Frequently Asked Questions – 2/28/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQAre folks welcome at your property?

Depends on who the folks are. I’ve gotten cranky, more cranky, as I get older. I am more selective about who I associate with. But, generally speaking anyone is welcome to come visit me, just contact me for more information. If you catch me during a project then bring your work gloves.

How soon will you be living fulltime at your property?

I retire in 11 months, it will be sometime after that…unless the world falls apart.

I hear you have some health issues?

Where did you hear that? But, the short answer is yes. Mostly it is called old age. I will be 62 this year. But, beyond that I am having some problems with both feet and my doctor wants me to bring down my A1C. I am working on both problems. And if you hear me coughing I am getting over some kind of winter crud that hit my lungs. It was nasty and I hear it lasts for about a month. I am about half way through that.


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