Frequently Asked Questions – 5/21/2017

Why did you call it a “coup” against Trump way before others?

Well, I have no idea why others didn’t call it a coup long ago…when I did. All the signs were there, are there, and it is only getting worse. It was interesting to listen to Rush Limbaugh a couple of snippets over the last two weeks and hear him so forcefully use the terms “coup”, “ruling class”, “political class”, “deep state”, etc. Should I start charging Rush for him using for show prep?

What about the economy?

It sucks! How many times to I have to say it. I have talked just not that long ago about the latest sector to be tanking is brick and mortar retail. They are in really bad shape with hundreds and hundreds of stores closing. And the true downside to that is the people losing their jobs. It has a one two punch; 1) they lose their job and that takes money out of the economy. But 2) Retail is a pretty specialized job market and it is disappearing. Those folks will end-up chronically unemployed or move into lower paying jobs for the most part. Few will move up the job ladder.

Now, don’t forget a whole bunch of snowflakes that thought they weren’t going to have to repay their student loans are going to be in for a shock. And that will suck money out of the economy.

And FYI…household debt is at a all-time high…even higher than before the Great Recession!

Do you have a timeline for everything falling apart?

This is the question I get asked the most…by far. And the answer is a qualified no. I am serious when I say we could wake up on any given morning and find ourselves at war externally or internally. Either event will immediately tank the stock markets and therefore the economy. But regardless of an overnight catastrophe, the USA continues to sink into the abyss…in every regard and aspect. And that won’t change. The left (i.e. Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, anarchists, etc.) are determined to destroy America. Some of those folks are fairly decent people…as far as traitors and criminals are concerned. They suppose that their good works are somehow moving us towards a better country with a more just and fair future…a land of milk and honey for all!Then there are the Republicans who think they are God’s gift to politics. However, they are little different than Democrats.

They are all useful idiots of those that lead them. And those leaders want nothing more than a totalitarian state. I think I heard Rush Limbaugh use the term ”authoritarian state” just last week. Same thing, just lipstick on the pig. But, the timeline for the slow slide into the abyss…ongoing but within 10 years for a hard landing.

Do you think Mueller will get to the bottom of everything now that he is appointed as Special Counsel?

What? Are you out of your mind? Let me be more direct…Are you freaking crazy? Let’s talk about his stats:

  • He is a lawyer
  • He is a career civil servant
  • He was appointed as FBI Director by Bush2 and Obama
  • He earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Princeton
  • He has Masters in International relations
  • His law degree comes from University of Virginia
  • Marine Corp Officer with combat experience

Wait a second…let me start again…

  • He is a lawyer (self-explaining and not complimentary)
  • He is a career civil servant (lived off taxpayers most of his life as a lawyer)
  • He was appointed as FBI Director by Bush#2 and Obama (read it: worked for the secret police through appointments by two Progressive/Globalist Presidents, one of which is a Marxist extremist)
  • Mueller was the FBI’s longest serving Director since the infamous Hoover (during which time the FBI illegally worked together with the IRS against Tea Party groups, Conservative groups, and Constitution advocacy groups)
  • He earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Princeton (a very, very liberal college)
  • He has Masters in International relations (really!)
  • His law degree comes from University of Virginia (a breeding ground for globalists)
  • Marine Corp Officer with combat experience (this is a positive in his life, I respect this)
  • Now…wait for it…Robert Mueller and James Comey worked together. Yup! Sure did. They worked closely together a number of times in close collaboration with each other…against a sitting President. At one point Mueller almost caused a violent confrontation between FBI agents and other Federal law enforcement (including Secret Service agents) when Mueller ordered FBI agents to resist any effort to intervene and remove Comey from a situation wherein he had injected himself…working against a sitting President. The request came to Mueller directly from Comey. Yup, Mueller almost caused a violent confrontation between two Federal law enforcement agents. He authorized it!!!!
  • Comey has called Mueller one of the finest people he’s ever met.
  • Comey has referred to Mueller as an “ally” in testimony to Congress.
  • Comey stated publicly considers Mueller a “close friend.”

The list goes on and on and on. These two are close friends and political allies. They both come from a Progressive/Liberal lawyer background. They have both worked together against a sitting President before. They both worked together to pit FBI agents against Secret Service agents and they were fine if it turned violent. They are both globalists in the views. They are both life-long Washington insiders. They are both the ultimate in political class membership. Card carrying ruling class members. How much worse could it get for truth, independence, and objectivity for Trump? And how much worse could it get for the country? With Comey and Mueller working together once again against a sitting President…well, we are going to find out.



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3 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions – 5/21/2017

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  2. You nailed it, “…the USA continues to sink into the abyss… And that won’t change… how much worse could it get…well, we are going to find out .

    “There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience,
    and that is not learning from experience.”
    Archibald MacLeish

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