Frequently Asked Questions – 2/20/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQWhat is the single threat against America today?

The stock/bond market. Any tiny blip of any kind will send it crashing. If the stock or bond markets tanks, the economy is done for. Most of the recent rally in the market has been based solely on the hope that Trump will lower taxes and reform government regulation. I don’t think he is going to be able to either in any meaningful way. I really hope I am wrong in that statement.

What is the single biggest foreign threat to America today?

Russia invading the Ukraine. If Russia makes that move then the question is what will Trump do. We know NATO won’t act in any meaningful way without the support of the US. We know that the UN won’t do anything without the support of the US. So it all boils down to what Trump will do. If he makes any military move against Russia I think it will escalate. If that happens I don’t think it will end well…no, not at all.

What about China?

Trump won’t do anything about China and the Red Sea. The US can’t afford a two-front military threat. We have the biggest threat with Russia, we can’t handle China at the same time.

What about some invasion of either Russia or China.

Neither will happen in our lifetimes. It is simply impossible and anyone who says it will happen has no idea what they are talking about.

But there are some who firmly believe it will happen. What about that?

Look at their sources of information. Dreams and visions of an invasion is not a battle plan. Dreams and visions of such an invasion is fantasy pure and simple. Most of them are well meaning people, I know some of them. But, they are not capable of making fantasy coming true.

Could North Korea launch an attack that could start it all?

Start what? Yes, they could launch a missile, even a nuclear missile, maybe more than one. To actually hit the US they would be unreal lucky from a technology viewpoint. And then it would have to get through our missile defense system. And if it did that, then what? Do you think Trump would launch a nuclear counter-strike against North Korea…seriously? Not a chance!


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