SitRep – 02/06/2017

Situation Reports (SitReps)It has been quite awhile since I posted a SitRep Actually, it has been quite awhile since posting any articles other than the Escape From Tucson posts…and for good reason, I’ve been watching and preparing. I will explain that more in the “Summary” section. The watching part has been the most time consuming and the activity that has been the most frustrating. It took time for Trump’s election and post-inauguration to become slightly more clear. I wasn’t going to rush publishing my findings.

Economy –

The economy has staged a temporary reprieve just as I mentioned several times before since Trump’s election. It has both improved somewhat but it will be short lived. Please don’t ask me a timeframe, I don’t know what that is. But, here is what we do know:

  1. More people are looking for work and that indicates that people are more optimistic about the economy. That will help drive up consumer confidence and that in-turn should help boost the economy even more for the short term.
  2. The stock market is doing really well since Trump’s election. The good thing is the market is up. The bad thing is it is almost all based on the expectation of Trump to accomplish miracles for business (i.e. lower tax rates and cut regulations). I don’t think he will accomplish much over the medium or long term. And the most scary part was last week occurred when he got into some public relations nightmare territory the market dropped like a rock for several days. That clearly indicates that any stumble on Trump’s part will drive the market down.
  3. Last month consumer spending was up and that tends to drive the economy in a positive direction. And, to make it even better, wages were up slightly. However, the downside to both of those aspects was consumer spending went up more than wages showing that consumers went into debt to boost spending. We already have a multi-faceted debt bubble brewing and getting worse. This doesn’t bode well for the economy long-term.
  4. Pensions are getting worse. Last SitRep I expressed grave concern over the status of America’s pensions, especially public pensions. Since then article after article has appeared showing my concern was well-founded. Pensions hare rolling back benefits and increasing participant’s contributions. There have been massive withdrawals from pensions, so much so that in some cases withdrawals have been curtailed. The single largest public pension, California, is in serious trouble and recent articles have stated clearly that they are now in the “unfunded liability” category and it is getting far worse by the day.
World Affairs –

It would be easy to jump on the bandwagon and talk about how trouble the international scene is now…and I would be right. But, you already know how troubled the world is, but there are a couple subtle little issues that I want to touch on.

England, their military is in horrible shape right now. They have battle tank problems big time. Their newest and most technologically advanced naval ships, destroyers/frigates, are in really bad condition fighting condition according to a recent classified report. Their ability to avoid detection by submarines is virtually non-existent. And that is their first priority…to fight submarines. Additionally, their drone program has ground to a halt with deployment of workable drones almost impossible to find in the field. Now, with their exit from the EU and concerns over their economic future, their defense spending is not the highest of priorities. And that spills over to their ability to participate in NATO and support any potential threat to NATO allies.

China, the economy is still chugging right along but has some underlying instability that concerns Chinese leaders. But, the most important aspect to China right now is our government’s, i.e. General Mattis, stating publicly that we will not get into a shooting war with China over disputed South Chin Sea islands. That tells China clearly that they are now free to continue their expansion in that area. It also clearly tells any potential or current ally of ours that we won’t make a move to stop China from being the local bully. So what options does that give every single country in that region of the world now?

Ukraine, lately Russia once again opened fire on the Ukraine. While the fighting didn’t last for more than a couple of weeks to one extent or another, it sent a clear signal from Russia to the Ukraine, “We are going to take what we want!” And to everyone else Russia was saying “We dare you to stop us!” We didn’t, no one did, and now Russia feels embolden to test the borders even more. Russia will move to expand their growing empire…and soon.

Iran, with their ballistic missile test launch recently they tested Trump. Trump failed. Well, not entirely, “Don’t test Donald Trump’s resolve!” was the mantra from VP Pence. But test him they did, and Trump failed. OK, Trump did propose sanctions against Iran. Oh my word…I am sure that Tehran is shaking in their boots and wishing they had never fired that missile. Not! Iran now knows that the Trump presidency is talk and no substantial action. That also sends a signal to Israel that Trump may not be the stalwart ally that they might have thought.

Speaking of Israel, they certainly got a wake up call! Trump’s initial support for Israel was firm and unshakable as granite. Well, until Trump changed his mind…like 180degree change of mind. Trump has now significantly reduced his support for Israel through his warning to them that settlements were not a good idea. That warning coupled with Trump’s lack of meaningful response to Iran’s missile launch must have many in the Israeli government wondering just how much support they can truly count on from the Trump administration.

