Frequently Asked Questions – 3/25/2017

In your SitRep on 3/6/2017 you referred to a “coup”, are you serious or just being dramatic?

I am 100% serious. All the evidence points to it. You have the coup perpetrators talking openly of it in the media. The proof is all around us and shown everyday in the media.


You talked about $50+trillion dollars of debt in the US. Our economy can handle that, so why are you causing panic?

The current GDP of the US is just under $17trillion. That means if you took every single dollar out of the economy for 3 years you still couldn’t pay off the debt we are talking about. Look at it this way…if the national debt was a 30-year mortgage the payment would be $1.8trillion per year. Combined income of all Americans in 2015 was $15trillion. That means 12% of all income would be required of every person to payoff the national debt in 30 years. Oh, but that doesn’t include the interest payment on that debt! Now, try factoring in just the lower end of the unfunded liabilities on top of the debt. Now we are talking a payment of over $5trillion each year. That’s a third of EVERYONE’S income just to pay the debt and unfunded liabilities…but not a single % of interest is included in the payment. So let’s look at it this way…in 2015 the average household made about $53k. Also in 2015 the average household spent $56k in expenses. So how in the world could we think that people could give up a third of their income to pay off debt and liabilities when they are already falling behind each year? As for “panic”…that is up to each individual. Remember…If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.

Do you think retirees or taxpayers will take the hit on pension funds going bad?

First of all…retirees are taxpayers. And ultimately the retirees will get hit with lower benefits, the taxpayers will be hit by the federal government adding money into the pension funds to keep them afloat, and the companies, cities, counties, states, etc. will all get hit when they are required to add more money into the funds. And ultimately everyone is going to be hurt as it adversely impacts the economy.

You don’t talk highly of John McCain, why?

John McCain is a radical neo-con, war mongering, progressive, loser. In 1960 he crashed a Navy plane due to his carelessness. In 1961 McCain nearly crashed another Navy jet because he hit power lines while “clowning around” trying to show off. In 1965 he used a Navy jet to fly to meet his wife during Christmas. On his return he had Christmas presents aboard his jet. His jet ran out of fuel, he ejected, jet crashed. In 1967 the Captain of the USS Forrestal (aircraft carrier) testified that is was McCain’s jet doing a wet-start that caused another jet’s missile to cook-off causing the catastrophe. The ship was heavily damaged, killed 134 sailors, and injured almost 200 more. McCain changed his testimony multiple times…and that is a matter of criminal investigative record. John McCain is the son of Admiral McCain, Jr. And John McCain is the grandson of Admiral John McCain, Sr. John McCain’s father was the Admiral in charge of the pacific fleet immediately after the USS Forrestal disaster. McCain performed poorly when he attended the Naval Academy, graduating 5th from the bottom of his class. His father and grandfather protected him from being held accountable for his extremely poor and reckless behavior at the Academy and in the Navy. During all of the investigations of McCain’s “accidents” he consistently lied in his description of related facts. He was promoted none the less. McCain has a very dark and disreputable past. I don’t like him, I think he is the ultimate ruling class member, if not a member of the elitist class.


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