Frequently Asked Questions – 2/16/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQIs there a timeline for the grid going down?

Whatever I say will be misunderstood, misconceived, or I will be wrong. So I am hesitant to refer to any specific timeframe. But, I will say that it could be at any second based on the extreme instability of the country right now and the Trump presidency. But, at the same time, it could take years for the country to finally finishing falling apart. But that is different than the grid going down.

There you go again badmouthing Trump.

No, I am simply stating that with Trump as president our country is more unstable than it has ever been in my lifetime. It is a combination of foreign instability with Russia and China. And also domestically with the Democrats (including their anarchists) doing everything they can to subvert his presidency. There is also the opposition, dark and deadly, on the part of people like McCain and other TPTB (political and ruling classes) that don’t like the idea of Trump as president. Combined…we have instability.

So you think Trump is a good president?

I already answered that previously, no.

Do you think he will, or could be, be a successful president?

No, he will fail and fail miserably. He has everything but a minority of Americans against him. And those that are for him are not the ones in power, not the ones with money, and not the ones with the big influence. Remember, Trump didn’t win the popular vote. That means more people voted against him than for him. That places Trump supporters in the minority. He also doesn’t have the support of the ruling class (that I know of). And he doesn’t have the majority support of businesses. The cards are stacked against him. I wish, and hope, I am very wrong about this.


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