Frequently Asked Questions – 3/5/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQWhen looking for a BOL or retirement property what is your #1 priority?

Affordability. If you can’t pay for it then it isn’t going to be yours. Now, that being said few people in this day and age can pay cash for a piece of property but you have to set realistic expectations for what you want. If you want a 1000acres in Idaho you better have a small fortune in cash available to you. If you want a 2000square foot BOL bunker/cabin set in St. George on acreage then you better have a small fortune ready. But, for the average person those are out of the question, but what can you afford is the right question. We bought 43 acres with a well for $30k and paid cash. It took us 3+ years of searching to find it. Then we took the money out of our retirement accounts to pay for it. It was worth the time, effort, and money. Now all we have to concentrate on is paying the property taxes on it should the grid fail and some petty bureaucrat feels the need to try and collect them.

What comes after affordability when looking a BOL or retirement property?

Location. And that comes into play in a couple of ways. First, is the properly located somewhere that is feasible for a BOL. That means basically can you grow food most of the year in some fashion as well as can you defend the property. Growing food in the Artic Circle would be problematic at best. Trying to defend your property on the outskirts of Los Angles would be impossible. Second, is the property located in a area with people that you want to be around. You will not survive any serious grid-down alone, as a small family, or even a decent sized group of say 10 people. You will need, and must have, a community to drawn upon and participate in.


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One thought on “Frequently Asked Questions – 3/5/2017

  1. One other requirement as far as location. If it’s a BOL, can you get to it if the SHTF? Is it within a reasonable distance? One tank of gas. One days drive? Are there multiple routes? If it’s for a permanent residence, those don’t matter, but it generates a whole different set of questions.

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