Frequently Asked Questions – 3/29/2017

You talk about the CIA, FBI, and NSA as America’s secret police making them sound as bad as the Soviet Union’s KGB or some other dictatorship’s secret police, why?

Because they are! Come on, I’ve done my research and book after book show these agencies to be dark and anti-American as they come. I’ve shared here on the site much of what I’ve discovered. They are enforcement tools, lethal at times, for the federal government. Their sole purpose is to keep those in power, in power. You have to do your own research and dig deep. You can’t simply read the glossy hyper-PR crap that is put out about them and by them. You have to really see them for who they are. But, more than anything else…show me where any of these agencies are authorized by the Constitution! Remember high school civics…if it isn’t specifically authorized in the Constitution it is delegated to the states. Add on top of that…can you imagine for a second any Founding Father advocating for any of those agencies? If they had thought a national police force or federal spy agency a good idea they would have allowed for it in the Constitution…but they didn’t! Case closed.


You have been talking about the overthrow of the US for quite a while, long before most other media, how is that possible?

Because I’ve done my research for years. I had a number of experiences over the years that have helped open my eyes to what is transpiring around me. In 2012 I had an amazing experience that made me see what federal law enforcement agencies really are…and who works for them. I made contacts in those agencies and was given information that has confirmed every single dark aspect of those agencies. In 2013 I came to the conclusion that the government had been overthrown during a “soft coup”. Nothing overly violent, but any vestiges of good guys, Constitutional loyalty, ethics and morality were done away with. It became all about power, control, and subjugating the people. Up until that time there were still a few good people trying to keep the country in some resemblance of a Constitutional Republic. That, and they, are all gone now. My research takes me places that are both amazing and terrifying at the same time. I am a big John Whitehead fan. He is probably the top Constitutional expert in the country and lays out his points so well with rock solid indisputable evidence. But, I still verify his stuff and do even more research on my own. I am also not afraid to say what I feel. Many people on the Internet or other alternative media are afraid to say what they know. Then you have some folks like Hannity that are the ultimate neo-con, war mongering, flag-waving tools you could ever imagine. Then there is Rush Limbaugh. Successful? Yes. Smart? Yes. Diehard Republican? Yes. So his stuff will always back the Republicans while rarely supporting solid Constitutional principles. Mark Levin is a hard-core conservative. But, he is also a strong, almost radical, law and order guy who supports a near-police state in the US. Then there is Glenn Beck. He was amazing for years. But now he is gone a different way. He is more about activism and self-discovery. That’s fine but he lost his edge exposing what is happening with our government. Michael Savage is a weirdo. He is the crazy uncle of the group. He has a lot of good stuff from time to time but he is an egomaniac and very self-serving. He is a blind faith Trumpateer. I don’t even want to go in Alex Jones. He is an idiot. He can put out some good stuff from time to time but he is bat shit crazy. I just want to expose what is happening, who is behind it, and what to do about it. One day I imagine the black suit guys will show up at my house for a visit.


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One thought on “Frequently Asked Questions – 3/29/2017

  1. Brion McClanahan- The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution
    Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman- Who Killed the Constitution?: The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to George W. Bush
    Tom Woods- The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, and
    Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century,
    Kevin Gutzman- The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution
    Thomas DiLorenzo- The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War


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