” battle cry has gone to waste??? How sad.

    Hmmm… what about a combined invasion by Canada and Mexico? They don’t need no stinking ships!!! And, they’ve certainly proved that getting across our borders wouldn’t be much problem. Right?

    Obviously, the above is facetious, and I’m in agreement with Trimble’s writings.

    I think I know what the authors of such tall tales get…attention, and website visits = advertising clicks = MONEY. That is what is driving most of this genre.

    However, it is far harder to understand why so many people seem to want SO BADLY for such tall tales to be true. What emotional need does it fill for them? What is missing in their life that they need these imminent “threats” to scare them? Didn’t they see enough Saturday night horror flicks as a teen? Don’t they have enough excitement in their lives?? I guess I simply don’t understand such thinking.

    If ANYONE wants to prepare for WWIII…or even the Zombie Apocalypse…by all menas, go ahead and prepare for it. But those that spread tales as wild as some of these–and FEMA Camps comes to mind, too–are doing great harm to their readers.



  3. I could not agree more! I too finally gave up trying to talk reason into some of these folks. I especially am disappointed when I see those comments show up on AVOW. I guess I held that group to a higher standard.
    Sorry I don’t have time to say more, I’m late for the JADE HELM meeting at the secret underground bunker under our local Walmart. Get out your secret decoder ring and I’ll send you a report later.


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