Frequently Asked Questions – 3/13/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQWhat is the weakest area of most people’s preps?

Unquestionably it is training. Preppers will buy great gear and equipment but fail to acquire sufficient training to use it. Take something as simple as an AR-15. Folks will buy one, buy some magazines, and ammo. But, they will never take a tactical rifle course…or six! Sure, they may go out an punch holes in paper but can they fight their weapon? Can they actually run and shoot, lay down and shoot, provide accurate suppressive fire, shoot moving targets, shoot accurately under stress? Folks assemble great first aid kits loaded with supplies. Which aren’t cheap by the way. But, have they taken an EMT course? Have they taken a Wilderness First Responder Class? Heck, have they taken even the most basic of first aid classes? Same is true with almost every aspect of prepping…training, training, training!

You haven’t talked much about surviving a nuclear grid-down?

Yup, and I won’t. Years ago I was giving a preparedness class and someone asked me how to survive a nuclear detonation. Due to my military background I have some pretty decent knowledge of that. I replied by asking why would he want to. He didn’t have an answer…and that is the answer. For me, that is the one event that I don’t care if I survive or don’t. After a nuclear exchange in your proximity what would be left? My personal opinion is that I don’t and won’t prepare for that event. But, that is just me.

You seem to get agitated with some prepper experts, why?

What!? Who!? Me??? Well, OK…me. Yeah, well, the number of actual prepper experts is actually very limited. There is a large number of subject matter experts but that doesn’t make them a prepper expert. And many so-called prepper experts are actually only business people that are trying to make a living off people in the prepper community. What really gets me going is some so-called expert giving advice that will kill people. They do some superficial research in an area they want to sound important in. Then they write an article or book about it. Problem is…they rarely have first-hand experience, or any experience, in what they are writing about. I’ve read a number of articles in the last six months about surviving fires. All of the articles were written by non-firefighters. All of the articles contained some of the most stupid advice you could give a person…and could get a person killed. Another example are business owners that recommend products because that is what they sell. A so-called expert highly recommends GoalZero solar equipment as being the best out there. That is far, far from the truth. It is expensive gear and usually at least two generations of technology behind the times. But, he sells the GoalZero equipment and makes a profit doing so. The quest for money shads his judgment on what is actually the best equipment/gear for the mission. And I am getting old and cranky…that has lowered my patience level a lot.


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