Frequently Asked Questions – 2/12/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQDo you think Trump is doing a good job as President?

Nope. I think he is failing as a President. He is a divisive figure and polarizing the country with his attitude and actions. A successful leader unites people behind a common vision. Trump is not doing that and has no desire to do so. And that statement will tick off a whole bunch of people. I don’t care, it’s an honest and objective opinion.

Sounds as if you don’t like Trump?

I neither like him or not. I don’t know him personally. I’ve heard he can be very engaging privately. But, then again when I met President Bush in 2002 and spoke with him he was engaging and a nice guy. We know how that turned out.

Are we better off with Trump as President?

Better off that with whom…Hillary? Who knows, there is nothing to judge that on since I think Hilary would have been a buffoon as President and the Republican controlled Congress would have thwarted her agenda. Better than Obama? Nah. No one could have been worse than Obama…other than maybe McCain.

Why have there been so few articles posted on the website in the last few months?

I’ve been very busy the last few months. The retirement home / bug out location has kept me working hard. I’ve also started preparing our home for sale within the year. And, I’ve been spending time finishing up a number of prepper goals.

What “prepper goals” are you talking about?

I think the country is in dire straights right now. That should come as no surprise. I want to make sure that I am as prepared as possible to live as independently as possible should the grid go down. And yes, I think it will go down.


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