Our foreign policy, it doesn’t exist beyond “America First!” While that makes for a great sound bite or bumper sticker, it doesn’t tell the world what to expect from the good ole USA. And, foreign interactions depend almost entirely on expectations and dependability. With the Trump administration, as of now, there is no clear expectation for our allies or enemies to hang their hat on. That means instability with both friend and foe.

The Media –

The media is…well, for lack of better term…insane. And, I don’t mean that figuratively. I have really been paying attention to CNN lately and it is clear they are taking on the role of anti-Trump on everything. And, I am OK with that. But, they have taken it to a whole new level. While they were obviously an Obama cheerleader network during his presidency, they have moved to new depths of partisanship. So much so that they are collectively showing signs of mental illness. Once character in particular, Chris Cuomo that appears in the morning. He has come completely unhinged. He acts so absurdly insane in his anti-Trump antics that it is a wonder he hasn’t been institutionally committed for his danger to himself and the community.

The media, as you well know, is now misrepresenting everything Trump says or does. And, the media isn’t even trying to hide the fact that they are lying about what Trumps does or says. Oh, lest I forget Fox. Fox is dismissive as well. They have assumed the role of pro-Trump everything. Granted, while they do present a more balanced presentation through the use of some left-wing pundits, they are still essentially an extension of the Spicer press corp. But, here is why the left-wing media is dangerous…the tsunami affect. No matter whether what the media is reporting is true or not, they have the numbers on their side. You have five or six major TV outlets along with virtually all the country’s newspapers, and most blogger websites spewing the left’s extremists views and anti-Trump propaganda, eventually it will simply swamp any other message out there.

And the message is clear…Trump must be removed from office. I think they will succeed (literally or figuratively)…it just a matter of time

The Leftists and Violence –

What you have seen lately is the true nature of the Democrats, liberals, and progressives…violence, hate, intolerance, and destruction. It won’t stop, it will get worse, and it will spread.

The last time I wrote I admitted that I was wrong when I predicted significant violence was coming. I am wrong that I was wrong. I was right. I just didn’t get the timing right.

The campus demonstrators, protestors, rioters, and destroyers won in silencing Milo, and separately, a host of conservative speakers lately. Through destroying property and violently attacking individuals they have proven successful. We saw police stand by while people were being savagely attacked and property destroyed. Now, these leftists know they can win…and that has emboldened them.

We’ve also seen demonstrations and protests erupt against Trump’s so-called travel ban. They too feel they were successful in their operations. Coupled with the campus demonstrations we will see an increase in the number and violence level of protesting, rioting, and destruction. Avoid any of these situations! Do not think you can safely counter-protest. During the last rounds of protests by democrats and other left-wing extremists they individually targeted anyone that they felt supported Trump. If you get caught in this situation you could find yourself severely hurt, or worse.

Soros & Bannon –

bannonsorosI’ve been carefully watching what is happening behind the scenes on both sides. It is clear as day that Soros money and associates are behind the democrats and their organized violence pushing for anarchy. But, not as clearly, Steven Bannon is working just as hard through the alt-right as Soros is through the far left. Bannon is to one group of extremists what Soros is to the other.

Yes, Steven Bannon is a bad man. I reported before that he has a violent criminal history. He has identified himself as a leader in the alt-right movement. He ran a hugely popular website that identified itself as spokesmen for the alt-right.

There is no difference between Soros and Bannon in the type of men they are and what they are working for.  Trump placing Bannon on the National Security Council gave me huge pause to worry…seriously worry about what is happening. Then removing the existing two positions from the NSC was even more troublesome. Either Trump unknowingly made a huge mistake or there is reason of grave concern of Trump as president. Bannon on the NSC is like placing Herman Goering on Hitler’s staff. No, not Trump as Hitler…Bannon in a position of authority and influence that could turn out as badly as Goering.

Trump & Politics –

Trump is a horrible politician! That is both a compliment and a complaint. On the positive side he isn’t cut from the same piece of cloth as our current politicians. On the other side of that sword he is bumbling and failing to successfully lead our country.

