Escape from Tucson: The End !

Escape fromTucson by AH TrimbleWell, the time has come…Escape from Tucson is done…The End.

The main character Tom was able to escape the big city, travel 320 miles home, and reunite with his wife Lisa. A daunting challenge to be sure. Along the way he killed and saved. He suffered, complained, and came to love a dog. He saw unspeakable perversion, death, and unimaginable charity and love. What should have been a warm and loving homecoming turned into a nightmare of biblical proportions. Lives intertwined in strange ways, they are living in strange times. More than an entire lifetime spun out in less than two months.

The book’s idea came from a training I took almost a year ago. It was a FEMA course learning how to be a Supply Unit Leader in an Incident Management Team environment. I never for the life of me imagined that when I signed up for that training I would end up writing a post-apocalypse novel about the route to and from the class. But, I really loved the time writing…my mind enjoys the freedom to wander and visualize.

I knew from the very beginning that the book would have a natural ending to it. Just as much as that, I knew  there would be an opportunity to create another “Escape” book that would continue the journey, the experience, the “vision” of what the world might be like in such a situation. And yes, I am planning on a sequel…”Escape from Home

In case you haven’t read some of the FAQs, I am retiring. No, not from writing but from my career. I’ve fought structure and wildland fires spread out over the better part of three decades. It is time for me to call it quits. And with retirement comes new responsibilities. I retire in eight months but during that time I have quite a bit to do. Top priority is working on our property in Arizona. That is where we’ll move for our retirement. There is a lot of work to do. Although, I’ve done quite a bit already, there is much, much more to do. And that will require the bulk of my time in the coming year or two.

I’ve written about the property, documented with pictures, and will be posting them to the website as time permits. A mini-series or articles regarding our Bugout Location – Retirement Home.

I tend to write in spurts…”binge writing.“ I’ve sketched out a basic story-line for our rugged, patchwork group of survivors. And so far I like how it works. I am thinking that within a month or so that I will sit down and start putting entries together. I am excited about it and I think it will be a good story filled with action, love, surprises, and yes…some loss as well. And one thing for sure, I will weave into the story a little more of “why” it happened. But, as is my style, it will be more about people and how life affects them mentally and spiritually. Remember, the main character has some spiritual growing to do. How it happens is going to make for some interesting reading. I left poor Tom in pretty rough shape at the end. But hey, you gotta read the new book just to see how Tom gets humbled…and oh does he get humbled.

So there you have it folks…The end of Escape from Tucson…and the beginning of Escape from Home.


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13 thoughts on “Escape from Tucson: The End !

  1. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and experience with us. I have enjoyed all you stories and found them useful in my own prepping. Bought the Baofeng radios and started the Tech class this week to get my license. I look forward to Tom’s further adventures.

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  2. Thanks man, was fun reading and following Tom grow during his walk. I like your tech articles too. Have a few UV5Rs with all the add ons you suggested. Not my primary but a good grab and go setup. I give you the credit when friends see the little kit. Your work also assisted in my motivation to get my ham rating.

    See you on the radio, KC3GOP
    Slower Lower Delaware

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  3. Have looked forward to each post!! Thank you for writing this ‘story’ as I look forward to your next book. A great way to learn about and consider possibilities. Wishing you well as you prepare for retirement.


  4. I really enjoyed reading your series on the Escape from Tucson! You entwined the tale with adventure, suspense, fear and excitement, all the makings of a great story. Your cast of characters is diverse and interesting, skilled and unskilled, capable and ordinary but all seeking safety and a return to normalcy in a new and uncharted world. I excitedly await the new adventures that lie ahead for this group as they continue their Escape from Home.
    Thank you AH for a thought provoking dose of what our unsettled world could become!!
    Now I need to go adjust my own preps, just in case fiction becomes reality.


    • What??????? “Enjoy” is a good way to describe it?

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Writing some of those articles leaves me a little troubled. Craps is coming…just don’t fear!!!!

      Glad you enjoyed the story 🙂


    • I am so glad you have enjoyed reading the book! I really like weaving the story together. Please stick around for some prepper articles till the next book starts showing up.


  5. Excellent story! I loved it from the first entry. I thought you might end it where you did at Uncle Bills place. It’s a great ending point! When you head to your cabin in the story you will get into unfamiliar territory for this old man. I look forward to the next story. Escape From Home has been well set up. Thank you for your efforts.

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  6. I’m sure there were several tight jaws tense muscles as escape from tuscon comes to an end. Mine sure were. The last scene was more than I wanted to know. Watching the national news lately supports everything you have described in EFT. It is quite frightening and eye opening to this old man. It’s been quite few years since Ive seen 65 candles on the birthday cake. Thanks for keeping the blood pressure up and look forward to Escape From Home. WLB

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