Frequently Asked Questions – 4/7/2017

Why don’t you have an editor to help with spelling and grammar errors? They are distracting to otherwise good content. (from a retired English teacher)

It’s a combination of time and effort. I’ve had multiple offers from folks to help out. None have really worked out. I try to deliver content and hope for people to understand the spelling and grammar part. Remember, I am not a professional prepper website person. I do this because I feel drive, prompted, guided to do it. I only have so much time in the day, being, or using, an expert editor is not on my list of tasks right now.

I feel the country is not being more divided, it is just louder and more Fake News making it look like we are more divided. The more obnoxious you act, the more news you will receive. The people supporting Trump are quiet, respectful, decent and reserved and not out rioting. You hear MORE FROM THE LIBERALS in negative ways. They are getting paid to act that way and they have foreigners helping them. Why don’t they want to straighten out the mess B.O. made — on purpose????

Yes. But, there is more to it than that. There are Trump supporters that like the old system of money and power. There are also plenty of politicians that have nothing more on their mind than money and power. So why would they want to ruin that by straightening anything out? Now, there are some very good folks working for and with Trump, but many of them don’t understand how the system works…and hence, can’t get much done. But, let me ask a very rude question…What if Trump doesn’t want to straighten it out? What if he just wants it leaning towards him and his cronies? And remember, Congress has no incentives to straighten anything out. The way it is works to their advantage of money and power.

Why did you choose Arizona to build your cabin? Are you with a family group or just doing this all on your own?

It has a combination of attributes that work for us. Search for BOL (bug out location) articles on the site, that will help you understand what I was looking for. I am also working on a long series of articles devoted to the property. Maybe they will start coming out in the coming months.  It is just our family. We don’t have a “group” per se. But, there is a large presence of our church there and that helps tremendously. I would love to have a group that would meet-up there should things go bad. Interested?, an organization staffed primarily by journalists and a professor, disputes the “wet-start” theory.

Yup, they sure do. Their opinion is based on the final investigation report that came out…after McCain’s Admiral daddy took over the Pacific Fleet. It was the ship’s Captain that made the statement…and he was there. I will trust the Captain’s opinion over a whitewashed report overseen by McCain’s daddy.

And a little info about the website you mentioned… they receive their funding from the liberal Annenberg Foundation.

The Annenberg Foundation was originally founded by Walter J. Annenberg, a conservative who supported Ronald Reagan. However, when Walter Annenberg died, his family took over the management of the foundation and it took a turn to the far left and has ties to radical left individuals such as Bill Ayers and his friend and fellow left wing radical collegue Barack Obama. How is associated with these people:

To start, Ayers was the key founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was a Chicago public school reform project from 1995 to 2001. Upon its start in 1995, Obama was appointed Board Chairman and President of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Geesh, that alone connects all three. Well, it branches out even more from there.

Ayers co-chaired the organization’s Collaborative, which set the education policies of the Challenge. Oddly enough, Obama was the one who was authorized to delegate to the Collaborative in regards to its programs and projects. In addition to that, Obama often times had to seek advice and assistance from the Ayer’s led Collaborative in regards to the programmatic aspects of grant proposals. Ayers even sat on the same board as Obama as an “ex officio member”. They both also sat together on the board of the CAC’s Governance Committee. Obama and Ayers were two parts of a group of four who were instructed to draft the bylaws that would govern the CAC. Keep in mind that the “A” in CAC is for Annenberg, the owners of The funding for Ayer’s projects and those of his cronies was approved by Board Chair, Barack Obama.

Source of info

In your table of contents for the Escape from Tucson it only goes to the first of January. Then your recent posts start at the first of March. You are missing 2 months of posts. I want to read them…can you put links to them in your table of contents so I can read them? I know I have read some them them but not all and I would like to catch up.

Look at the list of categories on the left side of each page. Click “Escape From Tucson” and it will display all of the articles in reverse order. Just scroll down to the oldest article that will catch you up and then just read upwards.




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