Frequently Asked Questions – 3/17/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQDo you still think that Baofeng radios are the best?

I never said that Baofeng radios are the best. Actually, my opinion is that Yaesu radios are the best. Baofeng radios are then best choice for balance of cost and benefit for preppers.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the country in 2017?

Dealing with Trump Presidency. The country was extremely divided under Obama, it is getting worse under Trump, much worse. No, I am not saying Trump is actively causing it. I am saying that his presidency will be the biggest challenge. And the reasons are long and complicated. But essentially his presidency is polarizing…people are taking up, or have taken up, sides of being for or against him with little room to maneuver between those positions. By the end of the year the country will be even more polarized, more contentious, and far more at odds than now. And we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of protests, demonstrations, and riots of opposition. If we start to see protests and demonstrations of support for Trump that clash with the opposition…well, you better hang on and have prepared for it.

Do you see any chance that the country will unite under Trump?

No. Plain and simple no. There is too much money and power at stake…or the loss thereof to allow liberals/democrats/progressives to allow a peaceful coalition supporting Trump. Big money totalitarian state supporters like Soros, Zukerburg, Gates, Dorsey, Williams, Systrom, etc. won’t let it happen.

You keep mentioning “totalitarian state”, why are you so obsessed with that?

Obsessed, really? Well, I guess you are right. Here’s why…because that is the ultimate endgame of all governments. In a totalitarian state the government has complete and total control over a citizen’s life. The government controls, either directly or indirectly, all power and money. And there are a relatively few elites at the top of governments that control the power…hence, control the money. Look at any government in the history of man…they grow and seize power from individuals. They grow because they want to control money and people. In any new government a ruling class begins to grow because they think that their way is the right way and everyone needs to conform. They begin to enact laws and other controls that force people to conform. In that conforming people lose their power and money to the government…hence, to the ruling class. As the ruling class gets a taste of increasing wealth and power they create more ways to create more power and wealth. The ultimate outcome of every government in human history is to control people and limit the wealth of the populace. Yes, even the USA. Look at where we were 200, 150, even 100 years ago in terms of rights, freedoms, and liberty. Compare that to today. In comparison we live in a virtual totalitarian state already. And it will continue to get worse. It is the natural spinoff of people’s greed…the desire to have wealth and power over others. It is human nature and won’t ever change until Christ returns to earth.


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