4 thoughts on “Manchester, England

  1. I have little sympathy for the Brit’s or Europeans. Europe is doomed. They have let this happen, one bit of PC “diversity” at a time… just as we are. Oh yeah, individually they are all innocent victims of a nut job fanatic, but why are they surprised? Why do they let their government and their media continue it’s asinine cultural suicide club?
    Then there are the parents.
    A bunch of kids (some accompanied by parents) brought to a venue where they can be slutted up by a wanna-be Miley Cyrus. Oh, what a fine example for children! Preteen little girls can’t just be preteen little girls, they have to be 10 going on 25, Tits-n-Ass, easy-sleazy…
    I have to ask, would any of your kids have been at that concert?


  2. Around town, really are you kidding? The powers of Satan are attacking and that’s what you ask our LORD for? Are you kidding me? Why not ask our LORD for the men to be giving strength to drive the evil one and his soldiers of evil out of their land? To put an end to this madness! What will you do when it’s your children? We need to fight this virus on mankind and kill it once and for all. I’m talking Old Testament kind of killings. We need to get it right this time.

    I’m a soldier for Christ,


  3. A heavy sadness lingers over a concert turned into a tragity. God bless all of them especially the families of those who died. Also God bless those who were hurt in this attack and bless their families as well. Lastly we ask Father to bless those survivors who are in injured that they may be able to process the event and feel thy love.


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