Frequently Asked Questions – 5/7/2017

In your last SitRep you didn’t cover all the pertinent economic issues. Why?

Because many economic issues are common knowledge and regularly discussed in the media. I don’t want to write about what everyone else does. I want to cover those issues that I think are important and mostly overlooked. You can get that other info all over the place, I want to concentrate on areas that are less noted.

So what do you think about the new Healthcare Law?

I assume you are talking about TrumpCare. Government isn’t the solution, government is the problem. Get the government out of healthcare. Let individuals take care of their own healthcare. Individual states can get involved with insurance if they want to. Of course, those that are too poor should be taken care of…that is what charities are for. End of story.

Now, remember that Trump is a big socialized medicine, universal healthcare fan. The new proposal is just another flavor of socialized healthcare. Another step deeper into socialism.

It is obvious that you don’t like Trump, but do you think he is a good President?

Nope. He is mostly governing by executive orders and actions. You can think what you will, for me…that kind of governing is a sign of a dictator NOT a President. He also acts very clownish and is a poor speaker. On top of that he either suffers from sticking his foot in his mouth, or worst case, he is VERY dangerous. Specifically in this case, I am talking about him in regards to his reference to Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson was the scum of the earth. He was a white ultra-nationalist, racist, bigot, slave owner, slavery advocate, and mass murdered on the scale of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler. He actually used biological warfare against Native Americans in hopes of wiping them off the face of the earth. And this is a man that Trump speaks highly of???? You gotta ask yourself some tough questions about now.

What do you think about the retail market?

Well it depends if you are talking about brick and mortar stores or online retailers. Online retailers (i.e. Amazon) are killing it, Amazon is doing remarkable well. Transitional brick and mortar stores are dying…just like the video store concept died.

And then there is the grocery retailers. The traditional grocery stores are the next to suffer. In large cities you are going to see increased competition…big time! And you are going to see the online grocery stores gaining market share.

And don’t forget…GDP and consumer spending are horrible right now. So none of this bodes well for retail.


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