Frequently Asked Questions – 5/29/2017

Given the extreme instability of the economy, (” I am serious when I say we could wake up on any given morning and find ourselves at war externally or internally. Either event will immediately tank the stock markets and therefore the economy.”), what do you recommend we do with our savings, investments and retirement accounts?

I am no financial advisor of any kind or of any sort. I am just a guy trying to get by…and maybe ahead a little bit. I am a big believer in diversity…after preparedness. What I mean by that is pretty simple…all preparedness mitigation efforts come first. So unless you have mitigated the Priority 7 (violence, injury/sickness, communications, organization, dehydration, exposure, starvation) I don’t think any other investments are important or should get your attention or your money. I have been blessed enough to have mitigated the Priority 7 to what I feel is adequate. Once that’s done then I move into tax deferred investments (IRA, 401K, TSP, etc.). And for that I diversify using mutual funds. Since my wife and I both have those opportunities I diversify our combined accounts as if they were one. I like stock-based mutual funds, and I like Fidelity the best with Vanguard right up there was well. I go for no-load, low-fee funds that have proven themselves to be winners year-after-year. And I throw in there the best newer fund as well that is performing the best. Then I am a big believer in precious metals. I think 10 – 15% is a good figure for us. But, I don’t think that a gold IRA is a good idea where the gold is kept in someone else’s vault. Oh, I almost forgot…life insurance. Life insurance is to replace loss of income to the survivors…nothing else! The best way to do that is with term life insurance. Whole-life or universal life are only designed to make money for insurance agents. Yes, that means they screw the consumer by selling whole/universal life insurance…period! Since my wife is now minimally dependent on my income I have little life insurance. If I was 30 with 4 kids I would probably have a minimum of $500,000 of term life insurance. That would cost about $30 a month. Once I have all those bases covered I go back and start over making sure each aspect is correctly funded and proportioned. Everyone’s situation is different, so make sure you are doing a plan for yourself. Also, I am no advisor…that is painfully clear.

Hey brother pass me some tin foil! Look you and many others are coming to the same conclusions and I’m on board too. This one is getting passed along. Thanks again!

No problem. Glad I could be of help. I know there wasn’t a question on your part, but I think it is important to note that many people are lining up the dots. We are in big trouble.

I really enjoy reading your analysis of what’s going on in the world and totally agree with you. Thanks for the time you put into these reports. How much more time do you think we have? I feel it will be soon.

Once again…the most popular question. And I answered it back on 5/21. However, I feel we are closer to the collapse now than when I wrote about it on 5/21.

What is the website for the Federal Emergency Dispatch system that you referenced? Is it a site that the public can visit?

“1.Observe 2.Orient 3.Decide 4.Act”  Please define your Acronyms in every paper. OODA, luckily, it was right there in your ‘Situational Awareness’ hot link.  However; Good Read! I like your work. Anitfa, angry mob actions, financial collapse: all coming to a city near you! And they are just some of the growing INTERNAL threats.

Sorry about that but I only have so much time that I can spend writing. What I hope is folks will take the time to use the links to articles with more information. Also, there is the “search box” where you can type in a term and get a whole long list of articles that apply to it. I will try to do better 😦  Yup, internal threats are growing far faster and to a more dangerous degree than any external threat.

What about the FBI? You seem to have a real case against them but I don’t get it. Do you have any recent proof that they are corrupt?


  1. Last year they actively worked to influence the Presidential election.
  2. They illegally influenced the DoJ to not prosecute Hillary Clinton even though the FBI Director clearly and repeatedly said Hillary broke the law, which jeopardized national security.
  3. The FBI destroyed the laptops and hard drives of former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson.

So let’s take #3 since it is cut and dried proof of the complete corruption of the FBI. Background: Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for multiple violations of national security, all of which are felonies that could result in decades in prison. Mills and Samuelson have information on their laptops that confirm and validate the crimes that Clinton committed. Action: Yet, last year the FBI destroyed the laptop computers, including the hard drives. Why? The FBI stated that Clinton had committed the crimes but the DoJ also wouldn’t prosecute. So why destroy evidence? Only three possible answers:

  1. The FBI was trying to conceal evidence that proved the seriousness of Clinton’s crimes was far worse then they stated to the public.
  2. The FBI didn’t want any other investigative agency to be able to review the laptops and hard drives for any additional evidence linking Clinton and/or Obama to even more crimes and violations of national security…and who know what else.
  3. The FBI is just a bunch of bungling idiots.

Now, you might say…the FBI was done with their investigation and found nothing on the laptops so they simply destroyed them. Well…really? Why wouldn’t the FBI simply return the laptops to the owners if they didn’t contain anything of importance?

Clearly, unmistakenly, undeniably, the FBI was covering-up either Clinton’s crimes or trying to prevent any possibility that any other investigation could review that evidence. The FBI was covering their tracks and protecting the Clintons and probably Obama as well. This is yet more clear evidence that the FBI is morally bankrupt and utterly corrupt.

But, challenge me on this…What other possible reason would the FBI have to destroy evidence in an investigation regarding multiple violations of national security?

Did you come up with any other even remotely plausible answer? Yeah, I didn’t think so.


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