SitRep – 5/3/2017

Dang…I just can’t keep my mouth shut. And, based on what I am seeing you might be interested in what I have to say…especially at the very end where I layout a new initiative.

Economy –

The economy still sucks! The pension plan problem continues to worsen, benefits are being reduced, taxes are being raised, and there is even some talk about special real-estate assessments to make up the pension fund shortfall in some areas. You probably heard of the Canadian housing bubble about to burst…some media outlets are talking about it potentially being worse than the US housing crisis in 2007 – 2008. Then there is the first quarter 2017 GDP, .7%. Less than one percent!!!  That is horrible…truly horrible.

You would think that with the election of Trump that the GDP would have picked up, but it hasn’t. Here is the weird part…consumer confidence picked way up…but not consumer or business spending in any marked fashion. So what is going on with that?

Here are some huge indicators that the economy could stagnate or retreat:

  • ObamaCare wasn’t repealed and TrumpCare was defeated. If TrumpCare is passed it is still a huge federal government entitlement program that will cost the government trillions of dollars that it doesn’t have.
  • The tax reform plan is stalled. There is already considerable talk that many of the reforms are dead as of now.
  • The current Continuing Resolution to continue to fund the government is a massive amount of money, well over a trillion dollars. That’s over $1,000,000,000,000 for less than 5 months of government spending. And on top of that, Trump increased the amount by $26,000,000,000 for defense and welfare programs while not cutting any spending, not defunding abortions, not funding the wall, etc.
  • Unemployment numbers are not really good. Actually since Jan 20, over 500,000 people left the workforce. And, Canadian unemployment is actually worsening as well. Yeah, tie that back to the news about the Canadian housing market about to burst.

So bottom line…the economy is still in bad shape…other than the stock market. But hey, it’s done well for about 8 years now, mostly under Obama. You gotta ask yourself why with Obama and with Trump.

Violence –

Street violence is increasing, especially on college campuses, especially in reaction to Conservative appearances. Why is it important about “college campuses”? Because all revolutions in modern history have roots on college campuses.

Trump Presidency –

Love him? Hate him? Really, it doesn’t matter a bit.

Trump has signed over 43 Executive Orders, actions, and memoranda in his first 100 days! Think about that for a minute. Now, does that make you happy? How about it that had been Obama? A President that signs that many orders that quickly should scare the ever loving crap out of you…regardless of your party affiliation. That shows a man who would rather dictate than use the Constitutional legislative process. That should be of grave concern…regardless of your political beliefs.

Misc –

Fox News, love them or hate them, has been the only large scale media voice for conservatives…and they are dying. With the change in leadership at the ownership level, the decisions have been made to move them left of center politically. While it won’t happen today or tomorrow, the change is taking place and conservatives have all but lost that media voice.

The Heritage Foundation has been a bastion of Conservatism and to a lesser degree Libertarianism.  But, that institution is undergoing a transition. Jim Demint, awesome freedom/rights advocate, is in serious trouble over there. There is a battle going on for the leadership of Heritage, and Demint is losing. If the rumors prove true, Steven Bannon (alt-right leader & Trump advisor) is poise to replace Demint…or one of Bannon’s puppets. This would be a terrible blow for conservatives, especially Tea Party Conservatives.

College campuses are shutting down conservatives and any allowance of their presence.

There is open discussion now among some left-wing politicians that the First Amendment needs to be changed to no longer allow “hate speech.” Which means…you can’t say stuff that the government doesn’t want you to. Here is the really scary part…there are some Trump folks who are advocating to impact the First Amendment to allow the President to sue critics under liable laws.

War –

It seems that the Trump administration is dead set on attacking North Korea…potentially in a more conventional strike and with ground troops. While everyone that is sane doesn’t want the DoughBoy of NK to use nukes against the US, the question has to be asked…”Why is Trump going after him now and why is Trump so intent on war?” Then a follow-up question…”What will Russia & China do if we strike NK?” But, the most important question…”What will NK do if we strike them?” I can tell you the answer to that one…it will be ugly, very ugly for South Korea. So, that naturally begs the question…”Has anyone bothered to talk with SK about this…and let it be their decision since it will be their people being slaughtered by any NK retaliation?”

And, is it really such a good idea to go after NK when they can’t even successfully launch a medium range missile? Remember, Hawaii is over 4600 miles from NK, and mainland US (Los Angeles) is  over 5800 miles. Is NK enough of an imminent threat to the USA to be openly talking war with them? I gotta wonder if that same war-mongering feeling exists among the people of South Korea. But, we keep flying all kinds of aircraft into NK airspace taunting them…just daring them to take a shot at us. What a great excuse/reason for us to go after them!

So we bombed the crap of a Syrian airbase…barely impacting their air capability. So what do they do? They move their airforce in with their close ally Russia. So, what is our next play now that we just made them even closer allies with a enemy of the US?

Just ask yourself this one simple question…Why is the US being so war-like right now and who benefits from it?

Summary –

We are in absolutely no better condition, big picture, as a country under Trump than we were with Obama. Actually, in many aspects we are in far worse condition under Trump. He has us so close to a war, a major war, that we could find ourselves in a nuclear exchange without much more political movement.

But, this isn’t about Trump, his success or failure, it is about preparedness…and you!

Many times I’ve been asked, “What can I do right now to be better prepared for what is coming?”

All too often I’ve fallen back on my basics, prepare to mitigate; violence, injury/sickness, improve communications capability, learn organization, improve water capability, improve your food storage, and ensure you have appropriate shelter. But that is no longer enough!!

Starting within 10 days I will be posting articles wherein I outline exactly step-by-step actions to take. Those actions will be designed specially to deal with where we are today…and the crap that is piling up.

Now, let me be perfectly clear about a point…I love life, I think life is great, and I want you to enjoy life and not be filled with a “doom & gloom” view or approach to life. When I refer to life being great I am referring to it on an individual level, micro-level if you will. What I am referring to when I speak of the “crap” we are in I am speaking on a national and world level, macro-level. I am not, or at least I don’t want to be, a purveyor of gloom…and certainly not doom. Life is meant to be enjoyed…and that means at the micro-level. The world right now, including the USA, is in big trouble and getting worse. We must be prepared for it!

Additional –

I am including a “Q&A” form on this SitRep and on the articles that I will be posting that I referred to above. If you have specifics that you want me to address please use the form and let me know. I am here for you…period. I want to cover those things that are important to you, not just what I think is important.





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3 thoughts on “SitRep – 5/3/2017

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  3. I’ve been at this in a serious manner since 2009 and have made major strides. In the last few months I have begun to relax a bit, to enjoy life. I spent way too much on a new enduro motorcycle but what the hell. I did pick up a full 897 set up at a recent ham fest plus stuff to cut antennas. It’s an old rig but proven.
    My point is this why do all this effort and not enjoy Gods gift of life, love and enjoyment? He has a plan and we know how it ends just read the last chapter!


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