Frequently Asked Questions – 4/3/2017

You referenced Rush Limbaugh, do you regularly listen to him and other talk show hosts?

No. I listen to Rush maybe 5 – 10 minutes per week while driving. Glenn Beck maybe 20 minutes per week driving to work. Michael Savage maybe 10 minutes each week while driving. I don’t listen to Sean Hannity, his is just too blind and too much of a fake for me. I listen to about 5 – 10 minutes of Mark Levin while driving home. He is way too staunch conservative – law & order for me. He is blind to many things but a brilliant mind in other ways. I never listen to Alex Jones, is is both an idiot and crazy. I really don’t want to listen to talk show hosts anyways, I don’t want them influencing me and what I think is happening.

What do you think will happen first, economic crash or grid-down?

An economic crash is a grid-down. The question should be, which will cause which? Either can cause either.  An economic crash can be used as a tool to bring about a larger grid-down event. So, either can occur first, I am not sure which will happen when.

How do I access all the episodes of “Escape From Tuscon”?

They are in reverse order… Link:

Where is your property?


Having a close relationship with God is not easily accomplished, I am not alone in a cave somewhere growing my hair long and eating locusts. Seems to me it would take up all the time you have so you would have to sequester yourself. How do you get close to God and get anything else done in your life?

Incredible response and question, I love it! First, understand that God knows us as any father would know their child…times a million. He knows we have responsibilities here on earth and those responsibilities take time. Let’s look at a couple of things; 1) tithing, 2) the Sabbath. In the scriptures we are told to tithe…give back 10% of our increase to God for His purposes. Why not 100%? Because God knows we need to be wise stewards of the other 90% while providing for our families. We are also told to keep the Sabbath day holy. In other words rest and worship God. Why not seven days a week? Because God knows we have responsibilities here on earth and we need time to accomplish them. Now, “How do you get close to God and get anything else done in your life?”

I can only speak for myself, I am no church leader. I try to take time and read my scriptures each day. In the scriptures I learn His will and learn from Christ’s example. In addition, I am comforted by their messages. Next, I pray multiple times a day. Sure, I do the standard stuff to bless my food. But, I also pray with my wife every night before we go to bed. I also try to pray at various times throughout the day. Sometimes those prays are just a quick “thank you” and expressing my gratitude. Other times I ask about very specific things. I also try to integrate service to God’s other children in my life. We feed missionaries at least once a month. My wife coordinates feeding missionaries for half of their evening meals each month. I have two elderly men that I kinda keep watch over. I visit with them several times a month and I try to provide meals and/or treats to them multiple times a month. Is that enough to get closer to God? Yes, I think so. I can only compare my life today to what it was when I didn’t do those things. I am better off today. I retire in 9 months and I will try hard to do even more. And yes, I believe that may help me grow closer to God. Remember, God loves each of us, His children, to a tremendous degree. He isn’t a God to condemn us or criticize, or find fault. He is a loving Father who wants what is best for us…and He is very, very understanding of us. He has to be 😉


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2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions – 4/3/2017

  1. Last question blew me out of the water! It’s topics like that I keep returning here. All your points are solid and good advice/example. It’s not what we say but what we do. And it’s not for recognition from others. We are called to serve and like Jesus does we will work for his kingdom. My life changed when I was saved I’m four years old.

    Mason Smawley
    LTC retired

    Liked by 1 person

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