Frequently Asked Questions – 4/11/2017

You deal with McCain just like you’re going to deal with Ray

Nope! I related info on McCain factually. “Ray” is a fictional character in a work of fiction. There is no connection between the two. McCain doesn’t need to be dealt with. He is a politician and part of the “old guard” Republicans that are hardcore warmongers and neo-cons. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has been feeding off that deep family connection since his birth. And that feeding has been at great expense to the American public.

When will you turn the escape story into a book?

I am not sure that I will. It is a tremendous amount of work and that takes time. Time is not something I have much of lately and probably not for the foreseeable future.

Do you believe in aliens? That is a serious question.

Yup! They pour across our southern border every day causing great harm to our country.  If you mean the kind that might live on other planets…of course I do. The laws of mathematics make it undeniable that there has to be other living beings out there. Where? No idea. What do they look like? No idea.  Have they visited earth? No idea, but lots of people think so. And why do you ask?

Thanks for all you do, I just want you to know I am reading.

Super! I noticed that there was no question in there but I appreciate you letting me know that you like the site. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are hundreds of people that come to the site each day to read what I have to say. And that means a lot to me.

Although I often feel I’ve wasted my time watching Alex Jones, there are many things he says which are true. He does ramble, but I believe him to be honest. Might be mistaken, but I “believe” he is honest. Do you disagree?

Describe “honest”… I think he is running a business. Therefore many of his decisions are geared towards making that business a success. I guess the thing that is most off-putting to e is his personality…too bombastic for me. Is he honest? I really don’t know.



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