Now, if you are rabid Trump sycophant then you just got really mad at me because you are so invested in Trump as to ignore what is happening. Trump is not succeeding as our country’s leader. We are more divided, more polarized, as a people that ever before. Listen, I am not talking about policy and I am not comparing that he is better or worse than Obama or Hillary. I am simply stating the obvious…he is failing to successfully lead our country.

To be a successful leader you have to unite an overwhelming majority of people to follow a united vision of success. In politics an overwhelming majority could only be 60% or so of the people, but Trump can barely hit 50% on most issues, and often far below that. He can’t be successful with those numbers.

Do you care about that at all or do you just want him to implement his agenda?

Think about your answer to that question long and hard. Obama tried to implement his agenda and was successful in doing so to a certain degree. Did you like that? What was the outcome?

Obama polarized the country and cemented a strange coalition of Republicans and conservatives to elect Trump.

Trump’s precidency has already polarized the country even more…and he is just getting started. Will Trump cement a coalition of left-wing zealots along with the barely less radical Democrats? Will that then result in the election of an Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or worse?

Are you naive enough to think vast numbers of the 40% or so of the left will have some kind of epiphany and become Trumpeteers? Do you think Independents will somehow see the light and join the ranks of Republicans?

Look, President Reagan only hit 53% job approval rating in office, do you think Trump can beat that? If you do then you are delusional. Trump’s presidency will simply divide the country even more than Obama did. No, Trump won’t divide because he is an evil man or anything even remotely similar. He is simply not able to unite, and he isn’t enough of a politician or a leader to do so. As the country continues to polarize it will continue to become more violent and that will lead to instability.

While Trump may have been a success in the business world’s board rooms, being President of the United States is not anything like being CEO of any corporation. If Trump doesn’t become more of a politician, the government machine led by other politicians will grind Trump into a footnote in history. And American citizens will pay the price for his failure.

The Trouble Makers to Watch –

I could list a whole bunch of folks on the radical extreme left…every member of the Democrat party, Soros, etc. But, you already know that every Democrat will be actively working to subvert Trump as President.

But, just as assuredly as the extremists on the left, you have Republicans that will work to tank Trump’s presidency mccainas well. The most notably is the war-mongering, RINO, Progressive John McCain. McCain is a dangerous man. Granted, by almost any measure he is a delusional old man, but his connections and influence run deep. He will subvert Trump both publicly, but most importantly, he will undermine Trump behind the scenes like you can’t imagine. And of course he will be accompanied by his clownish sidekick Lindsey Graham.

Watch for others to work against Trump as opportunities arise:

  • Senator Lamar Alexander
  • Senator Susan Collins
  • Senator Cory Gardner
  • Senator Jerry Moran
  • Senator Ben Sasse
  • Senator John Barrasso
  • Senator Bill Cassidy
  • Senator Bob Corker
  • Senator Chuck Grassley
  • Senator Mitch McConnell
  • Senator Marco Rubio

Any Bush or any other RINO or moderate Republican. But, McCain is the public leader of these Trump saboteurs.

Summary –

I really tired to come to some catchy phrase conclusion as to the current sate of affairs right now…but I couldn’t do it. But, what did come to mind was this…I am less confident in the US government now than I ever have been. I can also say with a feeling of certainty that the US is more polarized that ever before. We see a rise in demonstrations, protests, and riots. We are seeing an unleashing of the Democrats’ more violent side come out in the their shock troops’ behavior. We are seeing massive amounts of leftist money being thrown against Trump via lawsuits. We are seeing a cementing of a left-wing extremist coalition.

Most of all, we are seeing the stock markets betting on Trump-the-man and his potential for success as President. This alone is driving the markets. When Trump suffers another defeat, or the ultimate political defeat, we will see the markets tank.

Even worse than that we may see a foreign power try to take advantage of a perceived crack in the will of our President, and that could solicit a Presidential response based on ego but wrapped in so-called “vital national interest.” See your eye on the evil three…Iran, China, & Russia. But, don’t dismiss the clown in North Korea.

An aspiring totalitarian state craves confusion, chaos, and destruction. For it is then that weak people cry out for safety, security, law and order. Then liberty, freedoms, and rights endure a final funeral as the dictators look on and smile at the collective weakness of their people.

With all that being said…what to do?

