Frequently Asked Questions – 2/24/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQWhat is the most important prepper priority?

Unquestionably it is to protect yourself and your family against violence. There are two parts to that priority, the will and means. In the “will” part I include Situational Awareness. In the “means” part I include both the hardware (i.e. AR-15) and the software (i.e. training).

What about spirituality and closeness to God?

That is not a prepper priority…that is a life priority. That should come before anything related to prepping.

So spirituality is not important?

If you ask that question of me, then you don’t understand me, didn’t understand my last answer, and wouldn’t understand me answering again. But I will try anyways…spirituality and a close relationship with Heavenly Father is something that is required for life, it is essential. As such it is outside of the “prepper” realm, more important than being a prepper, more important than anything prepping…period. To me, without spirituality and a close relationship with Heavenly Father nothing else matters. I hope that makes sense.

What is your number one prepper priority right now?

Finishing up the property. I have some cabin work to do and then a concrete well house with the new pump. I have written a number of articles on what is happening with property but I haven’t had time to edit those yet so I am not posting them.


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