Frequently Asked Questions – 3/21/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQ What is the best training that you ever attended?

Wow, what a loaded question. The most enjoyable and fun class was onPoint’s Urban Escape and Evasion followed closely by their Surviving Deadly Contact. The most useful was my First Responder first aid class. It was 40 hours of first aid training and I used it countless times in saving lives. The best taught class I ever took was a leadership class taught by Special Forces folks.

What size generator should I buy?

First, ask yourself why you want to buy a generator. Specifically, answer the question, what is the mission for a generator. There is a great sales campaign that shows generators as prepper equipment. Why? They cost a lot of money and have a good profit margin for people who sell them. Seriously, ask yourself what you want to power and why. I purchased one but for very short-term emergencies and use. I have used my Honda EU-2000i for non-prepper missions that any prepper issue. Most people have no idea what to actually use a generator for during emergencies, disasters, or grid-down. The biggest drawback to using a generator is being noticed. Next would be the ability to store enough fuel to make a generator practical. When the grid is down do you want to be the only house around with lights, AC, refrig/freezer capability, etc.? Don’t you think that might make you a magnet for everyone to be drawn to…including the bad guys? Even the most fuel efficient generators use more than a gallon of fuel during an operational period. Over a two-week period you could be talking 15 – 45 gallons of gasoline or propane. Can you realistically store that much for emergencies? And what exactly would you accomplish by having generator power for that two-weeks? In my case my generator will be used as back-up to a solar system to power my well. I can run it for four hours and pump enough water into a storage tank to provide drinking water for a year. My generator can run on propane that is naturally stabilized. A 500-gallon propane tank will give me year’s worth of well power…and that is if my solar system is 100% non-functional. Define the mission first!



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