Same as before, I’ve said it a hundred times…nothing more or less than what I’ve already told you to do…prepare. Concentrate on mitigating the threats of:

  1. Violence
  2. Injury and sickness
  3. Poor or non-existent communications
  4. Poor or non-existent organization
  5. Dehydration
  6. Shelter
  7. Starvation

Do those things that you know in your heart that are right. That is all that anyone can ask for.



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11 thoughts on “SitRep – 02/06/2017

  1. I believe there nobody other than Christ himself that could unite this people at this point. The “left” is way to far left, and the right is tired f the Left’s BS. We are too far gone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank You. I appreciate your insight. today as I pondered all the things happening it reminded me of the Kingmen and Freemen in the book of Mormon. I am just not always sure who is on which side anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. while i don’t deny your accuracy i feel you are focusing on the dark side too much. people are seeing things getting done. the lefts lamentations are driving independents and old school democrats away in droves. they are coming off as spoiled little kids. the violence is obviously choreographed and also turns people off. the whining in congress, aired by the dutiful press just shows the ignorance of these congress critters. maxine waters today lamented how “russia was invading korea as we speak” because of trump. i’m not letting up on the preparing at all but i’m a tad more optimistic about the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know you are right, I do focus a lot on the bad side of things…..too much for my own good probably. The reason I do so is to be a warning voice. I really wouldn’t forgive myself if I allowed something to slip by me and folks get blindsided. Please be tolerant of my way of relaying current events and my opinions. Thank you, AH.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, international relations are a mess, domestic relations are even worse, and I expected nothing less from the last eight years. Trump is faced with a dilemma, to continue the debt spending and the foreign wars, or to concentrate on the domestic side. Either way, no one will be happy. Cutting taxes, while increasing spending ain’t gonna work. Promising to ditch NATO, ratchet down the tensions, AND “rebuild” the military, while confronting China and Russia are contradictory goals. Cutting the size of government and the proles dependence on it will make few friends either. Personally, I’m tired of the “man” being everything to everyone. For decades we’ve been policing the world, giving trillions in foreign aid, and most of all, fighting wars we have no intention of winning. This long term failure of commitment to win started in Korea, and has lead to bin Laden’s statement about “bloody their nose and they will retreat”. When we say “or else” to our enemies. they laugh and reply “or else what, you cowards”? The troops are brave, but the politicians have foolish goals and weak constitutions. We see the same weak knee buying of votes with cronyism for identity politics as we do for corporations and foreign aid.
    As far as Trump’s ability to “unite an overwhelming majority of people to follow a united vision of success” you have pointed out exactly why he can’t. RINO’s, Leftists, Libertarians, Academia, the MSM, those on the dole, and foreign leaders have all decided that anything TRUMP is everything BAD. The “Muslim Ban” is a good example, because it was (is) nothing of the sort. The whole take on it by all the above culprits is BS. In the face of this kind of propaganda, what should he do to “unite” the country? When the Leftists say “unite” what they mean is “do as we say”. Wouldn’t that contribute to a “perceived crack in the will of our President”?
    The “will of the people” is to stampede which ever way the wind of the moment is blowing. The cause du jour, whether it be Black lives, Milo, Israel, Palestine, Syria, refugees, immigration, guns, inflate-gate, or what the hell ever, has their (momentary) attention. For now, Trump is the go-to shiny object for distraction of the sheep. Why? Because most of them have not one damn principle floating around in their heads. Lots of “Causes” for them to advocate, but no principles to guide them. The country is ruled by 30 second sound bytes, 140 character Tweets, slick memes, and click-bait headline grazing. God forbid someone should actually do a little research and exercise their gray matter! Recto-cranial insertion may be warm and fuzzy, but the view never changes. When (or if) it finally does, it may be too late.
    The few of us who can get beyond the 30 second/140 character/meme/click bait realm are also the most likely to be doing just what you advise, prepare, prepare, prepare. In the end, it may be us and the cockroaches.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Spot on. I’ve been wstvhjnv as you have. Gku have articulated the situation more clearly than I can. Pay attention People we haven’t seen anything yet. Something bad is !ikelg to happen, and it will! Be unexpected and from a source we mag not recognize.. Prelare, prepare, prepare,and be ready to take prudent action.

    Liked by 1 person

      • yeah if I. could type it would help. Then if I would slow down and proof read would also help. thirdly, I need to comment using my computer not my phone or my kindle since they don’t let me go back and edit my “code” words. any way thanks for making me laugh at myself..


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